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And this top photo, showing a damaged King’s Landing covered in ash, spring a lot favor Winterfell. Winter came, yet not in the method anyone expected. However, fans space wondering whereby all the Dothraki and Unsullied came from, considering that many of them were killed (supposedly) in the fight of Winterfell.

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Here is the trailer for the episode:

The trailer didn’t expose much, but here is what us saw.

First, Tyrion emerges from the darkness and also ash.


The Red save is partially destroyed. (But I’m ready to guess not the component that has the steel Throne.)


Arya is here. I’d favor to take it a minute to point out the white equines in the picture below. The white steed that discovered her in the last illustration (now suspiciously absent), didn’t have to be bother Strickland’s dead steed revived. There to be a the majority of white horses in the battle that day.


Arya does not look happy (understandably.) some think she may be planning to death Daenerys. There’s room on her list currently that Cersei is dead, and also Dany has eco-friendly eyes too. (At least in the show. She doesn’t in the books.)


Tyrion is an extremely unhappy.

Daenerys will most likely take the throne and an effort will definitely be make on her life. Yet fans are divided on even if it is it will certainly be successful.

Death & Plot Predictions based on Spoilers, Leaks & Theories

After scouring the net for articles around leaks and spoilers for the finale, a few are was standing out. Below might be major death spoiler if any kind of of these room accurate.

Some fans are still having a difficult time believing that the Night King is yes, really dead. Castle think the Bran is walk to end up being the angry character in the series, with the Three-Eyed Raven perhaps being tainted by the Night King. However considering that the totality White pedestrian storyline seems taken end by Daenerys’ storyline, I kind of doubt that will happen. They’re most likely saving every one of those stories and plots for the prequel series.

There’s likewise a large theory/leak going around that Tyrion is going to be killed after a trial for betraying Daenerys. Nobody knew just how he to be going to betray Dany till last week as soon as we experienced him releasing Jaime to shot to get Cersei to surrender. This initial rumor come from a leaker named Friki whose leaks are frequently posted ~ above the subreddit Freefolk. Some believe that leak to be misinterpreted and actually was about Varys being eliminated for treason, and also Tyrion will be fine. Rather think Tyrion is certainly going to challenge a trial, will be discovered guilty, and will die.

Some fans room predicting the Arya is walking to kill Daenerys, as with she eliminated the Night King. Castle think she’s walking to include Daenerys to her list and also the “green eyes” in Melisandre’s prophecy described Dany. (In the publications Dany had violet eyes, however this wouldn’t it is in the very first major shift. Bran’s would-be assassin to be someone different in the books, according to GRRM’s plans, and also not Littlefinger as presented in the show.)

Another significant leak that’s been roughly since prior to Season 8 premiered is a rumor that Jon will kill Daenerys. Until last week, there to be no clues of this or that she would end up being a foolish Queen as had actually been predicted, however now here we are. Some world thought Dany would only go mad if Bran went earlier in time and affected her (kind of favor some civilization think Bran was the resource of the whispers the the mad King was hearing.) however there’s been no clues of this in the show.

One of the leaks top top Reddit’s r/freefolk that suggested Jon would certainly kill Dany later clarified the this was “told” come someone and not checked out firsthand, providing an the end in case it’s no true. This same short article was correct about who would certainly kill the Night King, but incorrectly presume Arya would jump indigenous the tree to execute it, i beg your pardon she did not. EW reported that secrecy for episode 6 was so excessive that only people with distinct badges were allowed on collection and some scenes were also filmed top top a close up door set. In addition, I’ve heard rumors that HBO has shot multiple endings and multiple deaths, for this reason they deserve to throw spoilers and also leakers off. So decide for yourself if you think this leak or not. I was skeptical yet seeing just how things room progressing, ns can’t aid but wonder now. (Note: Every link to r/freefolk is really spoiler The Freefolk subreddit allows spoilers in headlines and photos without any warning.)

Most fans don’t check out Jon ultimately ending up being King because he is adamant about not wanting the role. So if Daenerys dies, suspect are separated on who will sit on the steel Throne. Part think Arya, but I think she will most likely travel west that Westeros as soon as this is all over. Others think it will be Bran or Sansa. Bran’s most likely to turn it down, as with Jon likely would if it were offered to him. Yet there space some stunner leaks floating out there claiming the Bran will be the one ~ above the stole Throne, or the Drogon will damage the stole Throne and Bran will certainly be made the leader there is no a throne come sit on. Even if it is you believe that rumored leak or not is up to you. Bran’s to be so adamant around not wanting anything, it’s challenging to imagine he’d expropriate being the leader and not pass it on come Sansa.

Another theory is that Drogon will certainly be killed, however at the finish we will watch Drogons’ dragon egg in Valyria and also know the the cycle is no over.

Last week, a respond to leak presented chin on r/freefolk that was created in Spanish and also promised a more happiness ending. Obviously that one didn’t happen and is currently outdated.

Meanwhile, one more Redditor post leaks the he later on deleted due to the fact that he “likes his job too much.” Those leaks were conserved here, but their authenticity was debated. They claimed we’ll check out two much more Bran flashbacks, Melisandre will still be appropriate somehow, and someone various other than Dany will control Drogon at part point. However, nobody of the predictions relevant to illustration 5 happened, so I’d count those leaks together fake.

In conclusion, the leaks are intriguing, for sure. Yet there’s still that rumor that HBO filmed different endings and character deaths to throw some predictions off. We’ll see.

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More resources for Leaks & Spoilers

A an excellent continual resource for leaks and also spoilers is the subreddit called Freefolk. But beware: This discussion forum has major spoilers in it, also in the headlines because that the submitted articles, however many of castle are likewise not verified. So proceed at your own risk. Some completing “leaks” around the premiere comes from YouTube videos mutual by Friki and also Claytoy, who both insurance claim to have actually watched components of Season 8.