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By Matt Fowler
With the Night King under for the count and the long Night averted, one might assume the biggest danger on game of Thrones has been defeated halfway through the final season. Queen Cersei is a badass, for sure, yet she's no a mystical monster indigenous a frozen hellscape who deserve to command the dead.

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That being said, this can be the show's opportunity to important prove exactly how formidable and cunning Cersei deserve to be. We recognize she's gained the stole Fleet, the Lannister army, the gold Company (sans elephants), and also a lot of wildfire. And she's obtained Qyburn functioning on something nasty for Dany's dragons. Plus, what she to be counting on happening in ~ the finish of Season 7, happened. Jon and also Daenerys spent thousands upon thousands of resides thwarting the military of the Dead.

A couple of stars are currently leaping come the defense that the final three episodes, seemingly acquiring ahead the the criticisms that the season peaked through "The long Night" (at the very least when it wasn't as well dark to watch what to be going on). Emilia Clarke, while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, not only said that the final three chapters are "mental" and also "insane," but also that "Episode 5 is bigger." Insinuating that, scale-wise and also drama-wise, it's grander 보다 "The long Night" (read our evaluation here).
"Find the biggest TV friend can," she argued - there is no going into specifics, the course. Therefore is this once the fight of King's Landing occurs? because given how big that city is and all the moving parts involved, that could absolutely be a mammoth moment (sans mammoths).

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Meanwhile, star Kit Harington to be hyping up episode 4 with EW, claiming that was one of his favorites "because the personalities have seemingly gained what they needed" complying with the battle of Winterfell."The world is safe now," Harington offered. "They’re celebrating and saying goodbye to shed friends. However as one audience you’re walking ‘This is only episode 4, something’s going to happen.’ and that’s the cool thing because I think the characters are mindful of this as well. Yes sir something twisted and also uncomfortable about it. It’s for this reason Shakespearian.”The something that's walking to occur is Cersei, naturally. And who would certainly know far better than to are afraid Cersei 보다 actor Conleth Hill, that plays Varys? talk to TVLine, Hill claimed there to be no doubt the Cersei to be the greatest threat to realm. "Even at the finish of 7," the stated, "there seems to it is in a coming with each other of everyone however her." and also Varys would certainly assuredly be "aware of how dangerous she is, and also how negative she is."

“The lengthy Night” is the greatest rated episode of video game of Thrones and the most-Tweeted around scripted illustration of tv ever. For an ext on this epos episode, read about why Lyanna Mormont necessary that huge moment during the battle of Winterfell, the actors responding come Arya's Night King takedown, our illustration 4 trailer malfunction and photo preview, plus inspect out who lived and who died in the battle of Winterfell, and how to change your TV if the illustration was too dark.
Matt Fowler is a writer because that and a member of the Television movie critics Association. Follow him top top Twitter in ~