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first it to be a coffee cup, currently it’s a bottle of water. Bad Game of Thrones just can’t capture a break.

Just a couple of main after part eagle-eyed fans uncovered a forgotten coffee cup in a Game the Thrones scene, a couple of misplaced water bottles have appeared. The bottles, watched in screenshot below, popular music up a couple of times end the course of number of minutes. The very first time is in ~ 46:19 top top HBO Now, and then a few minutes later. One is tucked simply behind Samwell Tarly’s foot in the picture below.

The water bottle is simply behind Samwell Tarly’s foot above. HBO now another water bottle can be seen simply behind Ser Davos’ chair, in-between him and Gendry.

Another water bottle is behind Ser Davos’ chair. HBO the understandable the long, strenuous meetings around the future the Westeros would leave anyone a small parched, however people plainly forgot to litter the bottles turn off camera when the director yelled “action!” back it’s no as glaring together the exit coffee cup, one would certainly imagine Game of Thrones’ editing team going through the finale through a well comb. Game of Thrones is the most scrutinized show on television. Its pan are well-known for finding this things, and they’re currently on come this goof.

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LMAOOO ns CAN"T breathe THEY DID the AGAIN very first Starbucks currently a water bottle this show is a hoax #GameOfThrones #GameOfThronesFinale #TheFinalEpisode

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HBO comment to criticism the critical time this occurred by joking along. “The latte that showed up in the episode was a mistake,” a statement from HBO read. “Daenerys had ordered an natural tea.” The firm also walk in come digitally eliminate the cup following dozens the articles and thousands of fans tweeting about it. Bernie Caulfield, an executive producer top top Game that Thrones, remarked in one NPR interview that these points happen, adding, “if that’s the worst thing they’re finding, climate we’re in good shape.”

Ah, foreshadowing! Apparently, the worst thing civilization could discover is Westeros’ most powerful lords and also ladies no being entirely eco-friendly and relying on bottles instead of tap water. Or possibly well water considering the time period? nothing feel also bad, HBO — you’re no the just one who has actually forgotten about water bottles.

The Verge has reached out come HBO around whether the water bottles will likewise be removed.