As we composed earlier, Kelly Clarkson lugged Garth Brooks come tears once she sang “The Dance” in ~ the Kennedy facility Honors, which aired yesterday (6/6) ~ above CBS.

Kelly mutual why she sang that particular song in respect of Garth, “Honestly, lock asked me to do this and I was like, ‘Which song perform I pick? There room so many! I might go so countless different ways!’ I thought about, friend know, going huge – i didn’t recognize what to do. But I love ‘The Dance,’ and I believed it was a special thing ’cause we just shared this moment on mine show, so I believed it would be cool.”

It to be that really song that aided Clarkson through her recent divorce and tough times. She shared, “‘The Dance,’ it just came on the radio. I listened to the lyrics and I to be like, man – it hit me in such a different way. I was like, ‘Oh, i never obtained this track until now!’ and also that’s the authorize of an exceptional song and an remarkable storyteller…and the he is. So, ns told him around that on mine show, and I thought, ‘Well if i’m going to carry out one, I should do ‘The Dance’!”

Garth Brooks top 30 Songs

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30. "What She"s doing Now" - A tune Garth himself co-wrote native the "Ropin’ The Wind" album. It to be released in December of 1991.

29. "That"s the means I remember It"- from "In the Life of chris Gaines" (as chris Gaines)Album. Yeah, people make funny of the project, yet so plenty of of the songs on it were solid.

28. "Why Ain"t ns Running" - exit in 2003 native Brooks’ "Scarecrow" album.The tune peaked in ~ number 24 on the Billboard nation Singles chart.

27. "People love People" - Garth is so an excellent at song that lug people together and this is one of them indigenous his 2014 "Man Against device album."

26. "She"s Every Woman" - A romantic tune from Brooks’ 1995 "Fresh Horses" album. It visited number one and also is one more one Garth co-wrote, this time with Victoria Shaw.

25. "Do What girlfriend Gotta Do" - A track released in January of 2000 from his "Sevens" album. It was a work again, please again of a song recorded by new Grass resurgence for their 1989 album "Friday Night in America."

24. "Lost in You" - one more Chris Gaines classic and also one i personally played over and over again. "The Life of chris Gaines" was released in 1999.

23. "Wrapped increase in You" - A single released native Garh’s "Scarecrow" album in 2001. Another good love song.

22. "It Don"t issue to the Sun" - call me crazy however this is another song indigenous Garth’s 1999 "Chis Gaines" album and it’s just good no issue who he to be pretending come be.

21. "Much also Young (To feeling This damn Old)" - This is simply a standard from Brooks’ debut album, exit in 1989.

20. "Rodeo" - The perfect track from the "Ropin’ The Wind" album and also a tribute come the rodeo riders including Garth’s great friend kris LeDoux that passed far in march of 2005.

19. "American Honky-Tonk Bar Association" - Aren’t we all members of this association? just a good fun solitary from Garth. It was released on his "In Pieces" album in 1993.

18. "Not counting You" - A 2 stepper perfect because that dancing released from Brooks’ 1989 self-titled debut album.

17. "The River" - A an effective song the tells a story indigenous Garth’s "Ropin" The Wind" album. The song was released together a solitary and went straight to the top in so late 1992.

16. "Ain"t Goin" down ("Til the sunlight Comes Up)" - A perfect stadion song and so lot fun. This to be a vast hit for Brooks in the summer the 1993.

15. "More 보다 a Memory" - A hard hit written by Lee Brice, Billy Montana and Kyle Jaobs. The made background becoming the just country single to debut in ~ number one top top the Billboard Hot country Singles and also Songs chart.

14. "Dive Bar" (with Blake Shelton) - A great song and also collaboration between Garth and Blake Shelton. The underwater video was likewise a big hit. This song influenced a tour of dive bars for Brooks in 2019.

13. "The Thunder Rolls" - The song’s video is quite dramatic reflecting Garth to sing in the rain. The song’s subject issue is as strong and an effective as the tune itself. Tiny known fact: The track was initially recorded by Tanya Tucker however she never ever released it.

12. "Two that a Kind, Workin" ~ above a full House" - An optimistic song about love native Garth’s "No Fences" album.


11. "Shameless" - A remake of a Billy Joel standard that Brooks definitely made his own.


10. "To make You feeling My Love" - discovered on the soundtrack that the 1998 movie "Hope Floats." composed by Bob Dylan, Dylan offered it to Billy Joel to document for his "Greatest access time Vol. III." Dylan later on recorded that himself, as did Garth. Trisha Yearwood go her very own version (also ~ above "Hope Floats") and years later, Adele extended it together well.

9. "If Tomorrow never Comes" - A song famous to it is in a Garth standard from his debut album. The number one track was just his 2nd single.


8. "Standing outside the Fire" - A timeless song around standing up because that social justice.


7. "Callin" Baton Rouge" - A track released in 1994 and a thriller in concert. Indigenous the "In Pieces" album, that charted number one top top Billboard’s hot CountrySingles and Songs chart.

6. "Papa loved Mama" - call me dark, but this is among my favourite murder songs around a truck driver no able to manage his cheating wife. It only went top five in 1992.

5. “Shallow” v Trisha Yearwood - Garth and Trisha did a great version that the Bradley Cooper/Lady Gaga hit from their film "A Star Is Born."

4. "Unanswered Prayers" - A soft ballad released in October that 1990. Yeah, that went right to number one.

3. "We Shall it is in Free" - most likely my favorite tune of Garth’s again bringing human being together in what need to be a fair and loving world.

2. "Friends in short Places" - maybe Garth’s greatest hit and also definitely the tune that made him a superstar. Everyone loves this one from "No Fences."

1. "The Dance" - one of the best songs of all time was right there ~ above Brooks’ debut album exit in 1989. The song’s video shows several American icons and examples of human being who passed away for a dream.


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