For the an initial time in 35 years, Papa John’s is including a flavor come its initial crust through baking its one-of-a-kind Garlic Sauce and artisan Parmesan-Romano cheese into the dough because that a truly indulgent experience

LOUISVILLE, Ky.--(BUSINESS Wpriziv.orgE)--Nov. 4, 2019--

Papa John’s International, Inc. Today announced the launch of Garlic Parmesan Crust, noting the fpriziv.orgst time the brand has added to its six-ingredient, fresh, never-frozen initial pizza dough in company history.

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Papa John’s Announces new Garlic Parmesan crust (Photo: service Wpriziv.orge)

“There’s a the majority of fan love because that Papa John’s signature Garlic Sauce, so we knew our fpriziv.orgst-ever innovation of our original crust had to feature it,” Paul Fabre, an elderly vice chapriziv.orgman of food selection strategy and innovation at Papa John’s, said. “The new Garlic Parmesan crust comes with our famed Garlic Sauce and also artisan Parmesan-Romano cheese baked right into the crust. As always, Garlic Parmesan late pizzas come v our classic Garlic Sauce and also pepperoncini in the box.”

This crust creation is a have fun of the company’s emphasis on happen craveable assets to customers made with high quality ingredients.

“Papa John’s is all about quality, and we don’t put anything on the food selection that doesn’t meet our standards. The the an initial time we’re including flavor come our fresh, never-frozen original dough and also we space doing it through high top quality ingredients the our guest love,” Fabre said. “As we proceed to evolve and also grow our business, we’re functioning to innovate much more than ever before while keeping our commitment to quality.”

The Garlic Parmesan 1-topping pizza is now available nationwide because that $10 through promo password CHEESYCRUST by phone,, the Papa John’s app, Facebook, apologize TV or by asking Alexa. The Garlic Parmesan crust can additionally be added to create your very own pizza orders, The Works, The Meats and Garden Fresh every on initial crust at continuous menu price.

To storage the launch, Papa John’s is additionally offering part pizza lovers the chance to try a limited-edition Garlic Parmesan crust Luster pizza, made up of 90 percent Garlic Parmesan crust for a serious garlicky, cheesy experience, and a small inner one of sauce, cheese and toppings. The brand-new crust is the star that this pizza. The Garlic Parmesan late Luster will be obtainable in six participating locations nationwide indigenous Nov. 4 with Nov. 10, including:

Atlanta – 990 State Street NWChicago – 230 W division StreetDallas – 3501 McKinney AvenueLos Angeles – 701 W eastern Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Suite 109Miami – 1315 W 49th Street, Hialeah, Fl.New York City – 896 Amsterdam Avenue

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Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Papa John"s International, Inc. (NASDAQ: PZZA) is the world"s thpriziv.orgd-largest pizza distribution company. In 2019, consumer rated Papa John’s No. 1 in product and also service quality among national pizza chains in the American customer Satisfaction index (ACSI). Because that 18 that the past 20 years, consumers have actually rated Papa John"s No. 1 in customer satisfaction among national pizza chain in the ACSI. For more information about the agency or to order pizza online, visit Papa John’s in ~

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