Vintage Wine mansions & HBO Expand Game the Thrones Wine with Introduction that Pinot Noir.

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The new Game the Thrones Pinot Noir, made by Vintage wine Estates and also acclaimed winemaker Bob Cabral, will certainly appeal to connoisseurs and also casual alcohol drinkers alike as it originates from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, among the premier areas for Pinot Noir in America. This was the following logical step for Game that Thrones wine, as some of Bob Cabral’s greatest wine-making achievements in his career have been through Pinot Noir. Reserved to debut in June, 2018, the Game of Thrones 2016 Pinot Noir ($19.99) is elegant and bursting with complicated aromas and also flavors, according to Cabral. And Game the Thrones fans will be delighted to uncover two brand-new cork designs, v each bottle containing a cork imprinted through either the residence Tyrell or home Martell sigil.

“The brand-new Pinot Noir is a worthy enhancement to the Game of Thrones line the wines, as it was motivated by the complexity and nuances of this riveting drama. Oregon is renowned for fine Pinot Noir, and this wine captures the essence of the selection and the exceptional vineyards native which the is made.” – Bob Cabral, Acclaimed Winemaker


Game of Thrones alcohol Pinot Noir

The first Game that Thrones wines, a Chardonnay, Red Blend and also Cabernet Sauvignon, were presented in the spring of 2017. With the Game of Thrones wines, Cabral, who was named Winemaker the the Year in 2011 by alcohol Enthusiast Magazine and also has crafted more than 100 wines scoring 95 point out or greater on the 100-point scale, to be aiming because that wines through layers of complexity and flavor. The wines debuted to crucial and popular acclaim and have enjoyed solid sales.

The Game of Thrones 2016 Pinot Noir will certainly be presented at the Aspen Food & Wine classic in June and will be accessible through the website The wine will also be accessible in stores about the nation later in the summer, 2018.

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