A lagging computer is a painfully familiar problem for numerous Windows users. There can be numerous reasons why your computer is slow. It’s important to determine these problems early top top to gain back performance earlier to normal.

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See below for a perform of most typical problems that lead to slow performing PCs. Continue reading to learn more about the problems and also find possible solutions because that them:

A Bottlenecked CPU

Bottlenecking is a ax usually supplied with gaming. But CPU bottleneck can take place with other tasks as well. The term describes a instance that occurs once the processor in the computer isn’t powerful enough to save up v the task demands.

CPU bottlenecking happens once you pair a low-end CPU with deluxe hardware or a device, typically a GPU. For example, say you buy a super-fast graphic card and also pair it through an entry-level desktop computer processor. The low-end processor will certainly not have the ability to match the rate of the GPU. This will certainly cause in its entirety lagging.

CPU-dependent software can lead to bottlenecking too. That way the needs of the game far outpace the capabilities of the processor unit. Other species of demanding software, choose 3D modeling and video clip editing programs, could cause bottlenecking too.

Fixing CPU bottlenecking is easy. However, detect the cause of the difficulty isn’t. To adequately address any bottlenecking issue, girlfriend must an initial find the end what’s causing it. Find out even if it is it’s the GPU or placed program that causing the bottlenecked lag.

Once friend root out the reason of the problem, you deserve to remedy the situation. Usually, instead of an aged or a low-end processor through a more recent version helps. For example, if the CPU bottlenecks the GPU, update to an Intel main point i7 processor. It’s at this time the finest processor for gaming.

Downgrading the software or tools you use through your computer can eliminate the bottleneck as well. If her CPU can’t manage running a specific program, uninstall that from the PC. Many PC individuals would choose upgrading your computers, the course.

The difficult Disk journey is Old

A slow computer is among the tell-tale indicators of one aged hard disk. The typical life cycle for a hard drive is in between 3 come 5 years. If there space stories of hard disks lasting as lengthy as a decade, don’t counting on it.

In enhancement to lagging, other indications may suggest that the hard disk that your computer is getting old. Room there any weird sounds comes from the computer system with the lag? If her slow computer has constant operating mechanism freezes, then the hard disk is probably just too old.

You have the right to replace an old hard drive. In fact, it’s recommended before lagging is changed by the blue display of death. A brand-new hard disk journey won’t cost a most money. It deserve to actually be more expensive to update the RAM.

If the remainder of your pc hardware is together old as the hard drive, you could want to consider buying a new computer.

Not enough Storage room in the PC

There are various ways your computer system stores memory. Generally, the pc stores files and also installed programs in the storage drive. Typically, the storage journey is a difficult disk. In computer systems purchased in the critical one or 2 years, the warehouse drive could be a solid-state (SSD) drive.

PCs can slow down once the storage journey is complete to the brim. Her PC requirements a specific amount of available room in the warehouse drive. It allows the CPU come swap files and store temporary files. Absence of memory makes these tasks daunting or impossible. The could reason the operating system to sluggish down.

You can totally free up an are on the storage drive by deleting old and also unnecessary files. Delete temporary papers to do room for brand-new ones. Uninstall program you no much longer use. You can additionally move photos and also videos to an exterior storage device, choose a USB stick.

Your PC demands at the very least 200 MB of free space top top the warehouse drive. Ideally, there must be much more than 500 MB.

It’s feasible that your PC has actually a little storage drive. Older computer systems still have 500GB difficult drives. Friend can think about upgrading come a 1TB or an ext storage drive. Alternatively, connect an exterior hard journey to your pc to store papers remotely.

Shortage of lamb Memory

RAM memory is the temporary, “volatile” storage in your PC. Unlike save on computer memory, RAM functions only as soon as the computer is turned on. The operating mechanism relies heavily on ram for smoothly to run tasks. No having enough RAM for the processes you’re trying come run have the right to tellingly cause your computer system to slow down.

Modern computer needs, particularly memory-hungry browsers favor Chrome, need a healthy and balanced supply of ram memory because that PCs. In the beforehand 2000s, computers needed only around 2GB of RAM. Today, a 64-bit mechanism needs at the very least 4 GB of RAM, preferably 8 GB because that systems used for anything beyond the most an easy office work.

Upgrading the lamb is a great way to enhance the in its entirety performance of your PC. But first, make certain that it is the absence of ram is what outcomes in lag.

You can quickly replace the existing RAM sticks in your PC. This sticks are fairly straightforward to pull out and replace with brand-new sticks.

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Unnecessary elevator Programs

Your PC could be to run programs in the background without you even knowing it. Anti-virus programs, for example, usually run in the background. There might be many of others the you nothing actually should run.

You can inspect out every the program your computer is running using the Task Manager utility. Push Alt + Ctr + Delete to accessibility the task Manager.


To inspect what you have actually running in the background, start the job Manager and also then go to the processes tab. It should display all the programs to run in the foreground and also the background.


The Perfomance tab shows just how much processing power each program is consuming.


Scroll through and also look for background program you nothing actually need to run. Security software, for starters, might bottleneck the performance of your computer by running since booting up.

You don’t should uninstall these programs. However, schedule run times to prevent too countless programs overwhelming her CPU at once.

Malware or Viruses

A virus or a malware program can reason a lot of of troubles in her PC. A slow computer system is simply one that them.

If making use of your computer for work, use an anti-virus or a malware scanning program to make certain your computer system is not infected through anything. Home users may enjoy countless of the same protections through the windows Defender utility.

A malware protection program have the right to remove or quarantine dangerous papers or program in her PC. As soon as the virus is gone, her PC need to perform as usual.

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It’s very recommended to have your computer checked the end by a professional in instance of a malware issue. Remnants the the malware could still exist in your PC. In this case, a skilled could ago up your necessary files and restore the operating system.

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Generally speaking, if your pc is really old, then performance problems would it is in the norm. Shot upgrading the CPU or to buy a brand-new computer to gain a quick boost in performance.

The article 6 reasons Your pc is Slow and How to solve It comes courtesy of Ollie Mercer, who commonly writes at computer-realm.net.