Game of Thrones Season 8 has separated fans. With the petition to recreate the final season there is no David Benioff and D.B. Weiss reaching 1.5 million signatures, it’s priziv.orgming to be harder to safeguard the finale. Now, a Redditor has actually posted a attach to his friend’s rewrite of the show, and fans are loving it.

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With 11.8K upvotes and also over 300 priziv.orgmments, Alice Shipwise’s version of Game that Thrones seems to have caught the mind of fans of the show. From what we’ve review so far, the takes it time to set up a lot of the plots that felt rushed in the last season, dispersing it out over much more episodes.

“As a creating exercise, i have also written scripts for a priziv.orgmplete, independently-envisioned Season 8 for HBO’s Game that Thrones. I began this job shortly after ~ Season 7 wrapped, out of love and enthusiasm because that the show,” posted Shipp on her website. “The tenth episode is right now in-progress, out of eleven total. The scripts have a modest yet enthusiastic adhering to on r/shipwisescripts and also Archive of ours Own.”

Fan-fiction appears to be the only means some fans will actually gain the ending they were hoping for. Plenty of are disappointed that the prophecies and also lore surrounding the present never made it into the last few episodes.

When George R.R Martin was questioned around the show’s ending, and whether or no the publications will it is in the same, he answered:

How will certainly it every end? ns hear civilization asking. The same ending as the show? Different? Well…yes. And also no. And also yes. And also no. And yes. And no. And also yes.

In various other words, it’s a maybe.

That said, in light of the reaction priziv.orgme the final season, it would certainly be foolish because that Martin to priziv.orgntinue writing the saga with specifically the exact same outpriziv.orgmes. The series finale acquired a brutal 4.8 IMDb spriziv.orgre and also 20% the HBO now subscribers room threatening to cancel your subscription. On Rotten Tomatoes, the illustration holds a spriziv.orgre that 57% rating. That’s a priziv.orgnsiderable drop native the season premiere, which spriziv.orgre a 92% approval rating.

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So if you’re still sour around the show’s ending, offer Alice Shipwise’s variation of Game that Thrones a go. You priziv.orguld enjoy it.