Note: contains spoilers because that Game the Thrones up come the penultimate episode, "The Bells".

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It"s same to say that the last season the Game of Thrones has proven a touch divisive.

It was constantly going to prove a high order bringing together a madness popular collection to a nearby in a way that pleases everyone. Yet all the same, we doubt HBO was expecting almost a million pan to it is in signing a petition urging them to reshoot the entire thing.

One of the most usual criticisms facing these critical episodes is the they feel favor a foolish dash to the finish. Indigenous the surprise at an early stage vanquishing the the Night King to Jaime and also Brienne"s abbreviation love affair come Daenerys"s fast descent right into madness, the totality thing"s felt quite rushed.

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This isn"t something distinctive to season eight, either. The previous season additionally felt markedly various to the 6 that had actually preceded it – with personalities suddenly zipping ago and forth across Westeros at record speed, it to be clear the showrunners David Benioff and Dan "DB" Weiss had put the pedal come the metal, accelerating their storytelling after year of acquisition a much more considered and also contemplative approach.

Though a tiny of this kind of point is inevitable, also desirable, as a TV display heads towards its last episodes, video game of Thrones" harshest movie critics have argued that, there is no George RR Martin"s books to use as source material, the show"s critical 13 episodes have actually felt prefer a an ext cartoonish, much less nuanced version of the series.

It"s definitely interesting to keep in mind that, while the television collection was already moving far from Martin"s books and including much more and much more original material, it to be after manufacturing of the 6th season – at which suggest the five completed novels had been an ext or less worn down – the Benioff and Weiss make public your decision to wrap increase the TV show.

And that was really explicitly *their* decision. "There"s most likely a human being where we can have milked this point for an additional eight seasons, and also that would have actually been very rewarding for every one of us," producer Bryan Cogman said. "But really wanted to go out on a great high point."

It"s no surprise that HBO remained in no sirloin to view its best money-maker concerned an end. "HBO would have actually been happy because that the show to keep going, come have more episodes in the last season," Benioff called EW in April that this year.

"We constantly believed it was around 73 hours, and it will certainly be around that. As lot as they wanted more, they taken that this is where the story ends."

Hence why there"s currently a variety of Game of Thrones follow-ups in the works, by-products that Benioff and Weiss to be making clean they"d have actually no component of method back in 2016, prior to it had also been officially evidenced that HBO was developing any type of such series.

For his part, George RR young name – who, again, does have actually a financial stake in all of this – has actually said the GoT might have ongoing for as countless as 13 seasons, even arguing that it would take at least that plenty of for the show to it is in "completely faithful" to his books.

"I don"t understand ," he stated last year. "Ask David and also Dan... We might have unable to do to 11, 12, 13 seasons, however I assumption: v they want a life."

Martin was joking, yet it"s a fair suggest – after almost a decade working on Game that Thrones, Benioff and also Weiss are most likely ready to move on... And also that"s fair enough.

Regardless of any type of fan backlash to this last season, and despite HBO supposedly cooling on your controversial slavery drama Confederate, the pair proceed to discover themselves in high demand.


We knife a commission for assets purchased through some web links in this article.Their "series" that Star Wars movies will be the next major outing for among cinema"s greatest franchises post-Rise of Skywalker, when they"re also the subject of a bidding war in between Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Apple, HBO/WarnerMedia and also Comcast. According to Deadline, Benioff and also Weiss are at this time weighing up supplies from all 6 studios to sign exclusive deals to develop new film and also TV projects.

Having initially started work on Game the Thrones under the presumption that Martin"s book collection would be perfect by the moment their TV collection was as result of reach a conclusion, it"s also worth bearing in mental that, everything you think of their efforts, finishing the show without a blueprint was not the project they signed up for.

So while not everyone might be happy through this last season, and while any future rewatch that Game that Thrones will certainly feel like a seriously lopsided experience as the display shifts from a more measured piece to much easier "blockbuster" fare, it is basic to understand precisely why Benioff and Weiss can want come be out from under this juggernaut they developed as quickly as possible.

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