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As soon as the credits role on any given episode of Game the Thrones, pan dive earlier in to excavate small moments and also blink-and-you’ll-miss-it details that speak come George R.R. Martin’s grand tapestry the storytelling. Occasionally they choose up on a piece of set dressing that directly recalls the 300th web page of A Clash the Kings. Other times they spot a half-drunk high nonfat latte v caramel drizzle simply sitting there on a banquet table in Winterfell.

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Though Game the Thrones season 8’s fourth episode, “The critical of the Starks,” was filled v fan service and shocking deaths, the large takeaway the following morning is that someone forgot to yank a Starbucks cup off collection before cameras began rolling. About the 17:40 mark, future IMDb goof web page contributors spotted the white cup v the signature green logo.

Whoops! HBO did the cup walk overlooked during a rushed post-production schedule? was this a “shoot the rehearsal” goof, through footage put into the illustration that was never ever meant to be seen? We might never know, and if the cars that popped increase in last cuts of Lord of the Rings are any kind of indication, a rapid CG fix might erase the prop error for every eternity.

“Things can get forgotten top top set,” Hauke Richter, an art director on Thrones season 8, wrote to selection after the incident, adding that the conversation was “so blown the end of relationship it has actually not occurred with Thrones therefore far.”

Fair on all accounts. People went come town after ~ spotting the cup in the scene.

GoT cinematographer: i understand there are specifically the right amount the starbucks cup in the shooting bc i shot the

— ☕netw3rk (
netw3rk) might 6, 2019

Guys it’s not Starbucks, the Winterfell’s own coffee chain “Dire cup” #GameofThrones

— ♉️ (
_alexalexalex) may 6, 2019

That Winterfell starbucks cashier ain"t prepared to compose Dany"s surname on her coffee cup #GameofThrones

— Joseph (
TheGeneralSYD) may 6, 2019

That Starbucks coffee cup is Kit"s fault and I"m no surprised lmfao #GameofThrones

— Kit Harington save on computer (
kitarchive) may 6, 2019

With every the hoopla surrounding the coffee cup incident, most viewers actually missed the intentionally hidden moment in the post-Battle the Winterfell celebration. As Tormund tells the story of Jon’s dragon flight — and his I-thought-we-weren’t-talking-about-this-but-I-guess-we’re-talking-about-this return native the dead — two wildlings stand nearby, applauding when told. Under those scraggly beards space none other than collection creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff.

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Left arrow: D.B. Weiss; best arrow: David Benioff. HBO No, Weiss is no holding a coffee cup. In the civilization of Game that Thrones, wildlings drink their tall nonfat lattes through caramel drizzle in a gigantic horn.

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