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The 2021 NCAA Tournament, the single-greatest postseason occasion in arranged sports, will certainly take place beginning on Thursday, in march 18; this, after ~ it to be the first major sporting event to be canceled by the COVID-19 pandemic last season. And, even as the pandemic hovers over the sports world, it seems the NCAA and also host venues are better prepared to actually hold the tournament this year.

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Better late 보다 never, right?

While there will be several changes to the 2021 NCAA Tournament, one constant is the truth only a handful of upstream teams space expected to success the totality thing. The starts this season with Gonzaga, the only remaining undefeated team. The Bulldogs room the clean No. 1 seed. And also while there are a organize of "good" teams in this year"s field, they space still a distance behind the Bulldogs.

Just an additional opportunity for a Cinderella come make history in what will certainly be a historic tournament simply for gift played.

Sporting News has you spanned on just how to clock March madness 2021, including start and end dates, TV schedule, streaming options, venues, updated betting odds and also more.

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March wildly bracket 2021

NCAA tournament schedule 2021

Start date: Thursday, in march 18 (First Four)End date : Monday, April 5 (national championship game)

The 2021 NCAA tournament — made up of the very first Four, ring 1 and 2, Sweet 16, elite Eight, final Four and national championship game — will start Thursday, march 18 and also conclude on Monday, April 5.

Here is the full schedule for March madness 2021:

First FourMarch 18
Round 1March 19-20
Round 2March 21-22
Sweet 16March 27-28
Elite EightMarch 29-30
Final FourApril 3
National championshipApril 5

When is the first Four?

The 2021 very first Four gamings will every take location on in march 18, as opposed come its vault two-day format. Eight groups — the four lowest-seeded automatic and at-large bids — will take component in the play-in games, i m sorry grants accessibility to the competition proper.

Date: Thursday, in march 18Time: 5: 10 p.m. ET start timeTV channel: TBS, TruTV

When is the last Four?

The 2021 NCAA tournament ends through the final Four and also national championship ~ above April 3 and 5, respectively. All gamings will take place in Lucas Oil stadion in Indianapolis. Uneven previous tournaments — i beg your pardon featured regional finals in 4 separate cities before teams convened for the final Four host city — the final three rounds will all take location in the very same stadium.

Dates: April 3, 5Time: 5 p.m. ET start timeTV channel: CBS

First Four

Thursday, march 18

Game 1: No. 16 Texas southern 60, No. 16 mount St Mary"s 52
Game 2: No. 11 Drake 53, No. 11 Wichita State 52
Game 3: No. 16 Norfolk State 54, No. 16 Appalachian State 53
Game 4: No. 11 UCLA 86, No. 11 Michigan State 80

Round 1

Friday, march 19

No. 7 Florida 75, No. 10 Virginia tech 70 (OT)
No. 3 Arkansas 85, No. 14 Colgate 68
No. 1 Illinois 78, No. 16 Drexel 49
No. 6 Texas tech 65, No. 11 Utah State 53
No. 15 oral Roberts 75, No. 2 Ohio State 72 (OT)
No. 1 Baylor 79, No. 16 Hartford 55
No. 8 Loyola Chicago 71, No. 9 Georgia tech 60
No. 12 Oregon State 70, No. 5 Tennessee 56
No. 4 Oklahoma State 69, No. 13 Liberty 60
No. 9 Wisconsin 85, No. 8 north Carolina 62
No. 2 Houston 87, No. 15 Cleveland State 56
No. 13 phibìc Texas 78, No. 4 Purdue 69 (OT)
No. 10 Rutgers 60, No. 7 Clemson 56
No. 11 Syracuse 78, No. 6 san Diego State 62
No. 3 West Virginia 84, No. 14 Morehead State 67
No. 5 Villanova 73, No. 12 Winthrop 63

Saturday, march 20

Game 21: No. 5 Colorado 96, No. 12 Georgetown 73
Game 22: No. 4 Florida State 64, No. 13 UNC Greensboro 54
Game 23: No. 3 Kansas 93, No. 14 east Washington 84
Game 24: No. 8 LSU 76, No. 9 St. Bonaventure 61
Game 25: No. 1 Michigan 82, No. 16 Texas southern 66
Game 26: No. 5 Creighton 63, No. 12 UC Santa Barbara 62
Game 27: No. 2 Alabama 68, No. 15 Iona 55
Game 28: No. 6 USC 72, No. 11 Drake 56
Game 29: No. 2 Iowa 86, No. 15 cool Canyon 74
Game 30: No. 10 Maryland 63, No. 7 UConn 54
Game 31: No. 13 Ohio 62, No. 4 Virginia 58
Game 32: No. 8 Oklahoma 72, No. 9 Missouri 68
Game 33: No. 1 Gonzaga 98, No. 16 Norfolk State 55
Game 34: No. 11 UCLA 73, No. 6 BYU 62
Game 35: No. 14 Abilene Christian 53, No. 3 Texas 52
Game 36: No. 7 Oregon, No. 10 VCU (no contest)

Round 2

Sunday, march 21

Game 37: No. 8 Loyola Chicago 71, No. 1 Illinois 58
Game 38: No. 1 Baylor 76, No. 9 Wisconsin 63
Game 39: No. 11 Syracuse 75, No. 3 West Virginia 72
Game 40: No. 3 Arkansas 68, No. 6 Texas technology 66
Game 41: No. 2 Houston 63, No. 10 Rutgers 60
Game 42: No. 15 oral Roberts 81, No. 7 Florida 78
Game 43: No. 5 Villanova 84, No. 13 north Texas 61
Game 44: No. 12 Oregon State 80, No. 4 Oklahoma State 70

Monday, in march 22

No. 7 Oregon 95, No. 2 Iowa 80
No. 1 Gonzaga 87, No. 8 Oklahoma 71
No. 11 UCLA 67, No. 14 Abilene Christian 47
No. 5 Creighton 72, No. 13 Ohio 58
No. 1 Michigan 86, No. 8 LSU 78
No. 4 Florida State 71, No. 5 Colorado 53
No. 2 Alabama 96, No. 10 Maryland 77
No. 6 USC 85, No. 3 Kansas 51

Sweet 16

Saturday, in march 27

Game 53: No. 12 Oregon State 65, No. 8 Loyola Chicago 58
Game 54: No. 1 Baylor 62, No. 5 Villanova 51
Game 55: No. 3 Arkansas 72, No. 15 dental Roberts 70
Game 56: No. 2 Houston 62, No. 11 Syracuse 46

Sunday, march 28

Game 57: No. 1 Gonzaga 83, No. 5 Creighton 65
Game 58: No. 1 Michigan 76, No. 4 Florida State 58
Game 59: No. 11 UCLA 88, No. 2 Alabama 78 (OT)
Game 60: No. 6 USC 82, No. 7 Oregon 68

Elite Eight

Monday, march 29

Game 61: No. 2 Houston 67, No. 12 Oregon State 61
Game 62: No. 1 Baylor 81, No. 3 Arkansas 72

Tuesday, march 30

Game 63: No. 1 Gonzaga 85, No. 6 USC 66
Game 64: No. 11 UCLA 51, No. 1 Michigan 49

Final Four

Saturday, April 3

Game 65: No. 1 Baylor 78, No. 2 Houston 59
Game 66: No. 1 Gonzaga 93, No. 11 UCLA 90 (OT)

NCAA Tournament nationwide championship

Monday, April 5

Game 67: No. 1 Baylor 86, No. 1 Gonzaga 70

How to clock March madness 2021 live

CBS and also Turner sporting activities stations (TBS, TNT and truTV) will break-up broadcast duties that the 2021 NCAA Tournament, through Turner sports airing 43 games (20 because that TBS, 12 for TNT and 11 because that truTV) come CBS" 24.

CBS has broadcast rights for both the final Four and also national location game, in spite of the reality Turner sports couldn"t broadcast those ring in 2020 because of the tournament"s cancellation (a 2016 contract permits the train station to separation the final Four and also national championship rights on an every-other-year rotation).

RoundTV channel
First FourTBS, truTV
Round 1CBS, TBS, TNT or truTV
Round 2CBS, TBS, TNT or truTV
Sweet 16CBS, TBS
Elite EightCBS, TBS
Final FourCBS
National championshipCBS

CBS and also Turner Sports have yet to release their announcer pairings because that the 2021 NCAA Tournament.

2021 NCAA tournament streaming options

Every video game in the 2021 NCAA Tournament have the right to be streamed via NCAA march Madness Live; various other streaming choices include CBS" streaming service, which will rebrand as Paramount+ on march 4, and also fuboTV, which offers a 7-day totally free trial.

RoundLive stream
First FourNCAA march Madness Live
Rounds 1-2NCAA march Madness Live , Paramount+, fuboTV (7-day complimentary trial)
Sweet 16NCAA march Madness Live , Paramount+, fuboTV (7-day totally free trial)
Elite EightNCAA march Madness Live , Paramount+, fuboTV (7-day free trial)
Final FourNCAA in march Madness Live , Paramount+, fuboTV (7-day cost-free trial)
National championshipNCAA in march Madness Live , Paramount+, fuboTV (7-day totally free trial)

Where is march Madness 2021?

The 2021 NCAA Tournament will be held totally in the state the Indiana, through the majority of games taking place in the better Indianapolis area. That"s component of an initiative to minimize take trip by teams and keep a constant protocol in ar for COVID-19 testing.

That starts v the first Four, which will certainly take place in Mackey Arena and Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall; those venues will feature alongside Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indiana farmer Coliseum and also Lucas Oil stadium (all in Indianapolis) in the very first and 2nd rounds. Bankers Life Fieldhouse and Hinkle Fieldhouse will certainly serve as Sweet 16 venues.

Lucas Oil stadion concludes the tournament in the elite Eight, last Four and also national championship rounds. Every venue will feature two court to beat games.

Below is a full rundown top top the sites and also locations that the NCAA Tournament:

*Indicates to meet will organize only first-round games

First FourWest Lafayette, Ind.Mackey Arena
 Bloomington, Ind.Assembly Hall
Rounds 1-2West Lafayette, Ind.Mackey Arena*
 Bloomington, Ind.Assembly Hall*
 IndianapolisBankers Life Fieldhouse
  Hinkle Fieldhouse
  Indiana farmer Coliseum
  Lucas Oil Stadium
Sweet 16IndianapolisBankers Life Fieldhouse
  Hinkle Fieldhouse
Elite EightIndianapolisLucas Oil Stadium
Final FourIndianapolisLucas Oil Stadium

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Odds to win March insanity 2021

While 64 teams have actually an equal opportunity to win the NCAA tournament at that start, just a handful of teams can make a legitimate operation to the nationwide championship. Those teams space led through Gonzaga in ~ +200 odds; Baylor and Michigan space in second at +600.

Below are the teams many like to victory the 2021 NCAA competition (as of Sunday, march 14):

Gonzaga (+200)Baylor (+600)Michigan (+600)Illinois (+700)Iowa (+1600)Houston (+1800)Alabama (+2100)Ohio State (+2400)Florida State (+3000)Oklahoma State (+3000)Virginia (+3000)UConn (+3200)Arkansas (+4200)Creighton (+4200)Kansas (+4200)Purdue (+4200)Texas (+4200)Texas Tech (+4200)West Virginia (+4200)Wisconsin (+4200)

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Future in march Madness locations, host sites

Assuming the COVID-19 pandemic come under regulate by the begin of march Madness 2022, it will certainly take place throughout several urban over the course of the NCAA Tournament. Each tournament over the next several years will have brand-new venues for the last Four and also national championship games.

Here room the future sites and locations because that future final Fours:

YearCityFinal four host site
2022New OrleansMercedes-Benz Superdome
2023HoustonNRG Stadium
2024PhoenixState farm Stadium
2025San AntonioAlamodome
2026IndianapolisLucas Oil Stadium

NCAA tournament 2021 tickets

The NCAA ~ above Feb. 19 announced it would allow 25 percent capacity for NCAA competition games, including players, coaches, necessary staff, visiting family members and also a reduced variety of fans. The NCAA later specified that exact capacity percentages would vary by site and venue, relying on capacity and COVID-19 mandates. Moreover, any type of fans in attendance will certainly be required to wear challenge coverings and also physically distance at the event.

“We proceed to use the expertise we have acquired over the season on how to conduct games in a safe environment,” NCAA president mark Emmert said in. A statement. “I desire to say thanks to our host universities and also conferences, the Indiana State wellness Department, and the leader in the Marion, Monroe and also Tippecanoe county health and wellness departments together they assist make that possible.”

First four tickets with the NCAA are no longer available, though the NCAA does have alternatives to buy tickets beginning with the an initial and second rounds. Below are the dates to buy tickets through the company for each of the occurring rounds, native the Sweet 16 with the upstream Eight:

Ticket portals open at 10 a.m. ET

Sweet 16: Tuesday, in march 16Elite Eight: Tuesday, march 16

More march Madness news through Sporting News

Need a resolve on march Madness content before the 2021 NCAA Tournament? Sporting News has actually you covered:

NCAA tournament winners

UCLA leads all men"s university basketball programs v 11 nationwide championships, adhered to by blue bloods Kentucky, north Carolina and also Duke.

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Virginia is the last team to victory the NCAA Tournament, securing its very first title in program background in 2019. No team insurance claims the 2020 national championship.

SchoolNational titlesMost recentRunner-up finishes
North Carolina620175
Michigan State220001
North Carolina State219830
Oklahoma State219460
San Francisco219560
City university of brand-new York119500
Holy Cross119470
La Salle119540
Loyola (Ill.)119630
Ohio State119604

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