There space a range of methods you deserve to do that with a few simple clicks that the button. You deserve to use the extr credits to acquisition some extra goodies for Christmas or for birthday gifts.

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This is no something the you can gain rich quickly yet it does aid you to conserve a couple of hundred dollars extra every single month.

If she a Gamer, #10 is just for you.

What’s much more #19 is how I use to earn $10 – 100+ per month on autopilot.

After learning this strategy, i promise you won’t remorse a thing.

The just downside is that several of these other methods require her dedication and also time to perform it.

Some are also strictly for us citizens only.

In bespeak to knife more, it is recipient to sign up for as plenty of of them as possible, that way you end up having actually the finest chance to earn and score more.

If you curious then let’s dive into the 33 ways you have the right to take benefit of one of the World’s biggest Online Retailer ~ above the planet.

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How to earn Amazon gift cards:

1. Product Report Card

Official site: (US and also Canada only)

Product Report card is a legit website the pays you come share your opinions with fun surveys.

You just need to develop an account and also within the following 24 hours you will receive a inspection via email. You deserve to earn anything between $0.25 to $6 per survey, periodically more! 

What’re great, you can likewise join an online focus group, give opinions and answer questions on a specific subject, and also earn an mean of $50 every study.

Product Report Card pays cash! No points come convert, you get cash straight right into your account. As soon as you reach the $25 threshold, girlfriend will be able to receive her payout. Friend can select to either get paid in cash or in gift password which girlfriend will later redeem because that products.

Product Report map is available only in the united state or Canada.

2. Inspection Time

Survey Time offfers one easy and userfriendly method to knife extra money by doing survey, You gain $1.00 because that each completed task, regardless of the size of the survey.

There’s no minimum payout threshold, i m sorry is great. You deserve to withdraw your income via Paypal or Amazon gift card.

3. survey Junkie

Surveys are amongst the easiest tasks you can uncover on the internet that deserve to simply offer you a opportunity to earn some pocket cash simply by answering questions.

Survey junkie has actually a minimum payout that $10, and also is primarily paid via Paypal however you have the right to decide to knife Amazon Gift Cards native it as well.

4. Tellwut


Tellwut -short because that “tell what you think” is an additional easy way to earn totally free Amazon Gift Cards by taking quick online surveys.

Unlike other survey sites, Tellwut not just pays you for answering surveys, yet it likewise awards girlfriend for producing your very own surveys and referring friends.

So how much deserve to I earn with Tellwut?

You will gain paid in points for each completed task. 

Answer an outside survey – 25-2000 pointsAnswer a member-created survey – 5-25 pointsCreate an approved public survey -10-20 pointsRefer a friend – 25 pointsOngoing Weekly and Monthly promotions – 50- 10,000 points

Plus, you have the right to earn free points simply for coming to be a member:

Signing up – 100 pointsComplete her profile – 150 points

Once you reach 4,000 clues ($10), you can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards, Walmart and other prizes.

5. Earn utilizing Swagbucks – A paradise for free rewards

Swagbucks is a website the pays friend to take on basic tasks such together watching a video online, shopping, taking surveys and more.

However, friend will discover yourself staring in ~ a empty page pretty conveniently if you’re living exterior the US. Lock strictly in search of US and also Canadian shoppers.

If you’re willing to put in a little more time, you can earn about $25 – $50/month with 5 active referrals.

When you finish a task, you room rewarded with what is called ‘Swag bucks‘. These are just points the you earn after acquisition on a provided task, like shopping or searching.

Once you have earned this points, you have the right to trade them in because that a variety of options consisting of electronics, cash and of course Amazon Gift Cards.

This is among the best and also easiest GPT websites to begin with if you room a newbie. (Tip: Get energetic referrals to heap up points)

6. Inbox Dollars

This is another website that uses a range of ways to make money. Girlfriend can quickly cash in by simply watching videos online, watching TV, taking surveys and even surfing the web.

It’s among those websites wherein you don’t really require any complex skills in order to start.

Like I stated earlier, few of the ways noted here are very easy and this is just one of the easiest due to the fact that you only need the ordinary computer knowledge.

Contrary to Swagbucks, here you’ll earn actual cash and also not points. Friend can select to either withdraw the cash or knife Amazon Gift Cards.

You may get a $5 bonus just for joining.

7. Unique Rewards

Share your opinions with decision-makers in ~ the agency and earn cost-free Amazon gift cards.

Unique Rewards has actually its very own survey panel just for US, UK or Canada and also it is very easy come use. As soon as you are a member, it’ll show you all the accessible surveys the you have the right to take for money.

The minimum balance for cashing out is $20.

8. Points Prizes

Points Prizes is another reliable survey agency that pay you for your opinions.

It’s open to all users worldwide and is cost-free to enter. 

You will get paid in points for each perfect task. As soon as you earn enough points, you can exchange her points into different prizes favor Paypal, Google Play, Amazon, and more.

9. InstaGC

InstaGC is one more paid survey website that’s precious joining.


It’s available for anyone to join, yet the number of survey opportunities can differ from nation to country.


Just like other get-paid-to websites, with InstaGC you can conveniently make extra money by taking surveys, city hall videos, looking websites, betting on sport and also more.

10. FreeCash- gain paid for your opinion

If you live outside the U.S. And also have no luck earning using Swagbuck, then FreeCash is for you.

It’s open for U.S citizen too, giving an easy method for practically everyone in the people to begin earning gift cards, rewards and cash.

FreeCash is a worldwide survey website the pays you because that answering surveys and also completing basic tasks.

Earn Coins once you complete a survey, administer your feedback, clock entertaining videos and also complete basic offers such together join an email list.

You deserve to then redeem your Coins because that Amazon Gift cards, gain cash back from Paypal and also Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin!

100o Coins = $1

Simply produce your free account today and also get 100 Coins for free. 

Earn much more Coins by referring more people to join. 

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11. SavingStar – An application that gives you money

Official site: Search SavingStar on (Google play or iTunes)

This is just a similar website come Ibotta where you gain a cash earlier on grocery store purchases. They likewise have an market every Friday that you have the right to take benefit of.

Take a photo of her receipt from end 70,000 participating stores and the earnings you get on this website can be turned right into Amazon Gift Cards.

12. Amazon Trade-in

Amazon is not simply the biggest online retailer in the American continent, it is an economic and financial ecosystem.

They would love to take all your old stuff and clutter and also turn them right into gift cards because that you to proceed to spend with them.

And the is why they created this an international Trade-in program.

With this program, you deserve to trade most of eligible items on Amazon for Amazon Gift Cards.

However, lock prefer electronic gadgets and also media an ext than noþeles else. This deserve to be her old video clip games, electronics, textbooks and many more.

Unless she a hoarder, girlfriend might an extremely well be passionate to offload few of your old items and also turn them right into Gift cards.

13. TokenFire Rewards – Play, Earn and also Get Rewarded

Official site: (Android only)

This is an impressive android app that can aid you earn a many if you’re a casual gamer. It is pretty easy to install and also even easier to use.

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Their reward device is recognized to it is in absolutely amazing.

You gain TOKENS because that every bit of action you take (Installing, city hall ads, and 15 tokens/day simply for launching the app.)

A $25 gift card from amazon takes about 5500 tokens.

You reach that number simply by inviting your friends and also family to join you. You get much more tokens that way.