Game the Thrones is recognized for the epic fight sequences, however one of its activity movie moments came in the type of a one-on-one confrontation between Gregor Clegane, the hill that Rides, and also Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper the Dorne. This two fought a fight to the fatality to determine the fate that Tyrion Lannister. The looked prefer the valiant Viper would certainly come out on top, yet then…well, friend remember.

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Just the various other day, EntertainmentWeeklyinterviewed the cast and also crew to obtain their feel on the Red Wedding, an additional iconicGame that Thronessequence. This time, it’s around the mountain vs the Viper.This dental historyis a MUST READ,so let’s run in!


First up, episode director Alex graves reveals his two greatest priorities because that the scene:

There were two huge things . My biggest concern was that you not watch the finish coming and that girlfriend would come to be confident the the Viper was going to win. And then the 2nd was that i the fighting come be an ext acrobatic and musical than the earlier fights in the present had been.

And just exactly how did they accomplish Oberyn’s acrobatic rotate moves? Pedro Pascal (Oberyn) trained through a Los Angeles based Wushumaster namedLiang Yang, who actually performed the jumping portions of the hit sequence. “I apologize come the fans: the was not me,” he said. “But i did learn the fight, and also when you see my face, it’s me!” i can’t even do a cartwheel, so I’ll pardon you.


Photo Credit: HBO

Once filming started at the exit seasideHotel Belvedere in Dubrvonik, the cast and also crew discovered the problems less 보다 ideal, back Indira Varma (Ellaria Sand) discovered a way to deal. “The warm was unbearable, however I was really lucky due to the fact that I was barely dressed compared to everyone else in your corsets.” follow to Varma, Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (the Mountain) was fed extra meals in between takes to compensate for the calories burned he was burning, yet Björnsson didn’t seem come mind. “It was grueling work, going v the hit again and also again and also again in complete armor in the sweltering heat in Croatia — however what a scene!” Yes, indeed.

And of course, there’s the scene’s biggest moment: once the hill crushes a victorious Oberyn Martell’s head like a grape. “The squish!” Pascal exclaims. “The squish that I will certainly gladly take to my grave!” Pascall had actually an unexpected reaction to see his head recreated by the special results department because that destruction: “‘Holy sh—, i look so much like mine dad.’ ns learned the from staring at the actors of my head, right prior to watching it repeatedly gain squished.” That’s one means to obtain closer to her father.


Björnsson dubbed the endure “really gruesome, even for me,” although graves was rapid to suggest out the Oberyn’s skull isn’t actually crushed on screen:

Everyone always gets on me about that, and I’m like, “It’s a sound effect! It’s not on camera!” and they’re like, “No, it is!” they don’t care. Lock felt that happen.

Can confirm.


Ellaria Sand’s reaction to the squish quickly came to be the stuff of image legend. As Varma explains, the horror was real: “I literally had one take because that my reaction shot to the fight. My coverage was, like, the last point of the day, like, ‘We’re losing the light!’ so I had actually one take with nothing in the eye line, so i think mine look of fear is me going, ‘What?! only one go at this?!’” Nailed it.


Filming might have finished, however the story go not end there. Pascal admitted come falling sleep on the cool rock before gift awakened because that a update jump right into the sea, follow to Varma:

After , Pedro and also I just jumped in the sea, and really cheekily we met a guy who had a watercraft down there, and we hitchhiked earlier by watercraft instead of united state taking transport back to the hotel. So that was the coolest way to end that fight scene. It was a really romantic escape.

That might just it is in our favorite behind-the-scenes moment. Be certain to inspect out the full oral history here because that more an excellent remembrances. Game that Thrones season 8 debuts on April 14.

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