Whether you want to accept it or not, Game of Thrones is comes to an end. Together is meant with all points GoT, the security level is at an all-time high because that the struggle show"s last episode; however we"ve to be able to conference a couple of details.

Luckily, die-hard Thrones pan will have a spin-off prequel collection to look forward to, yet until that task takes shape, here"s what we recognize so far around the absolute last GoT illustration ever.

It will certainly air might 19.

Game that Thrones" Season 8 finale, and series finale, will certainly air on Sunday, might 19 on HBO, Entertainment Weekly confirms.

The season will premiere on April 14, and there will only be six episodes. May 19 is 6 weeks indigenous the Season 8 start date, which means GoT won"t be skipping any type of Sundays; a new episode will certainly air every week for 6 weeks straight.

The illustration are thought to be about 90 minutes each, yet the run time for the finale has actually not yet been confirmed. (The Season 7 finale was about 20 minutes longer than the remainder of the episodes that year.)

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It"s one hour and 20 minute long.

HBO evidenced the dates and also runtimes that all 6 episodes in Season 8 and showed that the final two installments room each estimated to it is in one hour and also 20 minute long. However, the finale isn"t even the longest illustration in GoT history; the Season 8, illustration 3 has actually an approximated runtime of one hour and 22 minute long. We wonder what happens in that episode.

Security is next-level.

After spending part time with the GoT cast and also crew together they filmed, Entertainment Weekly"s James Hibberd reported: "Only crew members attract a one-of-a-kind Episode 6 argorial were permitted on collection during filming and some scenes were shot top top a closeup of the door set."

Director David Nutter previously hinted at how high the defense would be this season, informing Huffington Post that "there to be no document on the set" to prevent leaked scripts and the manufacturing team " certain nobody knew what was happening." the added, "They usually take it to the allude where it’s favor the Gestapo. It’s difficult to get answers."

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The showrunners really want the fans to love the ending.

"We want civilization to love it," D.B. Weiss called EW. "It problem a lot come us. "We’ve invested 11 year doing this. We additionally know no matter what we do, also if it’s the optimal version, that a certain variety of people will hate the ideal of all feasible versions."

Weiss added that he really hopes watchers will have the same feelings about the GoT finishing as lock did around the Breaking Bad finale, "where it"s like, "Is that an A or an A+?""

David Benioff noted that he and also Weiss have questioned how the show would finish "from the beginning," for this reason they"ve had plenty the time to perfect GoT"s significant conclusion.