Garth Brooks won"t contend for "Entertainer of the Year" at the CMA Awards this year. 

Brooks — a seven-time winner that the lauded country music honor, taken into consideration by plenty of to it is in a optimal prize in the format — said Wednesday that "it"s time for somebody else to organize that award." 

He last won CMA "Entertainer of the Year" in 2019, as soon as some in nation music fandom suggested passionately for Carrie Underwood or Eric Church be a first-time recipient of the award. 

"There"s one tweet in there the really grounding in my head," Brooks stated in a push conference Wednesday. "It said, "Hey, man. This guy, why doesn"t he simply step down (and leave) the entertainer for the following generation?" 100% agree."

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He continued, "With every the love in the world, we room officially pulling ourselves out of "Entertainer of the Year."" 

Brooks — one of the world"s top-selling live entertainers across all genres and the highest-grossing touring artist out of Nashville last year — plans to indefinitely withdraw from "Entertainer the the Year" running, he claimed Wednesday. He very first won the country Music Association honor in 1991, v "Entertainer the the Year" trophies complying with in "92, "97, "98, 2016 and "17. 

In suitable situation, Brooks stated he would start an "Entertainer that the Year Emeritus" era that his career. The proposed this idea to the CMA, but noted that the combination "can’t just develop a title and also give it to somebody, due to the fact that they desire to act everybody fairly."

"If I had my dream, that’s exactly how we’d manage this case right here," Brooks told around 70 media members via Zoom. 

Voting for the 54th annual CMA Awards started last month; the association starts distributing second round ballots to CMA members Friday, every its website. Last ballot voting close the door in October. Eligibility for the awards ran July 1, 2019 come June 30. 

A statement from the CMA said longstanding vote rules perform not allow organizers to traction artists from the balloting process. This leaves Brooks" capability to bow out in the hands of roughly 7,000 voting CMA members. 

"If voters have nominated Garth Brooks in the very first round, his surname will show up on the second ballot," the explain said. "It will then be up to voters in this second round to choose their peak finalists. The final 2020 CMA Awards nominees, which will certainly consist of five nominees in every category, will certainly be announced in the comes weeks ..." 

It continued, "We look forward to seeing who our members vote for as soon as "The 54th yearly CMA Awards" waiting on alphabet in November." 

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in Brooks, and virtually all major touring acts, to postpone occasions until next year.

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Together 2021 brims with scheduled and rescheduled tourism dates, Brooks provided that "we was standing a an excellent chance of having the finest year of our career." 

Add following year"s plans through Brooks" logging pre-shutdown tour dates, a live network special and drive-in concert event in 2020 — plus his goal to proceed filling phibìc America"s largest venues in 2022 — and he said "we can be up because that this thing for the next three years and also deservingly have a shot at it."

"I simply don"t think that would certainly be funny for anybody," Brooks said. 

During the online conference, Brooks answered questions on differing topics, consisting of his youngest daughter, Allie, testing confident for COVID-19; whether student athletes need to be enabled to contend during the pandemic (not in ~ this point, he shared); the 30th anniversary of "The Dance" ("I love singing it more now," that said); and if he"ll open a bar on lower Broadway.

A Brooks bar could happen in the next two or three years, the said. 

"I"m gonna to speak if you"re betting, kinda bet towards it happening," Brooks shared regarding plans to sign up with the cultivation list of branded country star bars in downtown Nashville. "It"s just something that"s coming, yet it"s gonna be excellent the method we carry out it." 

And, although he doesn"t talk career plans past 2022, return to retirement isn"t ~ above the table. 

"I could do this for the next 100 years," Brooks said. "I can"t wait to gain out there."