every room is themed v it"s very own story. Our family members watched a quick 2 minute video, then we were escorted come our "escape" room mission. The fist to detail is really well done. The obstacles are fun and also well crafted. We were given 60 minute to complete the assignment (escaping the room) and it walk by really fast. We provide our greatest recommendation come Legend"s to escape Rooms! good work. Our household had a blast and can"t wait to arrangement our following escape room adventure.

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The MacMurchey Family



an obstacle Level: 3 the end of 5WILD WEST HEIST

The Dalton brothers are calling. Carry out you have what that takes to plunder the bank and also join the gang, or will certainly you be shot on the clues by the legendary sheriff Wyatt Earp?Per human being Rate: $32.99


challenge Level: 5 the end of 5WIZARD"S CHALLENGE

Wizards are claimed to it is in the mortal descendants of dragons and possess legendary magical powers. Uncover if you have actually these magical powers by acquisition on the wizard"s challenge.Per human Rate: $32.99


an obstacle Level: 4 the end of 5MOONSHINE CABIN

The law has finally caught up v Kentucky moonshiner & whiskey rebel Bubba Bunyan. Currently that he has actually been arrested, girlfriend will have 60 minute to stealing his prized moonshine prior to the regulation arrives.Per person Rate: $32.99


challenge Level: 3 out of 5CLUB LOL

A deadly phenomenon has overtaken an underground comedy club. All who attend are infected v non-stop laughter. Separation into 2 teams you should work with each other to uncover the resource of laughter and also save everyone.Per person Rate: $32.99


an obstacle Level: 4REVENGE of ANUBIS

The sink of the emperors awaits your arrival. Decode the old message and also find an important missing artifact or you will not escape in time.

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Per human being Rate: $32.99

difficulty Level: 4 out of 5DUNGEON VII

You find yourself in a middle ages European dungeon. No mercy will certainly be given. Your team"s skills will be experiment in order to escape your ill fate native the executioner.Per human being Rate: $32.99

It"s no easy yet oh is the FUN! I"m no the kind of human who usually goes because that this type of thing. I favor that their style here is no what ns would speak to in the "horror" genre. Their rooms are each very fun and full of exciting puzzles to solve. If you"re ~ above the fence...go because that it! chances are you"ll love it.