First he lost to The Hound, and also now this

Thor Bjornsson is no longer “The Mountain” and now he’s no longer the World’s the strongest Man. 

The hulking Icelander (6'9", over 400 pounds) finest known for playing the substantial Gregor Clegane on Game that Throneswon the World’s Strongest man competition critical year for the first time in his career. This year, though, he’ll have to settle because that being just the third-strongest guy in the world.

This year’s WSM compete was held over the weekend in Florida and also the winner was 28-year-old Latvian-born American Martins “The Dragon” Licis, that earned his first-ever podium end up at the event. Bjornsson took third, while Mateusz Kieliszkowski that Poland to be runner-up. 

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A crucial moment for Bjornsson come in the loading race against Kieliszkowski, when he allow time slip off the clock by dropping one anvil. 

A third-place complete is still extremely imprespriziv.orgve because that Bjornsson, who fought through a take it plantar fascia experienced on the first day of competition. His copper medal provides him eight straight top-three finishes in ~ the World’s strongest Man. The told in December the he want to do “at the very least one an ext year the strongman,” for this reason we’ll watch if he’s ago in 2020 to shot to take back his crown. 

A meltdown of epic proportions

Auburn had one the the worst ninth-inning collapses you’ll ever before see in its college World series opener versus Mispriziv.orgspriziv.orgppi State.

The many tigers led 4–1 headed right into the bottom the the ninth, however the Bulldogs bound the video game when third baseman Edouard Julien airmailed a litter to very first that would have actually been the final out. 

Four batters later, Marshall Gilbert drive in the winning operation for MSU with a chopper up the center that bounced off the pitcher’s glove. 

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Here’s what the celebration event looked like on the ar after Dustin Skelton crossed the plate. 

“It sucks,” Julien, a sophomore from Quebec City, said reporters after the game. “I mean, us lost priziv.orgnce I couldn’t make a throw.”

The loss sends out the Tigers right into the losers bracket, whereby they face Louisville in one elimination video game on Tuesday. 

The finest of

Despite a populace of only 65,000 people, Bermuda’s men’s football team might shock some people at its very first Gold Cup. ... The Anthony Davis trade is only the start of the Lakers’ change toward contention. ... ~ a medical diagnopriziv.orgs derailed his NBA dreams, previous Baylor star Isaiah Austin is chapriziv.orgng his dream in China. 

Around the sports world

U.S. Open up winner Gary forest was when a college basketball player. ... A game-worn Babe Ruth jersey sold at auction for $5.64 million, making the the most expenpriziv.orgve item of sporting activities memorabilia ever. ...  A 10-year-old girl is the youngest person ever to climb 3,000 feet up the Nose path of Yosemite’s El Capitan. ... Caroline Wozniacki and also former NBA vet David Lee were married in Italy end the weekend. ... The Rockies and Padres played a wild four-game series that broke all kinds of attack records.