It"s tough to believe but Game the Thrones has actually officially been turn off our displays for end a year now. And whether or no you were a pan of how the totality thing ended (it walk leave means too plenty of unanswered concerns for mine liking), there"s one thing that they certainly delivered on: the sex scenes.

Let"s be real, if the hit present is known for one thing various other than repeatedly killing off your favorite characters, it’s the crazy amount of nudity and also sex that"s sprinkled transparent the episodes. And although these scenes have the right to involve some hard-to-watch incest (ahem, Jaime and also Cersei), over there are likewise plenty that hot, steamy scenes to provide some sweet relief indigenous the brutal world that is the video game of thrones (thank you, Jon and also Ygritte).

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Here space the 35 that the most necessary sex scenes the display has provided us end its eight seasons, indigenous the really, really warm to the downright uncomfy. You"re gonna require this list before you rewatch the entire series on HBO Max; you"re welcome.

Praise the GOT gods since this is the sex scene we were all waiting for!! Brienne love Jaime"s to be a subplot for, oh, idk, a million episodes and also right in ~ the finish of the series, they ultimately get it on. Brienne admits she"s never slept through anyone prior to which somehow provides it even more emotional. Now if only Jaimie chose to continue to be with Brienne after this and also not go ago to Cersei *sigh*.


The second time we view Drogo and Dany having sex, things are still looking quite terrible. Drogo is forcefully having actually sex through Dany when she stares off, looking intently at her three dragon eggs. It seems favor the Khal and Khaleesi aren’t ever going to have any type of sort of actual romantic relationship, until…

After she straight-up terrifying experiences with Drogo, Dany decides come take ago some control and gets she handmaid Doreah to teach her the arts of seduction. She put her new moves into activity and gets the Khal to have sex through her face-to-face. While it’s still difficult at this point to completely forget that their relationship started with rape, this point out the beginning of their eventual love for each other.

They to speak those who can’t do, teach, yet it looks prefer Doreah is qualified of both. She and Dany’s creep that a brothers Viserys get it ~ above in a steamy bath tub while he offers her a history lesson around dragons in Westeros.


Before Theon became the trembling, brainwashed Reek, he was well-known for his many, plenty of sexual conquests. He was a frequent customer that Ros and sneaked her into the lock for one critical tryst before she left to go south to King’s Landing. When their connection seems a small odd, Theon appears genuinely sad as soon as he later says he’s walking to miss out on her.


In the brothel in ~ King’s Landing, Littlefinger, aka lord Baelish, is doing what he knows best: being a complete creep. He has Ros and another prostitute practice having actually sex in front of him and critiques your moves, sound included, wanting them to do everything much more believable. When the women ask him to sign up with them, that mysteriously says he’s conserving himself for someone through “impeccable bloodlines.”


Theon continues his sexual escapades if sailing home to the stole Islands. Also on a boat, this guy can find someone to have sex with. He captures the fist of the ship captain’s daughter, who begs him come take she away through him. In true playboy fashion, the declines yet still manages to keep the below-deck hookup going.

At Dragonstone, Melisandre makes her move on Stannis, that protests for all of fifty percent a second. All it takes is Melisandre telling him his mam is as well weak and disgusting, and they swiftly acquire it top top on peak of the Painted Table. Understanding now the Melisandre at some point gives birth to a weird AF shadow baby, this step becomes even more suspect.

Tyrion rental Ros and fellow prostitute Daisy together a surname Day existing for sadistic Joffrey. If Joffrey seems much less than interested in involvement in, he has actually the two women touch each other before unsurprisingly make things turn violent by gaining Ros to hit Daisy v his belt until she screams. Throughout the scene, Joffrey points his crossbow at Ros—a foreshadowing of when he eventually shoots her in the next season.

The sex-related tension between Robb and also Talisa to be so special you could cut it v a sword, making their hookup every the more steamy. Sadly because that the both that them, that was likewise the start of the end. Robb broke off his engagement come Walder Frey’s daughter, which at some point lead come the well known Red Wedding. An excellent thing they delighted in themselves while they could.

Jon and Ygritte’s scene was most likely one that the couple of sexual to meet in the collection that fans were actively rooting for. The highly anticipated hookup has actually all the makings the a good sex scene: forbidden love, a diverted cave, many furs, and conveniently placed warm springs. The course, Ygritte starts to let out her classic “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” till she realizes the he does, in fact, know what he’s doing.

Despite the fact that Loras is betrothed to Sansa, we soon find out that that jousts for the other team. He has actually a warm hookup through Olyvar inside the castle and also questions Olyvar on just how he might tell he to be gay. The two continue to have actually a connection for a couple of more seasons, till Olyvar turns on his lover and also gives incriminating testimony come the High Priest, which enables him to imprison Loras.

While Theon is being held hostage through Ramsay, Myranda and also Violet take a expedition to the torture chamber to try to seduce their “well-endowed” prisoner. Theon appears hesitant in ~ first, yet once a naked Myranda is straddling him, he gets right into it—that is, till Ramsay mirrors up and also puts a permanent finish to the party.

Sometimes girlfriend think you’re hooking up v a hot older woman, yet then periodically they end up pinning you down, tie you up, and sucking the end your wonder king’s blood through leeches. Gendry learned that the tough way.

Just as soon as you thought it wasn’t possible to do the Jaime/Cersei relationship even more nauseating, GoT found a way. Jaime essentially rapes Cersei right beside their dead son’s casket. Cersei make the efforts to press him off, saying, “It isn’t right,” yet Jaime simply fires ago with “I don’t care” and also continues top top his way.

At the King’s Landing brothel, Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand room enjoying themselves in an orgy v Olyvar and two mrs prostitutes. The fun pertains to an end when they’re interrupted by one of the the very least sexy men on the show, Tywin Lannister.

It’s no surprised that king the the freaks Ramsay has actually an equally effed-up girlfriend. Civilization who bond over watching other girls acquire mauled to fatality by dogs generally aren’t having a low-key sex life, and that seems to be the situation here through their violent sex.

Myranda is getting jelly of the time Ramsay is spending with his imprisoned bride-to-be Sansa, yet that doesn’t protect against them from having some upright sex stand by the home window in Ramsay’s room at Winterfell.

While Sam might not be the hottest male in Westeros, he and Gilly are by much one of the ideal couples, making your not-entirely-sexy sex step still pretty cute. If it’s clear their sex is a bit tamer than most (aka no rough, forced, or between relatives), in true Sam style, he’s quiet bringing a little of comic relief v his shocked faces and a couple gasps the “Oh my.”

Dany’s very first post-Drogo hookup is the beautiful Daario Naharis. Tension between these two had actually been structure up, and Dany didn’t also seem come mind when he drastically adjusted looks in between seasons (hello, actor change). While the step manages to skip over the actual sex, Dany maintains her boss-bitch methods in the moments prior to by commanding Daario come take off his clothes.

Poor Sansa has had one that the roughest walk of the on the show, so of food the just sex step she has is as soon as crazy-eyes Ramsay rips her dress and forces himself onto her after their sham that a wedding. Thankfully, us now recognize she dips and is able to take ago Winterfell and sic Ramsay’s own dogs top top him, but at the time, the scene was heartbreaking.

No penis? No problem. This two are up there with Sam and also Gilly as one of the few couples you’re actively rooting for. The tension in between Missandei and also Grey Worm had been building forever and they ultimately got it on in season seven. Regardless of the truth that Grey Worm was castrated as soon as he became part of the Unsullied and also was doubtful to fall trou in former of Missandei, he ultimately undresses and seems to provide some top-notch oral sex.

Cersei walks end to Jaime, who’s sitting at a table, and also without speak a word, pulls down his pants and gets on she knees. If the incest alone must be shocking enough, what comes following is also weirder. The morning after, Cersei decides she DGAF anymore and also decides to open up her bedroom door to her employee waiting outside, with a very naked Jaime still in bed.

The scene we’ve every been waiting for. Was it gross? Yes. However was it still kind of hot? likewise yes. You can’t have actually a nude Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke in a scene and not somewhat gain it. The trouble here is that Jon is unknowingly having sex v his aunt, and also the present is played in Bran’s voiceover while castle passionately acquire it ~ above in Dany’s bedroom. Let’s just hope Dany didn’t gain pregnant so that there isn’t a irreversible reminder of the moment they accidentally cursed incest.

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It’s safe to to speak Google witnessed a major spike in “Maisie Williams age” searches ~ the 2nd episode the Game the Thrones’s final season. It’s the night before the end of the civilization as all our beloved personalities know it, and also Arya wants to know what sex is like prior to she encounters the White Walkers and everyone dies. Gendry is more than willing to aid out.

Honestly, this scene was very uncomfortable to watch. There was nothing problematic around it—both parties consented enthusiastically and Arya is at least 18 years old (Maisie is 22, FYI). Also so, to a lot of viewers, she’ll constantly be the little 12-year-old sister us could absolutely not take it in a fight. Nobody desires to see their sister obtain it on...except for perhaps Jaime Lannister.

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