Garth Brooks take it his wife Trisha Yearwood top top a date night come Indiana freshly to take it in a concert through actor and Yellowstone star Kevin Costner and his band contemporary West.

Trisha post a photo of herself donning a Yellowstone baseball hat. She wrote, “The hubs took me to check out

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Kevin Costner additionally posted around them coming to his display on his Twitter. Kevin wrote along with a photograph of him and also the couple, “What a act to have actually these legends involved see our show. Thanks for comes out,

30. "What She"s law Now" - A song Garth self co-wrote indigenous the "Ropin’ The Wind" album. It to be released in December of 1991.

29. "That"s the means I psychic It"- from "In the Life of chris Gaines" (as kris Gaines)Album. Yeah, human being make fun of the project, but so plenty of of the songs on it to be solid.

28. "Why Ain"t ns Running" - exit in 2003 from Brooks’ "Scarecrow" album.The song peaked at number 24 top top the Billboard nation Singles chart.

27. "People love People" - Garth is so great at song that lug people together and this is just one of them indigenous his 2014 "Man Against machine album."

26. "She"s Every Woman" - A romantic tune from Brooks’ 1995 "Fresh Horses" album. It went to number one and is one more one Garth co-wrote, this time v Victoria Shaw.

25. "Do What you Gotta Do" - A song released in January that 2000 native his "Sevens" album. It was a work again, please again of a song taped by brand-new Grass revival for their 1989 album "Friday Night in America."

24. "Lost in You" - another Chris Gaines classic and one ns personally played over and over again. "The Life of chris Gaines" was released in 1999.

23. "Wrapped increase in You" - A single released from Garh’s "Scarecrow" album in 2001. Another great love song.

22. "It Don"t matter to the Sun" - call me crazy but this is one more song native Garth’s 1999 "Chis Gaines" album and it’s just an excellent no issue who he to be pretending to be.

21. "Much too Young (To feeling This cursed Old)" - This is simply a standard from Brooks’ debut album, released in 1989.

20. "Rodeo" - The perfect song from the "Ropin’ The Wind" album and also a tribute to the rodeo riders including Garth’s good friend kris LeDoux who passed away in in march of 2005.

19. "American Honky-Tonk Bar Association" - Aren’t we all members that this association? simply a an excellent fun solitary from Garth. It to be released ~ above his "In Pieces" album in 1993.

18. "Not counting You" - A 2 stepper perfect because that dancing released from Brooks’ 1989 self-titled debut album.

17. "The River" - A an effective song the tells a story native Garth’s "Ropin" The Wind" album. The song was released together a solitary and went straight to the peak in so late 1992.

16. "Ain"t Goin" down ("Til the sun Comes Up)" - A perfect stadium song and also so much fun. This to be a substantial hit for Brooks in the summer the 1993.

15. "More 보다 a Memory" - A hard hit written by Lee Brice, Billy Montana and Kyle Jaobs. That made history becoming the only country solitary to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot country Singles and Songs chart.

14. "Dive Bar" (with Blake Shelton) - A great song and also collaboration between Garth and Blake Shelton. The underwater video was likewise a huge hit. This song inspired a tour of dive bars because that Brooks in 2019.

13. "The Thunder Rolls" - The song’s video clip is quite dramatic reflecting Garth singing in the rain. The song’s subject issue is as strong and an effective as the tune itself. Tiny known fact: The track was originally recorded through Tanya Tucker but she never ever released it.

12. "Two of a Kind, Workin" ~ above a complete House" - An optimistic song about love native Garth’s "No Fences" album.

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