over its nearly 80-minute operation time, Sunday’s Game the Thrones episode “The critical of the Starks” had shocking deaths, a long-anticipated sex scene, and also a sequence where whole fleet of battleships were destroyed by the biggest damn arrows anyone has ever before seen. But none of the really matters, because, also, someone left a coffee cup on a table.

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my favorite present in the entire human being forgot a STARBUCKS COFFEE CUP ~ above THE TABLE when FILMING pic.twitter.com/60z3pOCfg9

— zane (
zane) might 6, 2019

On WYNC Monday afternoon, Game that Thrones producer Bernie Caulfield apologized because that the error and joked about the cup’s inadvertently appearance. “Westeros to be the first place come actually have Starbucks, the a tiny known fact,” she cracked. “Starbucks, send us money!”

Shortly afterward, Starbucks tweeted its own acknowledgement of the cup’s appearance on the show, v a small reference come the truth that it was sitting beside Daenerys, mother of Dragons.

TBH we're surprised she didn't stimulate a Dragon Drink.

— Starbucks Coffee (
Starbucks) might 6, 2019

Here’s the thing: It’s no a Starbucks cup, and also I don’t even think the coffee.


Photo: HBO
Let’s take it a look at the evidence. In the original screenshot, whatever is pretty hard to see. You have the right to spot a white lid, maybe a circular shape on the sleeve, and also that’s about it. If you perform some CSI-style enhancing, though, the scales begin to fall from her eyes. The body of the cup is no white prefer a Starbucks cup. It is very clearly beige! the circular pattern could be the Starbucks mermaid, however the lighter portions aren’t quite the right shape.

And if you will do it follow me every the way through the spring glass, I’d ask you to salary close fist to the shape automatically next to the cup top top the right. Sure, it could be something else just sitting ~ above the table. However it might also be the brand of … a tea bag.

Speaking with TMZ, Game of Thrones art director Hauke Richter evidenced that it is not a Starbucks cup, saying instead the the cup come from a neighborhood coffee shop in Bainbridge, Ireland, close to where the show was filming that day. (Which one? Blend and also Batch? The Copper Lab? who knew Bainbridge had so countless excellent-looking coffee options!)

In the end, the madness end the Game that Thrones not-Starbucks cup is a great reminder come everyone: We can all was standing to take a deep breath and also examine our assumptions before us go charging willy-nilly into the dark wilds the coffee-cup misattribution territory. And no issue where you get your caffeinated beverages, remember, a Lannister always tips his barista.

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Update 4:51pm: HBO has released a statement about the cup, describing it as a “craft services” cup, which straight contradicts the explain by Richter that identifies it together a cup from a coffee shop in Bainbridge.

Here’s the complete HBO statement:

In response to inquiries from those who saw a craft solutions coffee cup in Sunday night’s illustration of video game OF THRONES, HBO states, “The latte that showed up in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered an natural tea.”

If you think this an enig is done now, you room sorely mistaken, because an eagle-eyed Twitter user found this incredibly notable item of evidence. Look in ~ the logo! wake up up sheeple!