Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood are amongst the many iconic couples in nation music history. Therefore it"s no surprising that once Garth took the phase to carry out a brand-new song at the 2018 CMA Awards last night, all eyes were on Trisha, that hadn"t also heard it however herself.

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As the nation star crooned the extremely sweet "Stronger than Me," countless eyes additionally began to tear up—including Trisha"s.

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We don"t reprimand her! The romantic track was reminiscent that Garth"s hits "If Tomorrow never Comes" and "The Dance."

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"I"d provide her noþeles in life that"s mine to provide her, till the critical breath that i breathe," go the critical lyrics. "And if I have a choice, ns pray God take away me first, since you"re stronger than me."


People on society media had a many feelings around the moment. "GARTH BROOKS IS OUT right here MAKING ME SOB," one viewer tweeted. "I just want someone to love me prefer
trishayearwood and also vice versa!!!" created another.

"Just wow," stated a third. "Missed this sort of music native GB. Therefore emotional. Just perfect."

In a red carpet interview through ABC"s All Access hrs before, Trisha admitted she was nervous "because ns don"t really choose surprises, and I really have actually no idea what he"s gonna sing."

Garth claimed he also got emotional when practicing before the show. "They"ve gained her tiny picture top top the thing, friend know, in rehearsals, and also every time ns look in ~ it, I begin crying," he explained.

"I"m walking to make him song it to me again in ~ home, therefore I can cry really ugly," Trisha later told Entertainment Tonight. ""Cause i was like, "Keep that together, keep it together," yet it to be fabulous."

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