Will the White Walkers attack Westeros? will certainly Jon Snow discover the truth around his past? Yes and also yes, follow to ours predictions.

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Game the Thrones‘ saturday season, “Beyond the Wall.”>

Well, the was fast, wasn’t it?

After just seven weeks, video game of Thrones has finally reached season finale territory. The upcoming episode, “The Dragon and the Wolf,” clues the end of the saturday season of the HBO fantasy series, the final installment before the final run that episodes. As soon as the credits role on the finale this weekend, there will just be 6 episodes remaining prior to all is said and done on game of Thrones (successor series notwithstanding), which means the coming finale has a many moves it demands to do in bespeak to set the stage for the final act.

With all of that said, here are seven potential plot developments to intend in the season seven finale:

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1. Jon snow (Kit Harington) Will learn He’s a Targaryen.

Anything brief of the King in the North discovering the truth about his background will be severe disappointment. Viewers already know the he’s the son of Lyanna Stark v the show, and it’s been greatly implied (and also verified through HBO in external ways) that he’s the son of Rhaegar Targaryen. If the finale treats a Rhaegar disclose as impactful sufficient on the own, fans will be well within their rights to be extremely disappointed. Finger crossed the the following step in the “Jon Targaryen” trip is much more meaningful than that.

2. Jon and Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) will Take the following Step.

Their growing attraction toward one an additional seems to move further and also further through each happen scene, if stopping short of outright proclaiming their true feelings. With just six episodes staying after this weekend’s finale, there’s small time left to reap an outright romance between Jon and also Dany — er, Daenerys. Intend some forward momentum on the front in one episode dubbed “The Dragon and also the Wolf.” A marriage proposal, perhaps? no off the table!

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3. We Will check out the Tourney at Harrenhal.

Honestly, this one is less of a forecast and much more of a thank you very much hope. Again, the episode’s title, “The Dragon and also the Wolf,” certainly speaks come the alliance in between Jon and Daenerys, however it could additionally speak to the historic union the Rhaegar and Lyanna from long ago. If that’s the case, there’s no time in Westeros background more crucial to check out than the tournament at i m sorry these legendary figures dropped for one another. We have actually yet to watch Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) perform a deep dive right into the previous this year. Probably the finale is the moment we’ve been wait for.

4. The Wolf will Leave Winterfell.

There are theories the end there about Arya (Maisie Williams) and also Sansa (Sophie Turner) production a feud in stimulate to acquire one end on Littlefinger (Aidan Gillen), the scheming manipulator with unhealthy obsessive tendencies towards the Starks. Maybe that’s happening. If that is, it feels much more in line through 24 and House the Cards than it walk with video game of Thrones. However it shakes out, we’re expecting the plot will settle with Arya abandoning house Stark because that good, or at least for now. The fact that Arya couldn’t win back Nymeria earlier in the season to be a vital clue come what to intend for the character relocating forward: there’s simply no going residence for the artist occasionally known as No One.

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5. The White Walkers Will invade Westeros.

It’s time. They have actually a huge army. They have actually a devilish leader qualified of doing every little thing it takes to damage all in his path. And also now, they have a weapon of mass destruction. Whatever was keeping them spinning their wheels past the Wall, the military of the Dead now has couple of reasons to wait around. With an ice cream dragon in tow, mean the Night King to ultimately make a concrete move against the 7 Kingdoms by the moment the finale ends.

6. Humankind Will climb Up.

If only for now. Over the past couple of episodes, the Stark-Targaryen alliance has been concentrated on finding a way to prove to house Lannister that the White Walker hazard is real. Probably the White Walkers will perform the project for them, if they attack Westeros. Possibly the sight of a wight will certainly be enough on its own. But it plays out, intend Cersei(Lena Headey) come agree to assist Jon and also Daenerys hit the monsters pushing down top top Westeros, even if (and really, there’s no if about it) she keeps one eye ~ above the war for the steel Throne at all times. Cersei will certainly not finish this collection without her ambitions firmly clasped in her fatality grip, yet an alliance because that now? It’s really much in the cards.

7. The wall Will Fall.

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Remember the standard Chekov saying: “You don’t present a massive, magical wall surface made of ice in the first act unless you arrangement to bring it under in the final act.” Pretty certain that’s specific quote. Anyway, we’re in the homestretch now, even more so after this finale. The wall has been the one thing maintaining the dead at bay, away from the living. If we agree that game of Thrones is around to allow the White Walkers through right into Westeros for this last six-episode arc, then it just makes feeling for a large symbolic gesture to note the chance — and also there’s no better symbol to damage than the good Wall the Westeros.