Here’s the factor Ilyn Payne didn’t return after game of Thrones season 2.

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Wilko Johnson played Ser Ilyn Payne till season 2 of Game that Thrones, however the character was never mentioned again.

Based top top the very popular fantasy novels by George R.R. Martin, game of Thrones was arisen by David Benioffand D. B. Weiss for HBO and concluded through the 8th and final season in 2019.

Johnson play the silent, gloomy knight and royal executioner in 4 episodes throughout two seasons.

Wilko Johnson’s Debut Small-Screen credit transaction was Ser Ilyn Payne on game of Thrones


Wilko Johnson played Ser Ilyn Payne on HBO’s game of Thrones.Source: Pinterest

The English actor to be born together John Peter Wilkinson and later take it the stage name Wilko Johnson as soon as he started making rounds together a skilled guitarist and also singer.

As a part of Dr. Feelgood and The Wilko Johnson Band, the actor made a solid impact top top the punk scene in England ago in the 1970s. As soon as it concerns acting, that made his tv debut with a minor function in HBO’s video game of Thrones.

Ilyn Payne very first featured as King’s righteousness in episode 2 of the inagural season of video game of Thrones. His job was to serve as King Robert Baratheon‘s executioner.

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Upon Robert’s death, Ilyn preserved his position under the command the Joffrey Baratheon. As Ned Stark to be convicted of treason, Ilyn was the one to decapitate that on the orders of Joffrey.

In season 2, Ilyn was roughly during the Battle that Blackwater come shield the females amid Stannis Baratheon‘s onslaught. If something went wrong, Ilyn was expected to death the ladies so that they go not fall into the custody that Stannis’ troops.

That to be Johnson’s last performance, fan to the fact that the renowned musical artist was struggling with a significant illness.

Ilyn Payne was composed Off on video game of Thrones after ~ Cancer take it Toll top top Actor’s Health

The factor Ilyn Payne was created out the the show"s storyline ~ Season 2 despite proceeding his duty in the book collection was due to the actor play him, Wilko Johnson, gaining diagnosed with cancer

Johnson’s health started to worsen in 2012, i beg your pardon aligned with season 2 the Game of Thrones. Due to the fact that of the severity the his illness, the character of Ilyn Payne to be opted come be written off the series.

Johnson revealed in 2013 he had actually been hospitalized v late-stage pancreatic cancer. In spite of refusing medication because that the crucial situation, Johnson later uncovered he had actually a more surviving type of illness.

He underwent a effective operation regardless of claiming he had actually less than a year to live. Johnson to be cancer-free in 2014, and also he resumed his career together an artist in ~ the period of 73.

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As because that Ser Ilyn Payne, the personality most most likely will have actually played a further duty if Johnson’s wellness hadn’t declined and also he to be committed come acting. When his character never ever spoke, Ilyn would most likely have actually remained a faithful member of residence Lannister.

Despite Johnson’s departure, Ilyn was still pointed out time and again on Game that Thrones. The character continued to be on Arya Stark‘s murder perform for much of the show.

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Ilyn’s name was likewise stated in season 4 prior to the scheduled execution of Tyrion Lannister. Despite his fate continued to be unclear, Ilyn was possibly eliminated in the fight of King’s Landing along with the rest of the Lannister army.