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I’m taking a short break from proper sports this morning because Sunday night clues the long-awaited Season 8 premiere the the mega-popular HBO present Game that Thrones, which us cover a lot at because that The Win. However it’s still kind of sports: ~ above Thursday, we even did a fantasy breeze in anticipation that the last season, athletes reference and tweet around the regimen all the time, and also a bunch the what happens on screen requires noticeable athleticism.

Also, I composed a post earlier this week titled “I heroically watched every 67 episodes of Game that Thrones so I have the right to tell you why it’s dumb,” and a bunch of human being who only read the headline and didn’t acquire its natural joke got an extremely mad in ~ me online. Therefore I want to make clear before I spend the rest of Season 8 writing regular Iron Throne power rankings that ns really carry out enjoy the show. Favor I claimed in that post, I have the right to love something and still think it’s type of dumb. Heck, in this case, I have the right to think something is sort of dumb for a most reasons and still believe it’s excellent and also artistic and occasionally beautiful for other reasons. Things have the right to be more than one thing.

If friend don’t watch, i heartily introduce Hemal Jhaveri’s survival guide for no watching Game the Thrones. What adheres to are seven reasons I find Game that Thrones totally awesome and cool, come appease those offended that I called it dumb. I’m going to perform my finest to stop spoilers, because I realize this is arriving in a the majority of people’s inboxes without fair warning.


Tiger Woods (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Did Tiger have actually the best an initial round of anyone in Augusta? No. But he shooting a two-under 70, the birdied the 440-yard 14th hole, and also he’s by far the most renowned golf male so I’m an ext or less obligated to mention him if the Masters are going on. Among the key things everyone knows around Tiger’s video game is the it often tends to enhance throughout events, therefore sitting four shots earlier of the leaders puts him in a an excellent spot to compete on Sunday.

Quick hits: Torts, Roethlisberger, Embiid

– Columbus Blue Jackets coach man Tortorella helped inspire his team come a large playoff comeback over the Tampa only Lightning with a fiery decided after they went under by three objectives in the very first period. Torts later referred to as out the media for having actually body odor, i m sorry is tough but fair. I’ve was standing in a lot of press scrums in mine life, and they’re rarely pleasant-smelling.

– previous Steelers running ago Rashard Mendenhall joined a chorus of ex-teammates complaining around Ben Roethlisberger, accusing the quarterback of racism before backtracking a small bit top top his claims. In response, Steelers players took to social media come urge various other players to keep their beefs off social media.

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– Charles Curtis said that the fate of the NBA’s eastern Conference playoffs rests top top Sixers large man Joel Embiid’s knee. It’s one extremely large knee, yet it demands to assistance an extremely large man. Philadelphia drew a tough first-round matchup in the Brooklyn Nets, whose fanbase has emerged as lot a call for savage burns as for that love the fixed-gear bicycles.