GAME that THRONES season 8 is exit tonight. Yet when specifically is the video game of Thrones season 8, illustration 1 release date? as soon as does gained season 8 premiere top top HBO and also Sky Atlantic?


Game that Thrones season 8 release date (Image: HBO)

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Game the Thronesseason eight, episode one ia going to air onHBOin America tonight (Sunday, April 14) in ~ 9pm Eastern typical Time (EST). Meanwhile, for those in the UK, game of Thrones season eight, illustration one is going to be transfer onSky AtlanticandNOW TVfrom Monday, April 15 at 2am brother Summer Time (BST). The episode will certainly be repeated at 9pm because that those can not to capture the an initial broadcast. There will be no delay between US and also UK broadcasts as everyepisode that the final priziv.orgllection will it is in screened as priziv.orgmponent of a Transatlantic simulcast. Each episode of video game of Thrones" final run will certainly be airing ~ above a weekly basis, i beg your pardon is bad news for binge-watchers.

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When is the video game of Thrones season 8, illustration 1 premiere date?

Game the Thrones season eight has actually been given a release date of Sunday, April 14, 2019, by HBO.

HBO will air the very first episode that the brand-new series in the USA, while viewers in the UK will be able to watch game of Thrones season eight the work after (Monday, April 15) on sky channel skies Atlantic.

The episode will air on skies Atlantic first at 2amand then again in ~ 9pm - as with the past priziv.orguple of seasons.

The Transatlantic simulcast was carried it to cut down ~ above illegal downloading and install and permit fans to clock it air in ~ the exact same time top top both sides of the Atlantic.

New season eight images have now been released and also give more clues around what will happen in the last run. Many notably, Bran distinguishable (Isaac Hempstead-Wright)priziv.orguld finallyreveal the truth to Daenerys around Jon Snow.

HBO released the game of Thrones season eight trailer on in march 5, offering fans a taste the what priziv.orgme expect along with a 2nd GOT promo ~ above April 2.

The creators of game of Thrones have actually promised a "gratifying" ending to the series, i beg your pardon is likely to priziv.orgme together a relief priziv.orgme fans.

Some fans think the Night King"s victory has been evidenced in miscellaneous Jojen Reed (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) previously said.

There have actually been lots of theories around Arya stark (Maisie Williams)and even if it is she will be eliminated by a return character.

Other theory have suggested the Night King (Vladimir Furdik) will be quashed by two returning characters.

Ahead of the relax date, HBO has released a priziv.orgllection of first look photos from video game of Thrones season eight for fans priziv.orgme see.



Game of Thrones season 8 will mark the final series of the present (Image: SKY)

Entertainment Weekly has likewise released an thorough report which reveals some key details about the battle of Winterfell, which will be the longest onscreen priziv.orgnflict ever shot.

The programme-makers admitted priziv.orgme looking in ~ the battle of Helm"s Deep from The mr of The Ring films to assist them.

To watch game of Thrones season eight online, there room a variety of options for viewers both in the UK and also USA.

Sky customers will be able to stream the new series of video game of Thrones at the same time together its television broadcast via the sky Go desktop priziv.orgmputer and mobile app.


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Game the Thrones season 8: Jorah Mormont (Image: HBO)

Episodes of game of Thrones will then be easily accessible on the same app to sky subscribers shortly after each episode finishes to be watched on-demand.

NOW TVhas the very first seven periods of video game of Thrones accessible to stream digital now, so it’s likely the streaming business will sell its subscribers the option to watch season eight.

In the USA, HBO subscribers have the right to watch video game of Thrones online via the channel’s official website.

Unfortunately,Game that Thrones season eight won"t appear on Netflix, lot to the dismay of fans.

WHAT WILL take place IN THE brand-new SERIES OF video game OF THRONES?


Game the Thrones season 8: Tyrion Lannister (Image: HBO)

Hulualso offers its subscribers the selection of including HBO to packages in ~ an extra price so fans have the right to watch game of Thrones online.

Whichever means fans decision to watch it, the season promises to it is in unmissable through a number ofcharacters set to dice in the last season of game Of Thronesand part fans theorisingJon Snow may even priziv.orgntrol the ice dragon Viserionin dramatic scenes versus the Night King.

Thecast of game of Thrones season eight, episode oneis also already accessible for pan to check out after an noticeable leak by HBO.

It promises some i can not qualify returns because that several characters including Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies), the whole Lannister family, andMelisandre (Carice valve Houten), as well as series regular Jon eye (Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).

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In a recent interview, among the actors members from game of Thrones revealed that there to be scene alters made prior to filming ~ above season eight.