“Have you ever before been top top a date, and the whole time she worried the your day isn’t having actually a good time,” Garth Brooks inquiry me prior to he took the phase on the fifty-yard heat in Notre Dame Stadium. “Even despite they might be having the ideal time ~ above the planet? That’s exactly how I feel ideal now.”

His pre-show stress and anxiety wasn’t about the crowd (84,000 people), the setlist (23 songs), or also the staging (in the round). His biggest problem was a wintry mix of snow, rain, 13 mph winds and temperatures hovering right around 35 degrees. Would it damage his plans to make background on Saturday night (Oct. 20)?

Not a chance.

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Brooks’ fans packed right into the stadion in southern Bend, Indiana for the an initial concert ever before held in the home of the Fighting Irish. And after a one-hour weather delay, he provided the crowd much more than two hrs of music to completely take your minds off the cold.

There were new songs, like “Live Again,” which included a short Beatles medley in the middle. There were covers native his music hero Bob Seger, “Night Moves” and also “Turn the Page.” over there were intended cover tunes, favor the show-closer “American Pie” from Don McLean, and unexpected ones, favor his man version that Ashley McBryde’s “Girl Goin’ Nowhere.” and there to be appearances indigenous the Notre Dame football cheerleaders and the school’s leprechaun mascot.

But the majority of the concert was specialized to the hits and much more hits. Brooks started the show with honky-tonk tunes and heartfelt ballads, favor “That Summer,” “Two that a Kind, Workin’ on a full House,” “The River,” “Papa love Mama,” and “Two Pina Coladas.” then he offered his band a break. “You guys have the right to take a couple of seconds to perhaps go gain warm,” he said. “I’m gonna be v these people.” the performed “Unanswered Prayers” — a fitting song because of the football setup — through himself.

The band came back for a secure stream of much more crowd pleasers: “Standing outside the Fire,” “Rodeo,” “Ain’t Goin’ down (’Til the sunlight Comes Up),” “The Thunder Rolls,” “Callin’ Baton Rouge” (Oak Ridge boys cover),” “Friends in low Places,” and also “The Dance.”

But by around 10:00 p.m., Brooks permit his band leave the phase again if he continued to be behind to take some requests and give the hardy crowd the acoustic encore they deserved, through his “She’s Every Woman,” “The Red Strokes,” “Ireland” and “More than a Memory.”

The concert to be filmed because that a TV one-of-a-kind Garth: Live in ~ Notre Dame!, which will certainly air Dec. 2 ~ above CBS.

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Brooks’ north American Stadium tour will start in Glendale, Arizona in 2019, and he will proceed to play around a dozen stadiums a year for three years, before heading back to Notre Dame to finish the tour.