True love is tough to find, yet it seems Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood hit the jackpot when they an initial met in the so late 1980s. Return it take it years for their love story to begin, the “Friends in short Places” crooner and the “XXX’s and OOO’s” songstress have actually surely come to be one of country music’s most beloved couples.

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Since falling in love in the early 2000s, Garth and Trisha have flourished as a superstar pair. Not only have actually they sustained incredibly successful careers in the music industry and Hollywood in general, but the adorable couple has proven exactly what it method to it is in in love through your best friend.


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While exclusively chatting with Closer Weekly in January 2019, the “Forever Country” singer opened up about her longtime marriage with Garth. “I’m madly in love through him,” she gushed in ~ the time. “We were such good friends for such a long time , so i think in ~ the end of the day, the the friendship and the respect the sustains you.”

Prior to conference Garth, Trisha — who was formerly married come Christopher Latham native 1987 come 1991, and also Robert Reynolds native 1994 to 1999 — stated she struggled through the feeling of settling. “A many times — i’ve been an extremely guilty the this — girlfriend get way down the road in a relationship before you are friends. And you ultimately go, ‘I’m not even sure i really prefer this person."”


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When it came to the Garth — who was married to Sandy Mahl native 1986 to 2001 — the feeling never ever happened because that her. “It’s saying, ‘Now I recognize why various other stuff didn’t work due to the fact that this is what was meant to be,"” Trisha sweetly continued. “We hike, us cook, we as with to it is in together, and I was never ever that girl. Ns was always, ‘Hmmm, no offense, however I don’t should hang through anybody."”

Trisha additionally told Closer the reason why she think she and Garth are so perfect for each other. “We’re both very independent, and also we’re in a service that is an extremely ‘me’-driven, for this reason it’s basic to gain lost,” she explained. Despite their hectic schedules, Trisha stated it’s her duty as a mam to “make certain he’s great and has what that needs,” adding, “and that does the exact same for me.”


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Overall, the Trisha’s southern Kitchen star and her hubby couldn’t feeling luckier to be by each other’s side. “I’m proud of where we are and also I can not wait to watch where we’ll be in ,” she shared.

Scroll v the gallery listed below to watch a timeline of Garth and Trisha’s loving relationship!

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Garth and Trisha met because that the an initial time in 1987 as soon as the two were record a track at a songwriter’s attic studio. At the time they crossed paths, Trish was married to her an initial husband, Christopher, if Garth was married to his an initial wife, Sandy.

During a 2013 appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Garth opened up up about the complexity at the start of your friendship. “It’s strange, because I feeling that emotion like as soon as you just meet your wife, however I’d been married because that 13 months,” he stated at the time.

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Even though they to be both married, the “Thunder Rolls” singer and also the blonde beauty maintained a career friendship in the so late ’90s. Trisha said Closer that being friends was a huge plus prior to they became an main couple.

“Because us were each married before and we’ve to be friends a long time, you can know some things you could not tell someone you’re dating, for this reason it’s a blessing and also a curse — he knows everything about me,” she divulged in January 2019.

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In 2000, Garth chose to retire come spend much more time through Sandy and also their three daughters, Taylor, August and also Allie. Quickly after that, the duo acquired divorced.

By the year, Trisha had currently called it quits with her an initial husband, and married and also divorced her second husband, Robert.

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Nearly two years after calling the quits through Sandy, Garth and Trisha made their first public appearance on the red carpet in June 2002. The adorable pair were all smiles as they attended the 33rd yearly Songwriters room of fame Awards Induction in NYC.

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Just 3 years ~ going public with their enviable romance, Garth and Trisha got involved in 2005. Lock wasted no time together they easily got married on December 10 of that year.

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Trisha was standing by Garth’s next while leave a conference after ~ announcing he to be officially come the end of retirement in 2009. During a chat v Closer and other reporters in ~ the celebration event of A&E Biography’s upcoming Garth Brooks: The roadway I’m On TV unique in November 2019, the nation icon obtained candid about life after divorce.

gained divorced, moved back to Oklahoma and also left Nashville, left the music business … to be living with three strange females that i did not know,” he said of his daughters. “They to be 8, 6 and 4. And also I was around to gain a crash course in females.”

It wasn’t until he began dating the “Georgia Rain” songstress that things started falling right into place. “My ideal friend proved up. It to be good, aided me the end a lot,” that gushed.

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Garth and also Trisha couldn’t keep their hands turn off each other on the red carpet in 2011. The adorable couple had their love top top full display while attending the Songwriters hall of Fame yearly Awards Gala in 2011.

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Going strong! Trisha and Garth stood next by side together they go the red carpet at the ASCAP Centennial Awards in 2014.

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In 2018, Garth and also Trisha are geared up to celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary. The country songstress gushed about the ahead year’s unique celebration if chatting v Closer.

“Garth has three daughters that are now grown, for this reason we got married together a family members — they had to expropriate me, us all exchanged vows,” the “Every Girl in This Town” singer explained in beforehand 2019. “So our anniversary no a romantic getaway. It’s, ‘If this girls can gain together, we acquire together.’ So us did, and also we try to every year.”

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February 2021

In February 2021, Garth announced his mam tested confident for COVID-19. Fortunately, the “Dance” singer revealed Trisha was on the mend. Garth mutual the news in a explain on his official Facebook page.

“The Queen and also I have actually now tested twice. Officially, she diagnosed as ‘on her way out the the tunnel’ now, though, which I’m extremely thankful for,” he said, noting he had actually no plans to leaving his wife’s next after he experiment negative.

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“Anyone that knows me knows my people begins and also ends with miss Yearwood, for this reason she and I will certainly ride v this together,” Garth continued. “And anyone that knows she knows she a fighter and also she’s been doing whatever right, for this reason I know we’ll walk out the various other side the this thing together.”

Nearly two weeks later in March, Trisha mutual the “official news” the she is “covid-negative” in an notice on Facebook. “Thank you every for your love, assistance messages and also sweet tweets!”

The “Walkaway Joe” songstress then praised her “incredible husband” for being by she side. “ is literally Superman and also never got covid, but still took all the precautions to store everyone we know and love safe!”

August 2021

Trisha gave an update on her marriage with the “If Tomorrow never Comes” crooner throughout an interview through People in respectable 2021. Recalling as soon as she battled COVID-19 previously in the year, the CMA nation Christmas star joked around how Garth “drove crazy” in quarantine.

“He would certainly not stay away from me,” she quipped, stating the reason she didn’t desire to it is in in nearby quarters through her hubby. “I’m like, ‘Dude, i cannot be responsible for providing Garth Brooks COVID. You need to go quarantine ~ above the various other side that the house."”

Though Trisha praised the music producer for acquisition “really good care” of her amid her diagnosis, she construed why Garth was so adamant about staying by she side. “I had what was considered a soft case. he was yes, really worried around me,” she said. Fortunately, “he never gained sick and also he was vaccinated.”