A lot occurred in the last episode of Game the Thrones—first and most shockingly, Jon killed Daenerys and also was sent earlier to the Wall. But Sansa was additionally made Queen in the North, when Bran ended up being king that the entire (now) six Kingdoms, introducing a new era of non-hereditary monarchy. But one distinct didn’t end the series on quite as definitive a note—Arya.


Arya first popped up beforehand in the episode, city hall a Daenerys provide a frighteningly power-mad victory speech. She warned Jon the Dany would always see him together a threat, and then disappeared until the tribunal, i m sorry was organized to identify the brand-new monarch. While every of her siblings landing in positions of differing prestige, native Jon rejoining the wildlings v Bran’s unexpected rotate as ruler of the totality damn kingdom, Arya determined to just head off right into a nameless sunset.

"I’m no going earlier north," Arya told she siblings before Jon’s exit for the Wall. As soon as Sansa asked where she to be planning come head, Arya comment hypothetically, asking “What’s west of Westeros?” She then described that every the maps prevent at Westeros because apparently, with all the sailing around and flying dragons, no one bothered to inspect into what was going on the end there.

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So what, exactly, is west of Westeros? Arya has actually actually brought it up before. In Season Six, as soon as talking come Lady Crane, Arya asks what is west of Westeros. Crane tells her that it might be the leaf of the world, to which Arya says she"d favor to see.

As we understand from George R.R. Martin, the civilization of Game that Thrones is round and also slightly smaller than Earth. In the author"s comprehensive history, some characters have cruised the Sunset Sea come the West, consisting of Elissa Farmen, who discovered three archipelago on the side the the world. Unfortunately, the rest of that geography is undiscovered.

As the Game that Thrones wiki explains:

In the A tune of Ice and also Fire novels, the Sunset Sea is considered vast and uncrossable, though part ironborn claim to have actually found an ext substantial land in the much west. These insurance claims are commonly disbelieved.The many famous explorer of the Sunset Sea was King Brandon stark (the unknown variety of his line), who cruised west v the most of the northern fleet to find new lands and was never seen again. His son, Brandon the Burner, melted the remaining ships in grief and also fury. The phibìc has had no far-ranging strength in ~ sea since this time.

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Hell, possibly Arya"s adventures will carry out some content for among the countless inevitable Game the Thrones spinoffs.

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