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We failure 17 details you might have missed while watching the episode.Warning: this video contains spoilers.

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Following is a transcript that the video.

Narrator: The penultimate episode of the final season of game of Thrones connected a major battle in ~ King"s Landing and things take it a an extremely dark turn.

Here room 17 details you can have missed.

And warning, spoilers space coming.

1. Scorpions

Once again, in this episode we experienced the location sequence change. In this week"s opened credits one major change, we see scorpions, those large crossbow prefer weapons the Qyburn developed to slay dragons sitting atop the wall surfaces at King"s Landing.

2. Varys" letter

The episode opens with Varys writing a letter about John Snow"s true parents. It"s a winter of the letter Ned Stark composed to Stannis Baratheon earlier in season one, exposing that Jaime Lannister is the true dad of Cersei"s kids not Robert Baratheon.

Ned Stark: You will sail come Dragonstone tonight. Friend will place this in the hand of Stannis Baratheon.

Narrator: Lord Baelish, like Tyrian Tavares in the critical episode, make the efforts to to convince Ned come drop it and permit Joffrey to take it the throne.

Lord Baelish: You would be wise to refuse it come him and also to make certain Joffrey succeeds.

Narrator: And like Ned, Varys pays the price because that his actions v his life. There show up to it is in multiple letters Varys is writing. Could he have sent castle out already and to whom would he have sent them?

3. Martha

As Varys to write his letter it"s interrupted by Martha, a little girl exhilaration as one of his spies. We"ve actually watched Martha before, she to be hiding in the crypt in addition to Varys during the fight of Winterfell in illustration three.

4. Daenerys" promise

Back in season seven, episode two, Danny tells Varys.

Daenerys: If you ever betray me, I"ll burn girlfriend alive.

Narrator: Well, it"s clear Danny made an excellent on that promise.

5. The stupidest Lannister

When Tyrion set Jaime free to go rescue Cersei, Jaime claims Cersei once referred to as me the stupidest Lannister. That"s a call back to season seven, illustration seven.

Cersei: exploration North, I constantly knew you were the stupidest Lannister.

Narrator: Cersei to be berating Jaime for heading north to fight against the threat beyond the wall.

6. Jaime and Cersei reunited

This conversation was the critical time Jaime and also Cersei witnessed each other and also takes ar in the specific same spot where they were reunited as the Red store crumbled in this episode. More on Jaime"s and Cersei"s deaths in a bit.

7. Mirror photo of the battle of the Bastards

We get this step of Danny"s armies charging against the remaining gold Company forces after a large chunk that them space blown far by Drogon"s fire. The shooting is a mirror photo of the battle of the Bastards when John is challenged with an onslaught that men and also horses. However unlike John"s heroic fighting stance, bother Strickland, the leader that the golden Company, runs because that his life.

8. Cersei"s stance

As Danny burns the outer wall surface at King"s Landing we check out Cersei standing in the specific same point out she stood once she charred down the Sept that Baelor ago in season six, just this time she"s ~ above the losing side.

9. Bran"s vision

That Danny"s dragon, Drogon, would certainly fly end King"s Landing to be foreshadowed in Bran"s vision in season four, episode two, together he touch the Weirwood tree. Bran observed the shadow of a dragon above the rooftops.

10. The Hound and the stark daughters

As the Hound attempts to convince Arya to leave the Red Keep rather of going to death Cersei, that grabs her and shouts, look in ~ me. The Hound go the very same thing during the fight of Blackwater in season two v Sansa after ~ she refuses come flee King"s Landing v him. This reflects the Hound"s arc through the stark daughters.

The Hound: Look at me.

11. Cleganebowl

Narrator: Cleganebowl lastly happened which definitely comes together no surprise. However what is far-reaching about the showdown is that the Hound dies with a zombified mountain by falling right into the fiery city below. The Hound is deathly fear of fire due to the fact that his brother placed his challenge into a fire when they to be children. However as the show"s producer defines it, the one thing more powerful in the Hound 보다 his are afraid of fire is the hatred for the person who placed that are afraid there in the very first place.

12. "Sword through your eye"

In season three, illustration nine, together Arya and also the Hound travel, Arya speak him.

Arya Stark: part day I"m gonna put a sword v your eye and out the earlier of your skull.

Narrator: That"s specifically what the Hound ends up doing come his brother, the Mountain.

13. Aaron Rodgers cameo

Game of Thrones is no stranger come the occasional celebrity cameo. Right here we see green Bay Packer"s quarterback Aaron Rodgers playing the role of a guy in King"s Landing help a woman who was injured.

14. The rain of Castamere

We listen a acquainted composition at two various points during the episode. The rains of Castamere plays when as Cersei realizes she need to flee the Red Keep. And also when Jaime and also Cersei face certain death it"s a mix that that tune with The light of the Seven. It"s a clue that these personalities won"t endure the episode.

Season three, illustration nine is referred to as The rain of Castamere and also we hear the song during the renowned Red Wedding. The irradiate of the seven composition though refers earlier to Cersei"s win in season six.

15. Cersei and also Jaime"s final embrace

This episode experienced the deaths that twins and also lovers Cersei and Jaime Lannister enduring one final take on before the Red keep collapses ~ above them. This minute was foreshadowed earlier in season 5 when Bronn asks Jaime exactly how he would want to die and Jaime replies.

Jaime Lannister: In the arms of the woman ns love.

Narrator: and also it shows up he does simply that. There are other moments native the publication that foreshadow this moment. In the publications Jaime says, i cannot die while Cersei lives. We will die together as us were born together. And also the show adapted this line from the book back in season one.

Cersei: Jaime and also I are an ext than brother and also sister. We shared a womb, came into this world together, us belong together.

16. Daenerys" vision

Narrator: In season two, illustration 10, Danny had actually a vision upon entering the house of the undying. She look at the throne room in ~ King"s Landing in shambles v snow falling from above. Though we don"t see it in this illustration the throne room is most definitely torn apart. However that falling eye looks a lot choose the ashes falling indigenous the sky. Might this it is in what Danny experienced in the prophecy way back then? Or is the snow a recommendation to john Snow sit on the throne after ~ she wreaks destruction at King"s Landing? Bran likewise sees a similar image that the throne room in his season 4 vision.

17. White horse

Finally, we view a white steed standing in the center of the ruins of King"s Landing. Arya rides the horse out that the city. White steed as a mythology frequently symbolized triumph, however in Christianity that can also herald death like in the publication of Revelation. Or is this a recommendation to Shadowfax in lord of the Rings?

Gandalf: Shadowfax is the mr of every horses.

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Narrator: It"s likewise worth noting that the young girl Arya is unable to conserve is holding ~ above a little white horse.