Winter is here. In this guide we’ll go over everything you have to know about the 8th and final season of game of Thrones. The display starts ~ above Sunday, April 14th and also if you don’t desire to gain caught past the wall and miss out on any activity we have actually all the details.

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Don’t worry around reading any type of spoilers below, either, together we won’t get into any past, current, or upcoming details about the show. Well, as well as the fact that it’s walk to involved a bloody finish in might after 6 extra-long episodes.


When Does game of Thrones Season 8 Start?

The eighth and final season of game of Thrones beginning this Sunday, April 14th at 9 PM or (8 PM Central) in the united States. Acquire ready because that cold nights, the lengthy winter, and also fear transparent the 7 Kingdoms and in Westeros. It will certainly air every Sunday in ~ 9 afternoon ET.

For those top top the West Coast, it will air ~ above HBO on her TV v your cable provider at 9 pm PT. However, the will be available starting at 6 afternoon Pacific for West coastline viewers who space using a streaming service like HBO currently or HBO GO. So, if you’re having actually a watch party, usage the app.

Yes, game of Thrones will certainly air in ~ 9 PM ET and also then the airs again at 9 pm PT for those ~ above the West Coast.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Schedule

Unfortunately, this critical season of game of Thrones will toy with your emotions because that only six (6) episodes. That said, HBO has evidenced fans will gain to reap or cry with supersized illustration that will certainly be at the very least an hour long, if no longer. Right here are the game of Thrones Season 8 wait dates:

Episode 1 – April 14thEpisode 2 – April 21Episode 3 – April 28Episode 4 – might 5Episode 5 – might 12Episode 6 – may 19sad face :(

Basically, acquired S8 will certainly consist of six “hour-plus” episodes and conclude in Mid-May. Then, it will ALL it is in OVER. Who perform you think will certainly be standing at the end? Well, sitting, sitting on the iron Throne?

How come Watch game of Thrones Online

If you’re all set to clock Jon Snow, the Starks, and Daenerys Targaryen take on the Lannisters and the army of the Dead, we have actually you covered. This is how you can legally watch game of Thrones online without act anything shady or taking care of Torrent sites.

These are your alternatives when it comes to watching game of Thrones online, streaming, or enjoy it it aside from traditional cable TV. Keep in mind that both Sling TV and also DISH freshly removed HBO, together they obtained into a problem with AT&T. So, unfortunately for human being using those services, you’re out of luck.


Your ideal bet is likely HBO Now, the network’s stand-alone streaming service, i m sorry is exactly how those with PlayStation Vue can watch video game of Thrones. HBO currently is free for the an initial month, then simply $15 a month for the second month that the show. Students can shot it for just $10, too. Additionally, the agency has HBO Go, a free streaming option for subscribers to the cable channel. If you have HBO with your residence TV provider, you have the right to sign into the HBO go app and also watch game of Thrones anywhere. Both services provide you on-demand access to HBO’s large library of initial content, movies, speak shows, comedy and also more.

That’s every you need to know. And, if you’re external the US, most most likely you can tune-in and also watch game of Thrones ~ above Monday.

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The battle of Winterfell will certainly be a crazy, wild, emotion-fueled ride. Grab part popcorn, alcohol or beers, tissues, and prepare yourself.

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