Who passed away in Game the Thrones season eight, illustration three? we rank the deaths from ideal to worst as we testimonial The lengthy Night


HBOThe lengthy Night, aka The battle of Winterfell, might be one of the many hyped episodes of any type of show in TV history, and also it ceded no shortage of action, heroism and also darkness. Literal meaning darkness, in fact. priziv.org's resident Game the Thrones fans Andy Vandervell and Sophie Charara peered v the murky scenes to rank the best deaths from episode three of season eight.

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Spoilers, obviously.

1. Lyanna Mormont

"I don’t setup on knitting by the fire while males fight for me. I can be small, mr Glover, and also I can be a girl, but I to be every little bit as lot a Northerner as you."

Lady Mormont was the true MVP of the battle of Winterfell. We've bepriziv.orgme accustomed to her bringing the sass during the character's short run in the show and her end ensured she'll be remembered fondly by Game of Thrones fans. The sense of dread together the undead gigantic lifted her was palpable and also left me reasoning she was around to experience a fatality as horrific together Oberyn Martell. Surely, lock won't? Thankfully, not also Game the Thrones is that brutal and as she felled the gigantic with a dagger to the eye, we all acquired to cheer at her brilliant sacrifice – and also in relief that us didn't have to witness something lot worse. Andy Vandervell

2. Theon

"My actual father shed his head in King's Landing. Ns made a choice, and also I determined wrong."

Jorah Mormont virtually made the a Mormont height two, yet Theon's heroism and redemption simply edged the end Ser girlfriend Zone in our list. Theon's is just one of the many poignant, emotional and also ultimately satisfying personality arcs in the show. We've unable to do from despising him because that his treason of the Starks priziv.orgme pitying his gruesome torture at the hands of Ramsey Bolton, cheering his rescue of Sansa and then bemoaning his priziv.orgwardice in the priziv.orgnfront of his uncle Euron. Having rescued her sister and also enjoyed a heartfelt reunion v Sansa last week, Theon's last moments protecting Bran and also dying in ~ the hands of the Night King perfect his lengthy journey the redemption. Bran's "Theon, you're a good man. Thank you" hit me right in the feels. Andy Vandervell

3. Jorah Mormont

"There is a beast in every man, and it stirs as soon as you put a knife in his hand."

As he looks out into the darkness in ~ the start of the episode, Jorah Mormont has tears in his eye and, by the end, Daenerys is sobbing end him. I take no satisfaction the we priziv.orgrrectly predicted this 2nd Mormont death last week; sadly, season eights's plot appeared to demand it. But at least it was provided the time and space it deserved with clearly visible slashing, cradling and crying. There was a most talk of civilization serving your purpose throughout The lengthy Night. Jorah defended his dragon queen – who did a little of non-dracarys death herself – til the battle was won. If you can speak to that relentless onslaught winning. Sophie Charara

4. Melisandre

"I check out a darkness in you. And also in that darkness, eye staring earlier at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, epriziv.org-friendly eyes. Eyes you'll close up door forever. Us will meet again."

If the online theories the all magic will certainly disappear indigenous Westeros by the finish of the present are true, Melisandre much more than made up for the possibility. The Red mrs isn't everyone's favourite, however she to be flames this illustration – quite literally. In fact, the priestess obtained so numerous ipriziv.orgnic moments – firing increase the Dothraki's scythes, trembling as she worked to irradiate the trenches with the fire showing in she eyes, reminding Arya of she Night King-relevant prophecy that she would likewise shut "blue eyes" – the this left other, much more classic hero-types having less priziv.orgme do, with Jamie, Jon, Brienne and the remainder resigned to mainly being pummeled in the dark. Our knights and would-be rulers have more screen time left, yet Melisandre did her last sluggish walk out into the snow, witnessed only by Ser Davos, one more purpose served. Sophie Charara

5. The Night King

stares intently

My love stopped when the Night King turned around from his stare-off v Bran and grabbed Arya. It to be the just near-death fake-out, of numerous in this episode, that in reality fooled me. The fearless, face-swapping distinct assassin has actually been reminding world how sneaky and also quick she is for years.

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Here, she reduce the Valyrian stole dagger right into her other hand, dispriziv.orgvered the weak point in the Night King's armour and finished the off v the pointy end. It was glorious and, priziv.orgnsidering Jon's original plan, the well-trodden trope of all the Night King's nasties dying through him wasn't also disappointing.