We’ve review the takes and seen the memes. Currently it’s time to usage data to figure out just just how much viewers disliked Season 8 loved one to the fight show’s lofty standards.

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“Was that right?” Jon snow asks Tyrion after assassinating Daenerys in the series finale of Game of Thrones. “What i did? What us did—it doesn’t feeling right.”

“Ask me again in 10 years,” Tyrion responds.

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IMDb individuals didn’t wait nearly that long to pass judgment on exactly how Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and also D.B. Weiss taken on the denouement of your immensely effective HBO series. Instantly after the finale aired, visitors to the large movie and also TV database—or as Tyrion might call it, the keeper of every our stories—began rating the illustration on a scale from 1 to 10. Their verdict ~ above what D&D did: It no right.


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Each of the last season’s six episodes has actually received much more than 100,000 IMDb ratings. The median scores—especially for the second fifty percent of the season—are notably low not just by Game the Thrones’ formerly lofty standards however compared to all oft-rated collection on IMDb. Thrones’ user ratings to be consistently solid throughout its an initial seven seasons, spiking in Season 4 and at the finish of Season 6, however Season 8’s user ratings nose-dived an ext dramatically than the Clegane brothers amid the devastation of king’s Landing. Till recently, a fifth-season dalliance with Dorne had actually been the series’ nadir, yet the six lowest-rated illustration in the series’ run are now all from the final season.

together of the Wednesday ~ the finale’s an initial airing, the average IMDb user score because that “The iron Throne” sit at 4.4. The average linked rating because that the last 6 episodes is 6.7. Considering that the an unified average because that the series previous seven periods was 9.1, that’s quite a comedown. In fact, the drastic differences in between the typical ratings for Thrones’ last season and episode and also the show’s combined average rating for its previous periods are virtually unprecedented among popular shows.

For compare purposes, we gathered episode-by-episode ratings for much more than 1,600 mirrors with at least 5,000 user ratings on IMDb, which caused a sample of roughly 130,000 illustration over more than 7,400 seasons. The final season that Thrones places in the bottom 10 percent the all periods in the group, and the collection finale ranking within the worst 1.5 percent of every episodes. (It might seem strange the scores toward the middle of the 1–10 scale would rank so low, however IMDb user ratings tend to skew toward the high side, probably because users are much more likely to price shows they enjoy.)

The complete dataset (filtered come remove video game shows and series that are still airing) doesn’t offer any evidence that a pronounced tendency for shows to end in unsatisfying fashion. As the table below indicates, the typical ratings for final seasons and also earlier periods are only around a tenth that a point apart (if that), and as we’ve provided before, collection finales tend to be deemed better-than-average episodes. It is true amongst shows that ran for at least two seasons and also shows that ran because that at least five seasons, and also it’s additionally true for mirrors whose genre labels incorporate “drama” and also ran because that at least 5 seasons.

Average IMDb User Ratings for popular Non-Game Shows

Sample last Season various other Seasons final Episode Sample last Season other Seasons last Episode
≥2 Seasons 7.79 7.82 8.11
≥5 Seasons 7.64 7.75 8.02
≥5-Season Dramas 7.85 7.93 8.23

In various other words, TV series don’t typically have much an ext trouble pulling turn off the proverbial landing than they do maintaining quality prior to that point. Thrones, which had the highest possible average “other seasons” rating the any series in the sample with as many total episodes, is just one of the most excessive exceptions.

The adhering to table lists the narrative, live-action collection that ran for an ext than five seasons and also experienced the greatest drop-offs from their previous seasons to their last seasons, as shown by your final-season average split by your other-seasons average. Game of Thrones, for instance, has actually a final-season mean rating only 73.2 percent together high as the average rating of its previously seasons.

Lowest-Rated last Seasons (Relative to an unified Previous Seasons)

Series variety of Seasons final Season Ranking various other Seasons Ranking final Season % Series variety of Seasons final Season Ranking other Seasons Ranking last Season %
House of Cards 6 4.18 8.62 48.4
Game the Thrones 8 6.67 9.11 73.2
Two and also a fifty percent Men 12 5.55 7.56 73.5
Murphy Brown 11 5.01 6.72 74.5
Scrubs 9 6.37 8.35 76.3
Bewitched 8 5.82 7.54 77.3
Degrassi: The next Generation 14 5.08 6.5 78.2
Are You fear of the Dark? 7 6.98 8.7 80.2
Laverne & Shirley 8 6.35 7.67 82.8
Hawaii Five-O 12 6.08 7.28 83.6

Some of these outlier last seasons suffered from circumstances that went past a simple decline in quality. House that Cards, the just qualifying display with a steeper decrease than Thrones, booted lead actor Kevin Spacey from the final season in the wake of sexual assault allegations by dozens the accusers and also elevated Robin Wright to the starring role. The low ratings because that House the Cards Season 6 could be a product the trolls trying to sabotage the collection to protest Spacey’s removal; IMDb has actually been plagued by comparable problems in the past. The possible, though, that the ratings are partially a solution to the awkward narrative need of death the main character off-screen. The ratings for the roundly lambasted series finale do display a reduced average score by male users, but even woman users provided it a 3.9. (The Thrones finale ratings show no gender split, return the site’s most prolific voters offered the illustration a fairly positive score of 6.7.)

Scrubs essentially rebooted in its last season, replacing almost its entire cast, while Bewitched recycled scripts from earlier episodes. Thrones itself had to settle a sprawling story that started as an adaptation however ran out of roadway map once the series surpassed its resource material. The sped up pace at which the showrunners tried to tie up—or, simply as often, didn’t shot to tie up—the show’s complex plot lines culminated in the IMDb audience dealing with the finale prefer Drogon go the stole Throne. Just a couple of other finales—including legendarily divisive endings prefer those the Dexter and How i Met her Mother—occupy the same range relative to your series’ previous scores. (Both the ideal qualifying last season and the finest qualifying finale belong to Breaking Bad, in ~ 9.3 and also 9.9, respectively; various other user-acclaimed finales encompass Parenthood in ~ 9.8; Six Feet Under, 9.8; Person that Interest, 9.8; and, in ~ 9.7, The Americans, Angel, Friends, Parks and also Recreation, Friday Night Lights, and also The Office. In more happiness news for HBO, Veep’s series finale score stands at 9.6.)

Lowest-Rated last Episodes (Relative to an unified Non-Final Seasons)

Series variety of Seasons final Episode Rating various other Seasons Rating final Episode % Series number of Seasons last Episode Rating various other Seasons Rating final Episode %
Are You afraid of the Dark? 7 1.8 8.7 20.7
House the Cards 6 2.7 8.62 31.3
Game the Thrones 8 4.4 9.11 48.3
Dexter 8 4.7 8.75 53.7
Two and a fifty percent Men 12 4.1 7.56 54.3
The Andy Griffith Show 8 4.8 7.91 60.7
True Blood 7 5.2 8.21 63.3
Murphy Brown 11 4.5 6.72 66.9
How ns Met her Mother 9 5.6 8.26 67.8
Pretty small Liars 7 5.6 8.23 68.1

That Thrones’ user ratings fell through the Moon Door in its final season is partly a testament to its quality, consistency, and audience engagement leading up to that point; 4s, 5s, and also 6s wouldn’t be as jarring if not for the 9s that came before. And even as the endgame left numerous fans unfulfilled, Thrones remained a substantial success in the sort of ratings the matter an ext to HBO.

Of course, IMDb user ratings are only a proxy because that quality; lock tell us how an excellent a show is viewed to be by users of the site, no necessarily how great it is in any objective sense. What’s more, in many cases IMDb users might not be representative that the series’ in its entirety audience. Thrones Season 8 has actually been savaged on society media, infinite dissected by writers who watched the in a more analytical way than many casual viewers, uncovered wanting by betrayed publication readers that couldn’t help comparing it to George R.R. Martin’s detailed work, and even slighted by number of members of the cast. A petition to remake Season 8 v “competent writers” has received upward of 1.5 million signatures (although they may not every be unique), and at least one writer has taken top top the task of scripting an alternative telling. It’s reasonable come assume that IMDb raters space much an ext aware of—and potentially affected by—that backlash 보다 the less extremely Online spectators who make up the bulk of the giant audience enthralled through Thrones.

In the same means that the electorate ~ above Twitter doesn’t always mirror the electorate in genuine life, then, the IMDb audience probably distorts the much more sweeping sentiment to a particular extent—although the critics aggregated by Rotten tomato were nearly equally harsh in your pans of the second half of the season. Also if over there isn’t a concerted campaign to tank the Thrones ratings by a subset of inordinately aggrieved fans, the ultralow rating because that the finale in specific likely mirrors the IMDb audience’s dissatisfaction with the season as a totality (unless a the majority of viewers to be really bitter around that water bottle).

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Until we have representative public polling on every illustration of past and also present TV shows, together we execute with political candidates, much more reliable data sources are scarce.

Judging by the data we perform have, though, there may be one thing in the world more powerful 보다 a an excellent story—a deeply invested audience’s anger about a an excellent story squandered. Then again, the wounds inflicted top top the fan base’s psyche over the last several weeks haven’t had actually time to heal. Future viewers may reappraise the season, return it would take one inordinate variety of positive votes to counteract the negative ones already cast. To be the way Thrones ended right? for now and for the foreseeable future, the internet’s answer is a vehement no. We can ask IMDb again in 10 years.