The final season of video game of Thrones has officially involved a close, and also just together George R. R. Martin as soon as promised, the finishing was absolutely “bittersweet.”

The finale that Thrones‘ eighth season observed Jon Snow kill Daenerys Targaryen to keep yet another tyrant from sit on the steel Throne. However while fans were divided over this boring twist, there were still quick moments of hope scattered transparent the episode.

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Read on because that a complete list of everyone that lived and also died in the series finale that Game that Thrones.


After deciding to death Daenerys to protect against the mommy of Dragons-turned-Mad Queen from judgment over the 7 Kingdoms, Jon eye was predictably in a torture state. During a conversation through Tyrion, he wondered: “Was that right, what ns did? that doesn’t feel right.”

While Grey Worm dubbed for Jon’s execution, Sansa aided negotiate Jon’s life, and also his return to the Night’s Watch. His request the Arya come visit him in ~ the wall was politely rebuffed, as she will certainly embark top top her very own adventure.

After a lengthy journey ago to the North, Jon left lock Black once again to lead an exploration beyond the wall alongside Tormund and a team of Wildlings.

Sansa Stark


In the finale, the Lady of Winterfell demanded northern freedom from her brand-new king, Bran, who offered it come her. In the final moments, she to be crowned together Northerners increased their swords and shouted “the Queen in the North!”

With all the heartbreak and suffering she has endured over the past eight seasons, we have the right to only hope that Sansa will be able to live out her days in peace in her family home. After ~ all, there must always be a stark in Winterfell.

Arya Stark


Just as she said the Hound in episode 4 of season 8, Arya apparently has actually no intention of ever before returning come Winterfell. Instead, the youngest stark sister set out ~ above her very own to uncover what was “west that Westeros.” with no one left to cross turn off her kill list, that seems prefer Arya might finally be able to move on native the search for vengeance that has actually consumed her since her father to be beheaded in season 1. In the last moments the the episode, she was seen on a delivery — bearing the distinct sigil — headed into the great unknown by herself.

Bran Stark


With Daenerys dead and also Jon turn off to live his life in exile, Bran to be voted in together the new King the the seven Kingdoms by a council that consisted of Edmure Tully, Samwell Tarly, Brienne of Tarth and also his sisters, Sansa and Arya Stark. Tyrion laid the end a strong case because that Bran as king by citing that he “is our memory, the goalkeeper of all our stories. Who much better to lead us right into the future?” ~ Sansa mentioned that Bran can’t have children, Tyrion dubbed that a positive thing, together sons of kings are notoriously difficult.

Tyrion continued: “I understand you don’t want it. I recognize you don’t care about power. However I ask girlfriend now, if we choose you, will you stay the crown? will certainly you lead the seven Kingdoms come the finest of her abilities from this particular day to her last day?” Bran responded simply: “Why execute you think I came all this way?”

By the finish of the episode, Bran had already proved self to be a low-key monarch by leave his tiny Council of Hand the the King Tyrion, grasp of Coin Bronn, mr Commander that the Kingsguard Brienne the Tarth, grand Maester Samwell Tarly and Master of pearls Davos Seaworth to controversy while the went off to effort to find Drogon utilizing his Three-Eyed crow powers. His parting words? “Do lug on with the rest.”

Tyrion Lannister


After being arrested top top Daenerys’ orders for releasing his brother Jaime in the penultimate episode, Tyrion was placed on trial in a scene that mirrored the trial he stood for Joffrey’s killing in season 4. But after he vouched for Bran to come to be King of the 6 Kingdoms — Sansa maintained her insistence top top the North being independent — Bran reverted the favor and also named him his Hand.

“He’s made many terrible mistakes,” Bran claimed of Tyrion. “He’s walk to invest the rest of his life solving them.” In a later on scene, Tyrion took his place at the head of the small Council — wherein he was joined by his old friend Bronn, among others.

Brienne of Tarth

After the dust had resolved in King’s Landing, Brienne added to Jaime Lannister’s Knightsguard pages, filling in his countless triumphs. She ended the entry by creating that he “Died protecting his queen,” and the scene conveniently turned right into a meme.

It was later on revealed the Brienne had actually been called Lord commander of the Kingsguard under Bran’s rule.

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Grey Worm

In a brutal rotate of events, Grey Worm walk from gift the queen’s master of war to a soldier grieving both his leader and also his loved one. After Dany was killed, Davos offered the Unsullied soil in the Reach. However they determined to set sail because that Naath — the residence of Grey Worm’s deceased love Missandei — instead.