Entertaining a 10, 11 or 12 month old baby can be harder than it sounds. Certain the most basic things deserve to make castle giggle, yet finding the end which deserve to keep them populated for more than 10 seconds straight is a challenge on that is own. That’s why I’ve decided to share 25 super simple and funny indoor activities that have actually kept both my youngsters happy and also entertained there is no a large effort – perfect for rainy days!

Like all parents I choose my little ones to be happy and entertained, specifically on those merganser days. I’ve come acros countless awesome ideas for activities and gamings to play v your baby and also soon to be toddler, yet a entirety lot of castle require rather a bit of preparation choose making edible repaint or they can need particular craft products like contact record (are us the only world who don’t just have contact file lying around?). I love countless of those ideas, however most of the time that’s no we finish up doing. I can have the finest of intentions of making a special play publication for my younglings, however usually everyday life it s okay in the way.

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I’ve therefore compiled a perform of tasks that both my kids have loved doing as soon as they to be 10, 11 and also 12 months old which call for very little or no set-up in ~ all. Many of the 25 indoor activites the youngsters loved once they were 8-10 months old still work marvels at this age, however being a couple of months larger also means new abilities. That’s why this list is a extension of the vault list.

I’ve tried not to repost principles from former list and instead make the efforts to spice things up a bit, though tearing increase a magazine, blowing bubbles and crawling almost everywhere Mom is still a favourite of ours. Or well, that my son to be an ext specific.

25 fun and easy indoor tasks for your 10-12 month old baby

This is a list of basic and funny indoor activities that have actually kept my two kids entertained when they to be 10, 11 and also 12 months old. They room two really different small people, i m sorry is why not all of the tasks have to be equally famous with my tiny ones. Yet every last of the tasks have do them laugh, concentrate and all in all entertained lock for much more than a minute at a time – and also some for lot longer. They have actually done few of these tasks on your own, while rather have required a watchful eye or also full participation from me or another adult.

1. Playing with shadows.

Making shadow pets is surprisingly entertaining for a baby. The very first time ns made a butterfly v my hands and it actors a shadow, i was taken aback by how much mine daughter began laughing if trying come touch it. And also when it started relocating around and getting on peak of her very own shadow ns knew this video game was a huge hit, as she was giggling therefore hard.

My son likes the video game too, yet he can’t sit quiet for an ext than a minute prior to he starts come grab the light source (lamp) i beg your pardon is the course additionally a video game on that is own.

2. Putting things in box – and also taking them the end again. 

It’s remarkable to see just how this basic little video game can develop so lot wonder and get a tiny soul to concentration so hard. I love to observe my son when he’s play this put and take game. Sometimes it’s just a wooden block and also a bowl, other times it’s a scarf and also a drawer, yet nevertheless the wonder is the same.


3. Eating on the floor.

Serving snacks ~ above the floor and not in a high chair is other we’ve been doing a lot with my son. I know it might not it is in the many conventional means and it might go versus what you’re trying come teach your little one, but if you can look previous it, then you might save yourself part sanity.

My child will no sit quiet in a chair to eat if he deserve to avoid it. He requirements to have the ability to move freely, so I’ve simply started offer some basic to grab foods items in a bowl or tiny container on the floor and also he’d consumed it there instead, maybe hopping up and also down a little bit in in between bites or act a tad that yoga while chewing, yet without much of a mess and completely free of struggles to save him seated.

4. Pulling tissue out of a organization box.

Whenever we break open up a brand-new box of tissues you deserve to be details that my boy will somehow acquire his hands on it and also pull every solitary tissue out of it. I periodically stuff other things in there like fabric scraps and also then hand it earlier to him and also he is entertained because that a great 10-15 minutes pulling lock out and also trying to stuff them back in again.

5. Taking every little thing off the shelves.

I know, the doesn’t really sound like an activity your want your infant to connect in, however sometimes you simply need to let lock explore. If you’re worried around things breaking, move them. It doesn’t need to be a irreversible set-up, however it will make those exploring days much an ext fun. I know I regretted not moving that open up bag of rice, though he did have a blast.


6. Copy cat – and learning brand-new gestures. 

Like most babies my child loves to do all type of noises and he’s starting to get the hang of a couple of basic words like “mom”,”dad”,”no” and also “yes”. When he states some the his native or makes other sounds I choose to say them ago to him and he’ll repeat them when again. We can have a entirety chat this way.

We often add in brand-new gestures prefer waving or make high fives and facial expressions and also I love seeing him scrunch his small face trying come wink prefer me. As soon as my daughter was a infant we additionally did a bit of infant signing, which I can highly introduce – it’s fun as soon as they capture on, and so profitable for the both of you when they have the right to actually express what lock want.

7. Throwing a sphere (or well, whatever that deserve to be thrown really).

My kid loves cram things. The harder the better, but I favor directing him come the sock bundles or a soft plush ball

or his Oball for simple grasp. The loves when we shot to catch it and also hands it back to that to litter again. He could do this because that ages.

When my daughter was the same age she love throwing things from she pram, for this reason I occasionally tied a ball to the zipper through a ribbon making it feasible for her to throw the ball out that the pram, but without me having to bending forward every solitary time and pick it up (a little safety tip: don’t let your wee one be alone through this set-up). I recognize movement wise the bending (or well, squatting down) would be better, however not in a liven street in the big city.

8. Playing with cloth pins.

My daughter just started to really understand the idea of fabric pins as soon as she to be 11-months old. She loved simply sitting still, do the efforts to open the pins and also pinning that on things prefer my shirts, newspaper, the finger and also whatever she would acquire her hands on. She was older prior to she really mastered it, but she go spend rather a little bit of time playing with them at this age.

9. Hammering nails (pegs). 

Hand my boy a long object and also he will start hammering on stuff. He recently got a hammer peg toy

and also it has actually seriously been the finest gift ever. If friend don’t have this toy, part leftover styrofoam indigenous a package and some golf tees (pegs) or matchsticks (for crafting) will make a an excellent alternative, yet otherwise go gain this toy if you have a little boy or girl that loves hitting and also hammering.

10. Skin tape from the ground.

Such a simple activity the I’ve set up a couple of times to obtain my child distracted. I just stick a most pieces that painter’s tape (masking tape?) ~ above the ground and let the tear it off. Frequently the tape can be reused, therefore I’d placed it earlier as that started concentrating on a brand-new piece that tape. Simple peasy, but such one enjoyment for him. It’s most likely a good idea to store an eye top top our little one while they carry out this activity to keep the tape the end of your mouths (and stomachs).


11. Practice walking.

My youngsters both started to learn just how to talk, once they were this age. What characterised the weeks prior to they each took their an initial steps, was the quantity of time castle both spend practicing. Us tried no to hold their hands too much to not throw them turn off balance and also instead gave them the freedom to exercise on your own. It to be frustrating because that them, but that’s what drove castle forward.

But what i really think do a huge difference to be the fact that we let them spend a lot of time without diapers on. Particularly my son obtained to be target naked for long stretches that time throughout this almost walking stage. If you’re worried around the chaos I have actually 8 ideas on exactly how to minimization the mess once being diaper-free.

12. Chasing ~ each other – specifically into a tunnel. 

Anything high energy seems to be a hit in ~ this age. Chasing after my child while clapping my hands makes him giggle so hard he have the right to hardly store his balance. Periodically I take out the foldable pat tunnel

we acquired when his sister to be born and also he loves crawling into it and having united state trying come grab him from both political parties (which us for some reason never seem to have the ability to do).

13. Talking and also playing v dolls and plush toys.

Teddies, dolls or things with deals with didn’t interest my son prior to he rotate 11 months, but then sooner or later he started getting really fascinated by among his sister’s teddies. And now the loves it when we make various teddies and dolls talk and also interact v him. He simply can’t avoid smiling and engaging through them.

14. Tumbling roughly with mom and also dad.

Anything that can obtain a small adrenaline kicking is a favourite of my son. Spinning about (both ways), flying roughly the life room choose an plane or gift dangled up-side-down is just a couple of examples the what have the right to really gain him giggling.

15. Do noise (or music).

Playing a xylophone, Dad’s guitar or any other instrument is always great, but give your tiny one something lengthy that he deserve to grab with his hands and also just about anything turns right into a drum. A cardboard box and also a random kitchen utensil (not a knife that course) and you have actually a happy baby. My son started noticing different objects makes various sounds as soon as he began banging top top them. It’s so much fun to suffer your small one enduring the world.


16. Toilet record roll dropping. 

Simply ice a toilet document roll to the wall surface and carry out your toddler v some wood blocks, pom pom’s, reduced up straws or party lids. If that fits through the tube then it is perfect for this activity! ns don’t understand what renders it for this reason fascinating, yet it’s important mesmerising for my small one.

17. Stacking every little thing that is capable of being stacked.

If it has actually a surface and can it is in lifted by a baby, it deserve to be stacked. Cups, pillows, wooden blocks, books, you name it. When I require a minute or 2 I sometimes straight him come a few random objects on the floor (we always have a arbitrarily stuff top top the floor) and also stack them, making him try to replicate. It’s quite efficient for a rapid distraction when you require to get in a cupboard the you don’t your tiny one gaining in as well.

18. Exploring new corners turn off the home.

If you room out of new corners, do an old corner new again through rotating what go on what shelf and with what. My son suddenly found good joy in a big box we had, once we placed it beside some the his sister’s wooden blocks – two things he had never to be interested in before were unexpectedly made into the ideal toys ever before when put together ~ above a low shelf in the living room.


19. Jumping top top bed.

If you have actually older kids and also a general dominion not to run on the bed, climate this might be a great activity to save for as soon as the older children are out and also about. My kid loves jumping on the bed and falling backwards and he has a good time tumbling around. He has never fallen turn off the bed, but of course be careful.

20. Playing with picture cards.

My son loves his sister’s play cards- especially the ones with various pictures on. He will throw them all on the floor, then proceed to sit and also turn them challenge up and also then look at the different pictures. Periodically he’ll come and show them to me and also I’ll say thank you and also tell him what the is. Usually he’ll it is in satisfied through this and he’ll go discover another photo for me to name. This can go top top for quite some time v him taking little breaks to simply study the cards ~ above his own.

21. Playing with cardboard boxes.

Why absent a ball when you deserve to kick a cardboard box? I have actually seriously contemplated never throwing the end a cardboard box, but after a huge move I’ve let the idea walk – otherwise we would be drowned in boxes. But cardboard boxes and kids are simply meant come be, therefore whenever we gain something in a box ns let my son (and his enlarge sister) have actually a blast with it for everything purpose that desires, before throwing that away. Critical time he simply used a tiny box as a ball and a huge one for putting all our shoes in.

22. Play hide and seek v his playthings (and shoes).

My son seems to acquire the entirety “peek-a-boo” transaction by now, but he’s still not prepared to beat hide and seek. Instead we’ve began playing a combination where i hide one of his toys or objects he knows really well and also ask him to find it. It just works through toys he is quite acquainted with prefer his sphere or his shoes. If her child has a favourite teddy or a pacifier I would definitely try those as well.

23. Brand-new snack in new container.

If you require a coffee rest or simply a good 10 minutes of silence shot giving your little one a brand-new (or favourite) snack in a new container top top the floor. Ns know, it sounds silly, but my son absolutely loves this. Sometimes there’s a little of clean increase afterwards, yet isn’t over there always? Cups, colourful containers for freezing food and also even part food for sure pretend kitchen toys have been used about here.

24. Singing songs through gestures. 

My little guy specifically loves a tune that’s nice much just singing his name, while waving your hands in various ways. That will avoid crying instantly when we start singing this song and also wave his hands. And also it was the specific same v my sister. There’s simply something magical about basic songs with hand gestures.

25. Anything with a balloon.

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If whatever else fails? simply blow increase a balloon and let the magic happen. Just remember to save a close eye top top your tiny one to not danger them popping the balloon and also choking top top the remainders. If you need to let castle play ~ above their own for a while then a balloon cover is one absolutely brilliant solution!


Keeping small ones entertained at this period can seem impossible at times, however letting them loosened and offering them the liberty to discover is – in mine opinion – the best structure for letting them build at their own pace and also according to their own personalities. And the best component about this approach? It’s super an easy to set up up it frequently just call for the world roughly you and yourself.