Throughout the operation of “Game the Thrones,” the seasons’ penultimate illustration were often the ones that packed in the most activity and spectacular moments. So it was on Sunday, as soon as the Last war unfolded extensively in the means many world expected, with the Dragon Queen transforming heel and laying garbage to king Landing.

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It was a thrilling, horrifying and ultimately frustrating episode, i m sorry feels weird to say since it was often amazing come behold and reflected several of the show’s most central themes. Yet it hinged on a revolve that rang hollow — particularly the heel turn stated above.

We speak at length last week around how the present has methodically damaged down Daenerys in stimulate to press her to the brink of wildly — or some behavior approximation thereof — culminating with Missandei’s beheading. Top top Sunday the critical straw appeared to be Jon’s spilling his Targaryen mystery and then basically telling her, “I perform love girlfriend but, ew, ns can’t …”

“Let that be are afraid then,” she responded stoically.

But honestly, by then it was already a excellent deal. She’d sequestered it s her in Dragonstone, her hair heartbreakingly disheveled in Missandei’s absence, and her overall look veering into Mad Queen Chic.

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But just since the outcome wasn’t surprising, that doesn’t mean the an outcome wasn’t spectacular. When the siege the led up to the king’s Landing apocalypse was plagued with some of the very same strategic implausibilities and geographical confusion that has been an concern for lot of this season, what complied with was a terrifically and also terrifyingly calculation decimation the a city.

And the symbolic moment of the coin toss we retained hearing about, as Dany sat atop a overcame city and pondered she ultimate destiny, to be no much less tense for that destiny’s having been small in doubt.

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Of food the thing is, that actually must have remained in doubt.

The reason it no was because the show had so clearly telegraphed her rotate for the past couple of weeks, if not longer. Dany acquired snubbed at Winterfell and also saw she supportive friend turn right into a throne rival and also then reject her, as her many trusted confidantes passed away in former of she while she quote-unquote Hand ongoing to give the worst advice in the 7 Kingdoms. (The surest sign that Dany would certainly not heed the titular surrender bells came once she called Tyrion that she would certainly — ns can’t psychic the last time the previous cleverest man in the civilization was right around anything.)