Tonight top top Game of Thrones, we were treated to the most intense 80 minutes of tv ever. Ever. So buckle up, friends, since no one’s getting any sleep on this lengthy Night.

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Spoiler Note: This is our publication reader’s recap, intended for those who have actually read the A track of Ice and Fire series. The post and the comments section may contain spoiler from the novels, even if it is or not that product has appeared on the present yet. Due to the fact that no, we space not every Unsullied now. If you have not review the books yet, we encourage girlfriend to examine out ours non-book-reader recap, by Oz that Thrones!

Right off the bat, the town hall the episode, i wondered, “Does anyone else feel favor throwing up or is it simply me?” and then I saw Samwell Tarly and thought, “Oh good, it’s not simply me.” I have the right to see Sam share my anxiety around the upcoming battle. Director Miguel Sapochnik (and his always-amazing DP Fabian Wagner) pulls us right right into the terrifying shit with Sam and Tyrion in Winterfell v a beautiful tracking shot. Preparations room underway, with the army of the dead just exterior the walls, and also the stress and anxiety heavy among the living. Everyone is very very still and waiting. It’s haunting, and also I deserve to barely breathe. My stomach hurts. (Hey, wait, there’s Ghost! That’s a pretty happy thing, right?)

Then, a rider emerges native the darkness, and we’re every expecting other terrible- however no, it’s just Melisandre! as usual, showing up at a weird time and giving anyone a love attack. The fire priestess brings the mojo just when it’s needed, turning every arakh into Dothraki version of Beric’s flaming sword. The an initial charge is prepared to hit the dark.

Davos isn’t for this reason pleased to check out her though. They have unfinished service on account of her torching Shireen. But she shrugs off his crankiness through a prophecy (self-fulfilling together it transforms out): she announces she’ll be dead prior to the dawn.


The Dothraki screamer attack, led by Jorah, is impressive (and gorgeously filmed- they’re yes, really bringing the cinematography eye candy) yet easily to win back, v the fiery chisels snuffed out. They assumed they to be ready, however can you ever be ready for a horde of zombies? I median honestly.

The army of the dead arrives and dominates the defenders of Winterfell, through our brave heroes looking beaten under pretty quickly. Jaime saves Ser Brienne indigenous a gruesome death at wight hands, just prior to Daenerys swoops in through dragonflame to conserve them all. Top top Rhaegal, Jon scopes out the situation and spots the heat of White Walkers nearby. He’s getting good at dealing with his mount, yet the Walkers usage the cover of snow to confused Jon in midair.

With the battle getting ugly, Arya sends out Sansa down to the crypts through dragonglass and sage advice: “Stick ’em with the pointy end.” Ugh, my heart! It’s okay, I currently knew this episode would destroy it. The might as well be through a sweet moment.

In the godswood, Bran awaits his destiny with Theon guarding him, when Jorah, Jaime, Brienne, Tormund, Gendry, the Hound, and also others hack their method through the undead. In the special of it, Sam is nearly killed through a wight, however Dolorous Edd saves him. His relief can only last because that a minute though together his old Night’s Watch friend is killed just then through a wight.

In the crypts, Sansa finds a team of fear women and children attach by Tyrion- an awkward reunion, to say the least.

Jon and Dany find how complicated it is to fly their dragons in battle with the White Walkers throw the skies into wintry chaos, while below the fighters are compelled to fall back and retreat right into Winterfell’s courtyard, leaving the Unsullied come guard the walls outside. The military of the dead strike the trench short articles where castle can, while Arya picks off wights through her fiery arrows. The living aren’t doing for this reason hot; it’s just a issue of time.

Grey Worm is sweating under his helmet; he offers the stimulate to irradiate the trench, but Dany can’t watch the signal because of the snowy air. Improvisation is needed; aren’t girlfriend glad now that we have a fire priestess around! also with all her abilities, Melisandre almost fails though. It’s quite to recognize there’s quiet something person in her the falters when she’s challenged by the zombie attacking. But she succeeds, and the trenches alight, buying them time.

The Hound can’t handle the fire; that retreats indigenous it, as usual. PTSD is a real bitch.

In the crypts, Tyrion says in donate of going above to help; after all he might be maybe to, using his mind. Sansa thinks that’s a crap plan, and that the many heroic point they can do is it is in truthful. Truth in this situation includes acknowledging your marriage, v Sansa mentioning why the won’t work. Missandei provides them a good stinkeye and reminds everyone they’d every be dead there is no Dany.

Bran is his common eerily calm self as that waits in the godswood. Theon take away the possibility to try to apologize, however the 3 Eyed crow isn’t having it. Every little thing Theon did carried him back home, for this reason it’s every good. Yet now Bran is checking out, because that a timely dose of white eyeball/ravenvision time.

The trench was a good plan- it bought them enough time for, say, a restroom break? yet the Night King is here and is saying, “Enough of that!” that directs his military to lay under on the trenches and kind bridges, calculation the obstacles useless. The wights quickly swarm the walls, and now the fight is important begun. There is no retreat. Over there is no being conserved from this.


Watching Gendry panic, see the wights crawl increase the wall, ns was absolutely positive he was goner. (Wrongly, together it transforms out.) every the dragonglass weapons are shattering around them. Hapless souls fall to the wights, Jaime and also Brienne hit at each other’s backs. Sam practically dies again, but Jorah conserves him- his father would be so proud the him. But humans space dying everywhere, so badly outnumbered in the battle.

Huddled turn off to the next is the Hound, shaking native the trauma the the flames, simply as he did at the Blackwater. Arya bursts into the courtyard, chopping and also twirling v the undead. Beric tries to rally the Hound into action. Arya bring away on a group of wights, yet even she looks like she no much longer is excited to be facing fatality itself. The spark the arrogance is gone, and that’s what’s yes, really frightening. Seeing she in trouble, the Hound finally jumps into the fight.


Meanwhile a David and also Goliath (or Lyanna and also Macumber) showdown taken place in the courtyard, and I don’t prefer it one bit. This is the point where I started gasping and then cry-laughing since goddammit. Goddamn. This girl. This exceptional person.

We observed an undead giant in the season 7 finale- we knew it to be inevitable, a good weapon because that the Night King come wield. And also wield the did, ~ above Winterfell and also one the its smallest but fiercest warriors. The wight gigantic knocks aside several men killing them. The injured girl traction herself up and runs in ~ this substantial thing, screaming. He scoops her up, and also he’s crushing her, killing her (it’s death me), and also then- she fucking kills the bastard, dragonglass in the eye.

They both autumn to the ground, dead. Ns am absolutely wrecked at this point.

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The fight is in the skies now, with Viserion attacking his siblings and also their riders. They’re hold their own though…for now.

Arya has run right into a challenge: make her means silently v the Winterfell library overrun through zombies. It’s like a video game of Frogger, jumping from heat to row, trying not to gain nailed. She provides it the end alive, but the stress and anxiety in that scene and also the long run native the library virtually killed me. Seriously: