There are two things I really prefer about most that Garden that Life protein flour products: 1.) they’re cheap, and also 2.) they’re organic.

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But …

When i analyzed the ingredients and also nutrition facts in your protein powders, I found some things that raised a couple of red flags.

In this article, I’m going come share those findings v you, therefore you deserve to decide for you yourself whether Garden the Life’s life protein flour are the right an option for you.

Here space the condensed and complete versions of my review:

Garden the Life Protein Powder evaluation (Condensed Version)
Garden that Life Protein Powder review (Full Version)

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Garden that Life Protein Powder review (Condensed Version)


Similar to my various other plant protein flour reviews, i am reviewing Garden that Life protein powders based on health and nutrition … no taste. If you want to know what the tastes like, check out the Amazon reviews.

This is what ns look for in a healthy and balanced protein powder:

Organic, genuine food ingredientsAmount that protein every servingProtein sourcesAdded street or various other sweeteners usedNone of this junk ingredients:SoyCornDairyGlutenFillersNatural flavorsGums

Garden of Life meets most of these criteria …

Let’s begin with what ns like about Garden the Life protein powders:

Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO task VerifiedOrganic, sprouted grains and also seedsProbioticsAt $.04/gram, their price suggest is an extremely affordableThe Unflavored version includes no sugar, stevia, gums, or various other additives

Here’s a high-level overview of what’s in every of their 6 main protein powders (I noted my red flags and will phone call you an ext about each listed below the chart):

Garden of Life Organic plant ProteinGarden the Life life Organic ProteinGarden the Life life MealGarden the Life life FitGarden that Life life Protein and GreensSPORT necessary Plant-Based Protein
Grams that Protein15 22 20 282015
Protein Source(s)Organic pea, necessary chia, organic flax, necessary cranberry seedOrganic pea, brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, chia, flax, garbanzo bean, lentil, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, sunflower seedOrganic pea, brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, chia, flax, garbanzo bean, lentil, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, sunflower seedOrganic pea, brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, chia, flax, garbanzo bean, lentil, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed Organic rice, pea, chia, marine bean lentil, garbanzoOrganic pea, marine bean, lentil, garbanzo bean, cranberry seed
Grams that Sugar 0 00-6 (depending on flavor … check out below) 06NoNoNo NoNoNo
Free the Gums & ThickenersNoNoNoYes YesYes
VeganYes YesYesYesYesYes
Cost per Gram $.04 $.04 $.04$.04$.04$.05

Read ~ above to find out why i highlighted the things above in red …

Garden the Life Protein flour Reviews (Full Version)

Ok, so together we said, GOL looks pretty great at first glance. Organic ingredients, probiotics, quality protein sources.


There space a few red flags about GOL protein flour I want to phone call you more about.

Let’s begin with this one …

1. Many Garden that Life Protein Powders have actually “Natural Flavors”


Here’s what David Andrews, an elderly Scientist at the environmental Working group (EWG) has to say around natural flavors:

Natural and also artificial spices really aren’t the different. And also those “natural flavors” deserve to actually contain fabricated chemicals! You’re appropriate to be cynical of words “natural” – it’s often thrown approximately loosely.

Vandana Sheth, spokesperson for the Academy that Nutrition and also Dietetics, claims these flavors may induce food cravings in some civilization too.

I emailed Garden that Life and asked, “What ingredients, specifically, carry out your natural seasonings contain?”

Here’s what they said:

In the Organic tree Protein and also RAW Organic enjoy the meal there will certainly be ingredients that states it’s a flavor, choose Organic Vanilla Flavor, which way that the ingredients is not strictly a vanilla bean the was included to the product but an extract form. This just way it’s much more concentrated so less of the ingredient can be supplied without transforming the nutrients that are in the product. In various other flavors you’ll watch a mix of both prefer the coco Cacao smell of the life Organic Meal. This one will have RAW organic Cacao i m sorry is where coco comes from with Organic cacao Flavors simply to boost the cholate taste. If you to be to just have the cacao then the product will certainly most most likely not taste prefer what most will suppose from a coco flavored product.

Now, I’m not saying Garden that Life’s “flavors” contain other shady ingredients like most companies add, especially due to the fact that they’re organic.

However, in general I avoid assets with “flavors” due to the fact that they may contain various other additives and preservatives.

Let’s move on and talk around red flag #2.

2. Covert Sugar in Garden the Life life Protein

I to be surprised to view that 2 of Garden the Life’s unflavored protein powder products contain 6 grams of sugar! inspect it out …

Garden the Life raw Meal


Garden of Life raw Protein and also Greens


If you’re buying an unflavored protein powder, added sugar is more than likely the critical ingredient you want in it. And “organic cane sugar” is no far better than any type of other street source.

The chemical composition is exactly the very same … your body will break the street down into glucose and also fructose in the digestive tract and also it will have the specific same an unfavorable effects on your metabolism.

3. Garden the Life Recall and also Controversy

Garden the Life to be in warm water a few years earlier when 33 people got Salmonella poisoning from their Raw enjoy the meal Organic shake & meal Replacement powdered mixes. The victim ranged in period from 1 year come 84 years old. I’ve had actually Salmonella and it to be quite possibly the sickest I’ve ever before felt in my life … wouldn’t great it top top anyone. Thankfully, nobody of the 33 civilization from the Garden of Life recall died.

4. Garden that Life Nestle Acquisition

In December 2017, GOL’s parent agency Atrium was got by large Food huge Nestle for $2.3 billion.

Despite Garden the Life’s CEO brain May assuring client there would be no plan to adjust anything, many consumers were concerned based upon Nestle’s track document of peddling junk food and also investing money come thwart GMO labeling efforts.

When tiny companies obtain bought by huge companies, they generally do everything possible to decrease costs, and the an initial thing they look in ~ is, “How deserve to we mitigate the costs of our ingredients.” This often leads to more ingredient sourcing indigenous questionable resources overseas.

The future that GOL’s ingredients stays to be seen.

Garden of Life Protein powder Reviews synthetic Up

The one Garden of Life product ns really like and also recommend is Organic plant Protein (Unflavored). It’s a solid product with all organic, actual food ingredients and contains probiotics. Here are the ingredients and also nutrition facts:


I’ve supplied Garden that Life’s life Fit protein in the past however I’ve since phased out all commodities with “flavors.”

Unfortunately, every Garden the Life protein powders other than Unflavored Organic tree Protein (Raw Fit, Raw essential Meal, life Protein and also Greens, and SPORT essential Plant-Based Protein) save flavors, gums, and/or sugars.

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Long story short, I like their Unflavored assets with no sugar included and your commitment to organic, genuine food ingredient … but can’t give their flavored people my rubber stamp of approval.