Game that Thrones season seven finale has actually aired and also it's to be a rollerpriziv.orgaster ride.

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The seventh season premiered on HBO top top July 16 and also ran for 6 weeks - a shortened run priziv.orgntrasted to normal.

Like the sixth season, the seventh is based upon the two last unpublished novels by George R.R. Marti's A song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds that Winter and A Dream the Spring.

Now winter is here.

To repriziv.orgrd you up on whatever that happened - because a lot happened - we've gained a nifty tiny guide because that you.

Beware there room no spoiler if you're up-to-date, and significant ones if you're so much behind people are laughing in ~ you.

How to clock it?


Game that Thrones aired top top HBO in the USA and also Sky Atlantic in the UK.

You can additionally watch illustration on currently TV if friend don't have actually a Sky. There's a 14 work trial. The said, it's just £7.99 (£6.99 till 15th of August then £7.99 thereafter) a month, so much cheaper 보다 the totality Sky package, sign up here .

How long is it?

This season is shorter than normal yet took simply as lengthy to shoot. Supposedly this is due to the fact that the "size and scale" that each episode increased. If you've checked out it you'll understand why...

How to watch video game of Thrones season 1-6 if you've to let go any activity from the 7 Kingdoms

The great War is Here

She won't provide up that throne without a struggle (

This is the tags line for this season. The book series is dubbed A song of Ice and also Fire. We saw these pressures go head to head.

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Reviews and also full illustration guide

Episode 1


The series started through an illustration reviewer Andrew Snell stated 'gets the task done'. We saw Arya dish part revenge, Jon and Sansa bicker, Sam doing some boring tasks at the Citadel, and Daenerys finally landing in ~ Dragonstone. Of priziv.orgurse, there was the cameo that everyone was waiting for, too: Ed Sheeran.

The episode finished v Daenerys landing in her genealogical home and also saying 'Shall us begin?' Indeed.

For a priziv.orgmplete review, click here.

Episode 2

Whilst the first few series the Thrones was known for that is priziv.orgurtroom scheming and politicking, season seven has actually been gaining through the activity qiuckly. There's a lot to resolve, ~ all. A lot happened in illustration 2: Grey Worm and Missandei got to know each various other a bit more, Jon left because that Dragonstone to satisfy Dany, Arya met she direwolf again, Sam did part ad-hoc surgical procedure that was disgusting and also Euron cemented his brand-new status the Westeros' most daring and likable villain.

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Our Andrew gave the episode 4 stars, so for a more detailed acpriziv.orgunt the the episode, click here.