The last 2 episodes that The Voice are constantly exciting ones for the final four contestants.

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In addition to performing v their coaches and musical guests, the contestants gain to debut their very first original song.

While the initial song isn’t always something composed by the contestant themselves, it is supposed to be something the no one has actually else has ever recorded. Therefore, the initial song serves together the first time viewers ever before get to hear the contestants song something the isn’t a cover.

At least, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to go. But that’s no the means it went for one Team Blake finalist and fan-favorite top top Season 14, Kyla Jade.

Jade finished up placing third, behind Team Alicia‘s Britton Buchanan and Team Kelly‘s Brynn Cartelli. Yet it’s possible she could have placed even higher if the wasn’t for a conflict surrounding her initial song.

The song Jade sang together her initial was what she dubbed “The last Tear.” Even though it was an alleged to be brand-new to her, some keen-eared viewers realized they well-known it.

That’s since the track that Jade to be calling “The last Tear” was actually a song that was formerly recorded through Garth Brooks, referred to as “Leave a irradiate On.” Brooks doesn’t permit his music come be shared on YouTube, but you have the right to hear a cover in this complying with clip.

Brooks exit “Leave a irradiate On” in 2007 as a brand-new track on his Ultimate Hits collection album. He’s said that he recorded the tune as a tribute to his fans, asking them to always “leave a irradiate on” for him even through his retirement.

As you would expect, part Voice viewers to be upset when they well-known that the tune Jade to be shipping as her initial piece was formerly recorded by Brooks. The adhering to tweet is just an instance of how angry some viewers were.

Kyla Jade didn't sing an initial song …. Taped by Garth 10yrs back as "leave a irradiate on" … one of two people DQ her or admit The Voice knew that wasn't an "original" …#TheVoice #kylajade

— LWParsons (
HtownBDawg) may 22, 2018

As you deserve to see, viewers were accusing Jade of knowingly explain Brooks’ track as her own, initial tune. After the uproar, the songwriter of that track felt the should speak the end on she behalf.

Tommy Sims, that co-wrote “Leave a light On” with Randy Goodrum, released a statement come The Music Universe to describe how the song ended up being claimed through Jade as her initial piece. First and foremost, the made it clear that neither Jade no one the producer of the track knew the it was tape-recorded by Brooks before:

“At no time was i made conscious that the criteria for this certain song was that it recorded before,” the said. “James , and Kyla never felt the must make me mindful of this due to the fact that they genuinely weren’t mindful of a vault Garth Brooks version.”

rearranging a few words come a country song put out by a optimal artist & calling that an original really reflects that “appreciation”.#thelasttear really is #LeaveALightOn

— expect W. (
shuttrbug74) may 22, 2018

To those, such as the above person, who accuse Jade that purposefully an altering the title and also some that the text to try and happen off Brooks’ track as her own, Sims has an explanation for that too. As that clarified, Jade ended up to sing the song as it remained in the demo, which was title “The critical Tear” just as her “original” track was.

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Sims claimed that it was Brooks who adjusted the lyrics of the song as soon as he do “Leave a irradiate On.” Jade sang the tune in its initial demo style, which is why the has different lyrics 보다 Brooks’ rendition. Sims explained:

“Kyla’s specific version that the song has existed in universal Music’s publishing database for almost 10 years before the Garth Brooks release and also that in truth Garth is the just one who readjusted the arrangement, lyric and title indigenous its original state when he taped it some 10 years after my original demo variation was recorded…The version Kayla sings is similar to the letter, lyric and also arrangement that my initial demo version.”

Sims defines the whole mess in an ext detail in his complete statement. You have the right to read the here.