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HBO Quaithe is a super mysterious character that only appeared in 2 episodes ago inseason two. Constantly masked, she is from a similar background come Melisandre together she seems to have some magical abilities and also is indigenous the mythical Essos city of Asshai. Throughout her short tenure, Quaithe interacted quite a couple of times through Jorah Mormont, revealing to him the the scary wonder dude Pyat Pree entirely wanted Dany"s young dragons. And also we every know how that rotate out.

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But possibly more far-reaching than Quaithe"s help in that chaos is what she to be doing while having actually the conversation with Jorah. Together she spoke v the Old Bear, Quaithe to be seen paint a mystical price on a man"s back.


HBO that symbol was some type of charm aimed to aid the dude pass with Old Valyria AKA the place where Jorah connected with the rock men and got sick. She appears to know exactly how dangerous the area is, claiming the all males need protection to pass v there. Additionally, once Jorah an initial interacted v Quaithe, she seemed to currently know that he was. And her mask very closely each other the necklace that offered Melisandre the ultimate confront lift.

Check out this mysterious character"s huge scene below.

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Of course, this concept may really well finish up to be bollocks. Ser Jorah definitely messed up fairly a few times, and also may merely be atoning because that his sins with his greyscale. But Quaithe is among the many mysterious and also unexplained characters "Game that Thrones" has ever before seen, so it would absolutely be solve for permanent fans come watch her return. Dany is currently sailing to Westeros and Jorah isn"t too much from Qarth, for this reason it would certainly make sense. Who else would Jorah possibly interact with? brand-new characters? Ain"t nobody gained time because that that.


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