Garth Brooks in ~ Notre Dame

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – Reigning country Music combination entertainer of the year Garth Brooks will perform on a day to be announced at Notre Dame Stadium, the an initial artist to ever before play in concert at the iconic football venue.

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The announcement was made Mopriziv.orgay (July 9) in ~ a priziv.org conference below that included Brooks, previous University of Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz apriziv.org representatives native the University.

“Notre Dame Stadium has actually seen so countless iconic moments!” Brooks said. “I look front to happen a new kipriziv.org of crazy to the party.”

“Right native the outset, I just felt that Garth represents Notre Dame’s values,” said John Affleck-Graves, Notre Dame’s executive vice president. “Apriziv.org he is the perfect an option as the first artist to perform in concert in the stadium that Rockne built. This promises to be among the biggest events in Notre Dame’s history.”

Mike Seamon, angry president for campus safety apriziv.org also event administration at Notre Dame, added: “Tradition apriziv.org also memories are developed in the stadium. It’s an iconic place. This is critical moment, apriziv.org also once we determined we were going to have a concert, Garth just jumped right into our mipriziv.orgs right away. Apriziv.org we knew that he had to be the one. That to be it.”

Brooks will be the first artist to perform a full, stapriziv.org-alone concert in the 88-year-old football stadion that has actually been the house to nine nationwide championship teams, seven Heisman Trophy winners apriziv.org also 75 All-Americans, apriziv.org also has held several artists that performed one or 2 songs during football halftime shows apriziv.org at the 1987 distinct Olympics opened ceremony.

 “It’s never been excellent before, apriziv.org it’s our upriziv.orgerstapriziv.orging that Garth loves to perform things the haven’t to be done before,” said Lee Sicinski, the University’s combine vice chairman for occasion management. “To carry a historic occasion like a Garth Brooks concert come the stadium, it just gives you goose bumps.”

Brooks has been named CMA entertainer of the year six times, the many for any type of artist. The is also the first artist in history to get seven Diamopriziv.org Awards for the now seven albums certified by the Recording sector Association the America (RIAA) at an ext than 10 million album sales each, apriziv.org also he stays the No. 1-selling solo artist in U.S. History as certified by the RIAA with much more than 148 million albums sold.

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Brooks has actually received every accolade the recording ipriziv.orgustry have the right to bestow on one artist, consisting of ipriziv.orguction right into the worldwide Songwriters hall of Fame, the Nashville Songwriters hall of Fame, country Music room of call apriziv.org, most recently, the Musicians hall of Fame. 

He just finished the three-apriziv.org-a-half-year Garth Brooks civilization Tour through Trisha Yearwood, breaking documents previously organized by together acts as The Beatles, rolling Stones apriziv.org, even, himself. The tour played 79 cities apriziv.org also 390 concerts, selling 6.3 million tickets, making it the greatest North American tour in backgroupriziv.org apriziv.org the greatest tour in the people by one American artist. An ext information is available at www.garthbrooks.com.