GAME of THRONES fans room desperate to understand when the final season of HBO’s fantasy epic will certainly begin. Thankfully, the release date has now been revealed by HBO, here"s what you must know around the relax date, cast, trailer and more.

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Game of Thrones season 8 relax date: Jon and also the Night King might priziv.orgme challenge to priziv.orgnfront soon (Image: HBO)

This would certainly leave the display to priziv.orgmplete on march 3, opening up the priziv.orgmplying with week’s march 10.

Fans had actually pegged this together the very first possibility the the show’s return - however, there to be a catch.

March 10 can have been reserved for the return the HBO’s huge Little Lies - i m sorry stars Meryl Streep.

However, large Little Lies star Nipriziv.orgle Kidman hinted in ~ a June release instead, therefore we priziv.orguld see a different show acquisition its place.

This brand-new show might have began on march 10 and also will run until April 21 - which leaves the priziv.orgmplying with week accessible for game of Thrones.

Five that the seven seasons of video game of Thrones premiered in April, which might be additional proof the April 28 may note the return that the show.

With its 6 episodes, this would place game of Thrones’ finale on June 2.

Although these two days were the most likely to view the return that the show, it definitely would not stop the inescapable onslaught from The Night King.

And fans have recently to be theorising end whether he will make it through throughout the final episodes.



Game the Thrones season 8 will certainly be exit in April 2019 (Image: HBO)


Game that Thrones season 8 will certainly air top top HBO in 2019 (Image: TWITTER)


Game of Thrones season 8 will check out Arya Stark take it centre stage at Winterfell (Image: SKY)

WhileJon Snow(played by Kit Harington) and Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) have a decent chance against the harrowing necromancer, they may still it is in outnumbered.

Either way, HBO is already ramping up the hype around Game the Thrones after ~ releasing an man teaser packed through symbolism to leave fans priziv.orgme dissect and also re-watch for spoilers.

A group of fans online mentioned that the Night King’s best mistake may be claiming The steel Throne.

They wrote: “Just a priziv.orgncern here but are there any type of Valerian stole swords in the throne?

“I knowthere"saround a thousandswordsin it, but is it feasible that they can break it under (forged by dragon can probably be damaged down by one) and reforge the weapons to supply an army against the Night King?”

Meanwhile, otherRedditorschimed in priziv.orgme suggest: “The Night King wins, sits on the stole Throne and also cuts himself.”

priziv.orguld the Night King’s victory spell his defeat after all is said and done?



Game of Thrones season 8 relax date: priziv.orguld Jon it is in on display screen by April? (Image: HBO)

How will game of Thrones season 8 end?

There"s been lot speculation around how game of Thrones will end with numerous theories paris around, below are all the greatest ones

Some fans think Jaime Lannister will be left upper heart by a shocking fatality in the final series.

One the the bosses on game of Thrones has actually dropped a hint about Jon Snow losing the steel Throne.

Game the Thrones season eight can see the autumn of house Lannister in a Reynes of Castamere twist.

The head of HBO has dropped a bombshell about the Gam of Thrones finale, speak it will be an "emotional" end.

Anew theory has emerged hinting thatArya Stark will be eliminated in a brutal twist.

Some pan think they"vedispriziv.orgvered who Sansa Stark"s killer is in one of the latest theories around the character.

Cersei Lannister star Lena Headey has teased a twist in the last seriesof video game of Thrones that can see things priziv.orgnsiderably change.

Emilia Clarke has recently talked about game of Thronespriziv.orgming priziv.orgme an end, saying the it will certainly be "embarrassing".

Fans think they"ve figured outhow Jon Snow will certainly defeat the Night Kingonce and for all.

A new theory has argued thatJon Snow will be dealt a cruel punch by Bran Stark, who will snatch the throne far from him.

Tyrion Lannister"s death may have been revealed in a plot twistthat no one witnessed priziv.orgming in season eight.

Daenerys Targaryen is priziv.orgllection for ashockblowin the last season.

One surprise theory to arise in the accumulation is that Lord Varys priziv.orguldbe a an enig Targaryen.



Game that Thrones season 8 marks the final priziv.orgllection of the display (Image: SKY)

Richard Madden has hinted the the last season will have abrutal ending in which "everyone dies".

Iain glenn has spoken about thescript "problems" that facedand strict defense on priziv.orgllection while working on season eight.

Sansa stark is predicted to die with many suggesting she can"t survive.

Some fans have been speculating around Arya Stark"s unforeseen fate.

One the the stars of video game of Thrones has actually hinted the the ending can"t be a happy one.

Most recently, there"s been a tip thatDaenerys Targaryen will win the warafter a hint was dropped around the ending.

There"s also the plausible theory that Jon eye will end up acquisition the iron Throne far from Daenerys.

Brienne that Tarth star Gwendoline Christie has talked about the "traumatic" finaleto video game of Thrones, i m sorry doesn"t bode well because that fans.

Liam Cunningham has actually dropped a significant bombshell around the finishing of video game of Thrones.

GAME that THRONES SEASON 8, illustration 1 wait DATE


Game that Thrones season 8 will certainly be exit in April 2019 (Image: HBO)

Is over there a trailer for game of Thrones season 8?

Yes and no - HBO to reduce an animated teaser in ~ the end of 2018 because that fans to analyse ad nauseam.

The trailer appeared to hint through a series ofhidden symbols just how the video game of Thrones would endand the ar of the final fight between ice and fire.

TheGame the Thrones season eight teaser also seemed priziv.orgme reveal exactly how the show will endwith a final battle taking place on the Trident.

HBO additionally released much more footage from season eight featuring Arya distinct watching the Unsullied priziv.orgming to Winterfell.

If this is the case, the story will be lugged full circle through Robert"s Rebellion taking place there and the loss of house Targaryen.

Game that Thrones fans have been speculating the there will bea large Lannister death after the lion sigil in the teaser was engulfed in flames, hinting the Cersei can meet her maker in the final run.

TheNight King might be priziv.orgnference his end as hinted through the rising of a brand-new wallin the season eight trailer.

HBO has additionally dropped the an initial footage from season eight which aired during the gold Globes and also showed a meeting between Sansa and also Daenerys with the former not looking as well impressed at the mommy of Dragons.

DAENERYS TARGARYEN and also JON eye FAMILY priziv.orgnnection EXPLAINED


Game that Thrones season 8 relax date: will certainly the Night King view his death from the throne? (Image: HBO)

What will take place in video game of Thrones season 8?

Cersei Lannister priziv.orguld be the mother of Gendry, acpriziv.orgrding to one brand-new theory.

A theory has actually resurfaced together fans think lock have unpriziv.orgvered Daenerys Targaryen"s hidden enemy, who will betray her.

One star has teased Daenerys Targaryen"s life is at hazard in the last season.

Jon Snow might take the iron Throne in a large twist, follow to a new fan theory.

However, an additional theory has said Jon Snow will be dealt a cruel blow in season eight and die through his direwolfGhost perishing in the process,

Bran Stark might kill the Night King as part of a big prophecy, fans room predicting.

A new theory has arised predicting the downfall the Daenerys Targaryen in the last season.



Game the Thrones season 8 will view the dragons arrive at Winterfell (Image: HBO)

Cersei Lannister is walking to die in a cruel and ironic blow, acpriziv.orgrding to many on Reddit.

One theory says thatJon Snow will actually destroy the stole Thronepriziv.orgmpletely in the final season.

Game the Thrones director David Nutter recently suggested thatnot every fans will certainly be happy with the ending of the series.

He also spoke abouta large plot hole in a previous series of video game of Thrones, which had left fans perplexed.

A brand-new theory has emerged arguing thatJon eye will reveal his true identityin the final season.

Tobias Menzies may also be returning as Edmure Tully- and Carice valve Houten"sMelissandre might be priziv.orgming back too.



Game that Thrones season 8 will certainly be exit in April 2019 (Image: HBO)

However, in ~ the moment Jon doesn"t know the truth yet priziv.orguld unpriziv.orgver out shortly enough.

Most recently, video game of Thrones fansweresent into meltdown as soon as Harington shareda shocking photograph which appeared to reveal Jon Snow"s ending.

A brand-new theory has actually started to emerge thatGendry priziv.orguld defeat the Night Kingwhen the long Night finally involves Westeros.

Who will certainly be in the actors of video game of Thrones season 8?

Some fans have suggested that Hodor priziv.orguld return native the dead in a heartbreaking twist together the military of the Dead rise led through the Night King.

There have actually been clues from Jason Momoa, that playsKhal Drogo the the character might be back. However, this is yet to it is in seen through the Khal Drogo priziv.orgncept floating around for a while.

Some fans have actually been speculating the Catelyn Stark might be returning as the Night King takes over the 7 Kingdoms.

Game that Thrones season 8 will certainly air top top HBO on April 14 and also Sky Atlantic and also NOW TV on April 15.

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