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Kit Harington play Jon Snow. HBO

The just living descendant the both residence Stark and House Targaryen, Jon eye left the seven Kingdoms behind and went ago beyond the wall surface to live out his days v the complimentary Folk and his direwolf, Ghost.

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Ghost looked sad when Jon claimed goodbye ~ above episode four of this season. HBO

On the pilot illustration of "Game of Thrones," we met six direwolf pups: Grey Wind, Lady, Summer, Nymeria, Shaggy Dog, and Ghost. All however two were killed off on the show.


Arya and her direwolf, Nymeria. HBO

We last experienced Nymeria top top the seventh season as soon as the wolf fill surrounded Arya in the forest. At first, Arya wanted Nymeria to involved Winterfell v her. However she establish Nymeria was no longer a tamed pet, just as Arya it s her wasn"t a highborn young woman that played by the rules.


Kristofer Hivju play Tormund. Helen Sloan/HBO

Once an opponent of Jon Snow and the Night"s Watch, Tormund finished his story on "Game that Thrones" as a heroic leader that the free Folk.

Peter Dinklage played Tyrion Lannister. Helen Sloan/HBO

After serving home Lannister and House Targaryen, both come tragic consequence, Tyrion was named Hand that the King to Bran Stark.

Isaac Hempstead Wright played Bran Stark. Helen Sloan/HBO

Now the most powerful person in the world (that we understand of), King Bran, who has actually greensight and skinchanging abilities, was favored as the brand-new ruler of Westeros by the finish of "Game that Thrones."

Maisie Williams play Arya Stark. HBO

On the 6th season the "Game of Thrones," Arya Stark told her new friend Lady Crane the she"d choose to uncover out "what"s west that Westeros" someday. That wish come true as soon as she set sail in the finale"s close up door moments.

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Sophie Turner play Sansa Stark. HBO

At the beginning of the series, Sansa want nothing much more than to leave Winterfell and also be a lady in the imperial court of King"s Landing. However by the finale, Sansa had risen to strength in the North and also reclaimed her household home. There must always be a stark in Winterfell, ~ all.

Gwendoline Christie played Ser Brienne of Tarth. Helen Sloan/HBO

Years after standing through Jaime in the Red Keep and also looking at the White publication (in which all the taped deeds that the Kingsguard space kept), Ser Brienne of Tarth was called head the the Kingsguard because that Bran Stark.

Daniel Portman play Podrick Payne. Helen Sloan/HBO

Ever the tough worker and also honorable young man, Podrick continued to be by Brienne"s next in King"s Landing ~ they survived the battle of Winterfell. He"s now Ser Podrick and also stays near by Bran"s side.

Though Samwell Tarly never formally finished his training as a maester, he is now serving King Bran.

john Bradley West played Samwell Tarly. Helen Sloan/HBO

Once a guy of the Night"s Watch that dreamed of gift a wizard and was mocked together a self-named coward, Sam made it through the whole series and lived out his days serving King Bran.

We can assume he and Gilly ultimately married, however they nonetheless became a family.

Hannah Murray played Gilly. Helen Sloan/HBO

Gilly, Sam, little Sam, and also their new baby room the only family on "Game that Thrones" that made it to the end without brand-new death or tragedy plaguing their nuclear unit.

Samantha Spiro played Lady Tarly. HBO

The whole Tarly household was presented to the audience on the sixth season when Sam carried Gilly residence to Horn Hill. Despite Sam"s brother and also his father to be executed through Daenerys ~ above the saturday season, the Tarly females were spared.

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Rebecca Benson play Talla Tarly. HBO

With Sam currently living in the capital, Talla is the sole Tarly son left in Horn Hill.

Ser Bronn the the Blackwater miraculously outlived most other soldiers top top the show and was made mr of the Reach.

Jerome Flynn played Ser Bronn. HBO

Bronn gained his way and was called Lord the Highgarden and the Reach, and also Master the Coin come boot. Currently he"ll serve under Tyrion Lannister in King"s Landing.

Lollys Stokeworth was once involved to Bronn, however now she's most likely living out her work in Westeros with an additional man.

Elizabeth Cadwallader played Lollys Stokeworth. HBO

Cersei bribed Bronn far from Tyrion in ~ the finish of the 4th season by promise him a marriage to a highborn girl, Lollys Stokeworth. But then Jaime turn up and also dragged Bronn away on a mission come Dorne. Therefore Lollys was left unmarried and also out that harm"s way for the rest of the series.

Lord Robin Arryn of the Vale sat out the show's many battles but returned to assist name Bran king.

Lino Facioli played Robin Arryn. HBO

The young mr Arryn to be a sickly boy when we very first met him, and he never acquired the hang of sword fighting. He was off-screen for many of the sixth season and also the whole of the seventh, returning just for a closing component of the collection finale.

Rupert Vansittart played Yohn Royce. HBO

When young mr Arryn was clearly too inexperienced come truly preeminence the Vale, Littlefinger placed Yohn Royce in fee of helping the boy.

Liam Cunningham play Ser Davos. Helen Sloan/HBO

The Onion Knight, that had little skill with a sword, survived the fight of the Blackwater, the battle of the Bastards, the battle of Winterfell, and also the sack of King"s Landing. Currently he"s master of Ships and also serving under King Bran.

Jacob Anderson play Grey Worm. Helen Sloan/HBO

Before she was killed, Grey Worm told Missandei he and also the Unsullied would assist protect her people, since they room a peaceful culture that doesn"t fairy war. Based on his last scene, it seems as if Grey Worm will save the promise.

Drogon was called after Dany's so late husband, Khal Drogo. HBO

The bear of Daenerys" 3 dragons on the first season finale significant one of the greatest reintroductions of magic come Westeros. But her tragic downfall came through a heavy price, and also now Drogon is the critical dragon (though we don"t understand where the went).

Gemma Whelan play Yara Greyjoy. HBO

Like plenty of of the previous ruling homes of Westeros, the Greyjoys to be all yet extinguished. Yara is the sole Greyjoy, ruling the iron Islands currently that she brother, her uncle, and her father room all dead.

Joe Dempsie play Gendry Baratheon. Helen Sloan/HBO

Before she death, Daenerys Targaryen legitimized Gendry and also named him lord of Storm"s End. Currently he"ll aid rule the six Kingdoms together he monitor the Stormlands.

Ellie Kendrick played Meera. Helen Sloan/HBO

On the saturday season, Meera carried Bran come Winterfell and then left to walk be through her dad in their house in the Neck, the southernmost component of the North. Because we never saw she again, we"re walk to assume the Reeds endured the battles on season eight.

Leo Woodruff played Howland Reed. HBO

We only ever before saw Howland in a flashback, once Bran Stark had a vision that Ned and also his girlfriend going come the Tower the Joy and finding Lyanna distinguishable in her bed that blood. It"s safe to assume Howland knew the truth about Jon Snow"s parentage every along. But he never turned approximately speak with any of his dead best friend"s children.

There was a man at the Dragonpit ~ above the finale that we thought might be Howland, yet he never ever spoke in ~ that essential meeting, therefore it"s tough to be sure.

Tobias Menzies played Edmure Tully. HBO

Before the series finale, Edmure Tully to be last checked out on the 6th season, when he to be brought back to the Twins and also imprisoned through the Freys as soon as again. But when Arya stark turned increase on the seventh season premiere to kill all the Frey men, no point out of she uncle was made.

He rotate up in ~ the Dragonpit for the council of lords, though, therefore we recognize he got out of over there somehow.

Indira Varma play Ellaria. HBO

On the saturday season, after ~ Ellaria and her daughter Tyene were captured, Cersei chained them both in the dungeons of the Red Keep and poisoned Tyene. She then said Ellaria would be kept alive, compelled to watch she daughter"s body slowly rot.

Did Ellaria survive Daenerys" attack on the castle? We never saw Ellaria again, for this reason in our minds she"s technically tho alive.

Hannah Waddingham played Septa Unella. HBO

Cersei also told Septa Unella on the sixth season finale that she wouldn"t be dice soon. Instead, the hill was brought in come torment her. We never heard indigenous Septa Unella again, which method there"s a chance she"s still alive too.

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Jim Broadbent play Archmaester Ebrose. HBO

We never saw the archmaester again ~ Sam left Oldtown ~ above the 6th season finale, despite Sam mentioned him once we witnessed the book "A song of Ice and also Fire" at the tiny council meeting.

Ebrose had actually dismissed Sam"s concerns around the threat of the White Walkers, believing the realm would certainly survive. He was right, in his own warped way, also if he to be unhelpful.

Wilko Johnson played Ser Ilyn Payne. HBO

Wilko Johnson played the royal executioner Ser Ilyn Payne for the very first two seasons of "Game of Thrones," but he was diagnosed v cancer and chose come step earlier from the show. (This is partly why Bronn was given a larger storyline starting on the 4th season.)

Johnson"s cancer got in remission in 2014, however Ser Ilyn remained off-screen for the remainder of the series and thus technically made it through the entirety show.

Michiel Huisman played Daario Naharis starting on season four. HBO

Daenerys left Daario in Meereen on the sixth season finale, telling him he had to save the tranquility of a recently freed city. We never heard from him again, so hopefully Daario had the ability to keep enslavement from coming earlier to this component of Essos.

Tom Wlaschiha played Jaqen H'ghar. HBO

Jaqen provided Arya stark a smile once she departed from the home of Black and White ~ above the sixth season finale, and we never ever saw that again. Jaqen was a huge part of Arya"s maintain to end up being the deadly assassin we observed on the eighth season, also if she never ever used her Faceless males magic again.

Tycho Nestoris shed the Iron financial institution some money once he lent Cersei funds, yet at least he's still alive.

note Gattis play Tycho Nestoris. Helen Sloan/HBO

We last saw Tycho on the saturday season, when Cersei negotiated a brand-new loan indigenous the steel Bank. Cersei had actually used the money reaped from Highgarden to pay earlier her existing debt, climate borrowed an ext to hire the gold Company.

Tycho was never seen again, however it"s most likely the Iron financial institution had to just take the loss once Cersei and the golden Company were ruined by Daenerys Targaryen"s armies.

i get it Allam played Illyrio Mopatis. HBO

First introduced on the pilot the the series, Illyrio was among the men working with Varys to carry Viserys Targaryen come power. When that plan failed, they instead focused on Daenerys. Illyrio was discussed on the 5th season premiere when Varys to be speaking through Tyrion, yet we never ever saw that again.

Kinvara, the high priestess that R'hllor, is maybe still top her religious followers in Essos.

Ania Bukstein play Kinvara. Helen Sloan/HBO

Varys and also Tyrion met Kinvara ~ above the 6th season the "Game that Thrones" when she involved Meereen. She told them Daenerys Targaryen was the prophesied hero who would vanquish darkness and purge nonbelievers.

We never ever heard from her again, yet with the Night King defeated and Daenerys dead, the lord of Light"s followers might be back to square one in Essos.

Lucian Msamati played Salladhor Saan. HBO

Ser Davos recruited Salladhor earlier into Stannis" army before they saw the wall to aid the Night"s Watch, yet he was never ever heard native again. Probably he snuck away on one of his ships as soon as more. Either way, the pirate technically never died on the series.

Ben Hawkey played warm Pie. HBO

Hot Pie was Gendry and also Arya"s loyal friend for periods two and three that the show. We last observed him ~ above the saturday season, once Arya indulged in among his signature pies at the inn wherein he works.

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In ours minds, Arya will certainly visit the Inn that the Crossroads native time come time and reminisce with warm Pie around their tumultuous childhoods.

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