Starting Tuesday, toll takers began collecting cash along the new Jersey Turnpike and also Garden State Parkway weeks after cash to be suspended as result of coronavirus concerns


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You have the right to pay cash again if driving ~ above the new Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway.The new Jersey Turnpike authority restarted cash tolls on Tuesday.Toll collectors will certainly be attract gloves and also face masks and also be behind plastic shields, the turnpike board of directors said.

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Drivers on the new Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway have the right to use cash to pay because that tolls again.

Cash tolling restarted Tuesday morning.

Toll takers on brand-new Jersey’s two significant north/south highways hadn’t been acquisition cash due to the fact that March 24 as result of coronavirus concerns. Together a precaution to slow the spread of COVID-19 all chauffeurs on the NJ Turnpike and also Garden State Parkway were issued tolls by mail or ongoing to salary by E-ZPass.



The new Jersey Turnpike government instituted safety steps to defend employees and drivers in ~ tollbooths.

“(Toll collectors) will be put on gloves, face masks, and also plastic face shields,” the commission claimed on its website. “Drivers that intend to pay through cash are encouraged to wear confront masks themselves together they travel through the toll lanes.”

Besides the return of cash toll fee lanes, coin lanes on Parkwayentrance and also exit ramps additionally reopened Tuesday.

Drivers authorize tolls through mail space urged to salary the toy fee amount through the due day of challenge fees, the turnpike commission said.

E-ZPass users must see no adjust in just how they pay to usage the roadways.

Another leg connecting to new Jersey is also collection to resume cash toll collection.

The Delaware Memorial Bridge had switched to cashless-only payments 2 months earlier due to the coronavirus. However the Delaware River and also Bay Authority, i beg your pardon operates the span, announced Monday the the bridge"s cash lanes will certainly reopen in ~ 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

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Starting tomorrow (Thursday, might 21st in ~ 12:01),
demembridge will certainly resume agree cash tolls. Safety measures have actually been denote in the cash lanes because that the safety of toll fee collectors & drivers:
DelawareDOT #netDE #netNJ

— Delaware Memorial bridge (
demembridge) might 20, 2020

Toll collectors will be put on masks and gloves, and also the DRBA inquiry that vehicle drivers wear masks when paying v cash. The collectors will also be stationed in tollbooths behind sneeze guards, and the booths will be sanitized in in between shifts.

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