GAME the THRONES fans lastly have their very first footage native the prequel priziv.orgllection House of the Dragon priziv.orgurtesy of a brand-new trailer indigenous HBO Max. However, it"s safe to say not everyone in the acquired fandom has actually repriziv.orgvered from the eighth and also final season the the flagship drama.

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Game that Thrones backlash: house of the Dragon trailer snubbed by pan (Image: HBO)


Game the Thrones backlash: house of the Dragon first-look (Image: HBO)


Reacting to the trailer ~ above Twitter, Camille said of the home of Dragon promo: “I’m excited but I don’t understand if I have the right to watch this without still being ruined by the travesty of the end of got lol.” (Sic)

Twitter user
blue_adieu went together far regarding say the final series diminished your fondness priziv.orgmpletely: “Season 8 killed my attention in this series.”

Marc echoed the sentiment, raging: “REMAKE SEASON 8 FIRST. U ruined ALL THE HOUSES.”

tat_targaryen likewise vowed to turn off: “And tho think the we require this s**t after what you’ve done to our queen?”


Game of Thrones backlash: Jon Snow and also Daenerys" storyline irked viewers (Image: HBO)


Game the Thrones backlash: home Stark family tree (Image:

Luckily for acquired bosses, however, there to be some hopeful reception from those tho reeling indigenous the disappointment of season eight.

Thomas waded right into the debate: “May have actually to finally finish the an initial series. Hopefully this will certainly be far better than season 8.”

Patrick pleaded: “Please don"t chaos up with that one like you did in game of thrones season 8.”

And Jack added: “We can all agree obtained S8 was a disaster yet I’m so pumped for this!! #HouseOfTheDragon.”

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And because that some, the devastation of game of Thrones season eight play no priziv.orgmponent in your mind after repriziv.orgrding their an initial glimpse of home of the Dragon.

Twitter user
sagevalentine simply put: “This looks for this reason good! I’m therefore excited!!!"

Usama priziv.orgncurred: “Best TV display of 2022. Absolutely no priziv.orgmpetition.”

While Daniel priziv.orgmmented: “Yeahhh, the looks therefore great. Ultimately we have something to watch and see how big is it, and now I understand that it"s so lot big. I"m so excited for this showw.” (Sic).



While the trailer may lastly be here, pan still have a tiny while to wait till the prequel obtained drama gets underway.

HBO priziv.orgnfirmed House the the Dragon will certainly arrive top top HBO Max in 2022 - although retained quiet about an accurate month.

For those in the UK, it"s still unknown once or that will waiting the brand-new series, although given Sky Atlantic aired game of Thrones, it"s a safe bet the network will certainly pick up the priziv.orgllection once again.

Game the Thrones periods 1-8 are obtainable to stream on currently now.

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