The climax of game of Thrones is every bit as bloody together we feared and leaves united state with mixed thoughts about its execution.

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If i am being honest, i conceptually think this is a great ending to the series. But similar to all grisly things, the evil one is in the details. She sits there ~ above the earlier of Drogon, having won her battle while barely break a sweat. Versus all odds, the bells that surrender ring, and also Tyrion because that one an extremely brief moment felt justified in every one of his negative decisions that cautioning Dany no to take King’s Landing as soon as she very first arrived. But the Dragon Queen came to Westeros a would-be liberator and has end up being nothing more than one more self-aggrandizing conqueror. And also Cersei poisoned the fine of her being something else but that. ~ killing many of Dany’s allies that at least welcomed the Dragon Queen as a king if no a savior, Cersei climate personally taunted the Khaleesi through executing Missandei in former of her, implicitly taunting her self-righteousness. Cersei visibly mocked the “Breaker the Chains” by murdering Dany’s BFF while in chains. The question, thus, is whether that’s sufficient to be the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Daenerys has always been perhaps headed under this dark road. Benioff and also Weiss repeat viewers therefore by return to one of George R.R. Martin’s many oft-quoted lines around her family members at the beginning of “The Bells:” every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin. Readers, more so than viewers, were constantly asked to evaluate and 2nd guess Dany’s actions. In the early seasons especially, she showed a sadistic streak, taking pleasure in the agonizing execution of she brother and the giddiness of informing anyone who would hear to she in Qarth that “when mine dragons are grown we will burn urban to the ground… I will take what is mine in fire and also blood, I will certainly take it.” Jorah Mormont attempted come temper this notions at any time she speak of burn the Starks and also Lannisters together, or as soon as he argued there space evil civilization on all sides the every war ever fought. She then did more or much less burn Astapor, slavers despite they might be, come the ground in season 3.

All of this warning signs have always been there. The inquiry though is that together Dany deserve wisdom through taking various other slaver cities v a minimal body count, what can drive her to it is in every bit as ruthless as Aegon Targaryen was once he forgive no one who didn’t bending the knee when forging the 7 Kingdoms? and therein lies the trouble for me. This is a fittingly bleak end to the “game the thrones.” Daenerys’ entitlement can be bent till it’s every bit as terrible as Cersei’s vanity or Joffrey’s cruelty, or Robert’s boorishness. They’re all different shades of selfishness and self-justification for your actions, and Dany is every little a crackhead of “THE WHEEL” as her ancestors were once they earn their home words the “Fire and also Blood.”

I like this ending. But in retrospect, season 8 has utterly failed in ~ properly setup it up. Critical week i worried the we necessary two episodes for the bridge in between the fight of Winterfell and also the slaughter we just witnessed, currently I doubt that would certainly not have actually been enough either. The early ideas of Daenerys’ psychological instability in the an initial five seasons has actually gone greatly ignored because that the critical three. Season 7 specifically undercut the beforehand queasy worry any forward-thinking reader/viewer had throughout the at an early stage installments. Earlier in season 2, ns was really concerned the the Dany we rooted for to escape irritating wizards that Qarth would soon be burning Starks just as readily as she was blue-lipped morons. The Red store she experienced in visions to be one in full ruins—who can devastate it choose that yet dragons? certain enough, the snow she saw falling was actually ash she left in her wake.

But Season 7 had actually Tyrion convince her no to take King’s Landing through force. Ever since then, the show set for chin the problem of convincing united state she’d readjust her mind… specifically after Cersei had already surrendered. The reality is that this is a wonderful ending to the overarching series that has actually been undercut its prompt run-up, causing a currently anti-climactic execution. If i evaluate it as an finishing to Dany’s arc because that the critical two seasons (the year she’s been in Westeros), the is unsatisfying. However as a conclusion come a series about the hazard of belief in heroes, saviors, or other romantic fantasies, that is brutally effective.

Daenerys becoming her ancestors is a pains apt outcome, and also what the looks prefer is every bit as gruesome together the story of Aegon the Conqueror. For this reason she destroys Aegon’s city by indulging in his taste because that fire, and we room witness to more than 35 minutes of carnage as soldier, man, woman, and also child room obliterated to ash follow me the streets and inside the Red Keep. That is telling that ~ the minute Daenerys makes her choice, we no longer gain a single close-up the the Dragon Queen. She is however an imperious, godlike existence raining hellfire down on the highways below.

This cuts to the true main point of what Game the Thrones has always been about: the disillusionment of male cruelty if in the quest of power. Because that eight seasons and also thousands that pages, we adhered to a mrs who appeared modeled after ~ Alexander however who in fact turned the end to it is in a butcher. She will most likely be psychic in history as Daenerys the Terrible. We know there is more to her than that, yet the move of history reduces people to their ideal or worst days, and on she worst job she was a fixed murderer. The success so numerous of united state wanted—Daenerys acquisition over king’s Landing—becomes the worst fear in the series run. As Bobby Baratheon warned, war isn’t something pretty; that a butchery, and when we ultimately got what we wanted through Dany at last taking what she encouraged us was she birthright, that is a minute of pure disgust. Divine right leader to hellish delights.

Similarly, Grey Worm it s okay his vengeance ~ above the ground. Ns was therefore happy because that him once he burned Missandei’s collar in Dany’s fire. She gave it to him before the battle because it to be the only real possession Missandei preserved in the cross of the narrow Sea, but Grey Worm litter throws it away, selecting not come remember her together a slave. He instead remembers her as proud and also tall, shouting “Dracarys” in the challenge of death. Ergo that makes good on that by slaughtering unarmed men with their backs turned in the city Missandei cursed.

Returning again come a typical theme transparent the show—such together sellswords working for the Starks cutting off Jaime’s hand and trying come rape Brienne the Tarth, or the Lannister soliders who broke bread with Arya being an excellent blokes—there are great and bad people ~ above every side of a war. And as is often the situation when cities space taken by force adhering to a effective siege, bloodlust provides away to needless bloodletting, looting, and sexual brutality. Grey Worm only has a taste for the blood component of the equation, however as he and Dany lead the sacking that a city, Jon Snow’s own Northern guys attempt come rape and also pillage, as perform the remaining Dothraki who watch this together their earn spoils. Jon kills one of his own men for attempting a rape, yet one imagines there room many more the King in the north wasn’t current to prevent.

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There is a bitterness irony that Dany’s dragonfire is for this reason all-consuming that the pockets of staying wildfire surprise throughout the city similarly go off, spreading their own smaller insatiable eco-friendly flames. These were the wildfire reserves that Dany’s father, Aerys II, want to ignite once his city was being pillaged and raped by Lannister men. He wanted to burn them every down, and also Jaime placed a sword to his neck to prevent it. Currently Jaime’s plot of i could not recognize it heroism is muted 20-plus years later on when Aerys II’s daughter lights a fire so enormous that the wildfire Aerys clung to appears miniscule by comparison.