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Planning your wedding playlist? If you"re a bride with your heart set on nation wedding songs, you"re in luck—we"ve acquired 70 of the best songs to record the love and magic you feel on her wedding day, complete with the sentimental country twang friend love.

Don"t issue if desire to play country music past the father-daughter run or also the an initial dance, you can totally keep playing country music throughout your reception—from the entrance to the bouquet toss, under to the dance party. You deserve to go the romantic love ballad path with belief Hill, opt for a Dixie chicks classic, or beat back-to-back Shania Twain. It"s all approximately you! whether you"re searching for the perfect classic country track or more modern upbeat tunes for late-night partying, this is the can be fried guide.

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Check the end our mammoth list of 70 nation songs to pull on those heart strings below.

"The Bones," through Maren Morris

Lyrics the Love: "When the bones are good, the remainder don't matter/The paint might peel, the glass might shatter/Let that rain 'cause you and I stay the same/When over there ain't a cracked in the foundation"

"Love Someone," by Brett Eldredge

Lyrics the Love: "You placed the cool in the breeze/You placed the weak here in mine knees/You placed me best where I'm an alleged to be/In your blue-eyed sea/And ns wanna sail away"

"Diamonds or Twine," by Ryan Hurd

Lyrics of Love: "When i look at you now/I see all I ever before wanted/You do me wanna cave around/And hold your hand, we're a hundred/You do love feel so real"

"All that It," by Cole Swindell

Lyrics that Love: "I wanna check out you every city light lit up/I wanna watch you in a pair that cut-up jeans/I wanna fall for all her magic/Feel all your teardrops drippin' ~ above me"

"Closer to You," through Carly Pearce

Lyrics of Love: "There's a diamond skies that's waiting for united state just outside of town/With the moon hanging for me and you, baby/We can cut the headlights out when there ain't no one else around"

"Yours," by Russell Dickerson

Lyrics the Love: "I pertained to life as soon as I an initial kissed you/The ideal me has actually his arms approximately you/You do me much better than ns was before/Thank God I'm yours"

"Knockin' Boots," through Luke Bryan

Lyrics of Love: "Yeah, birds require bees and ice demands whiskey/Boys choose me need girls prefer you to kiss me/'Fishin' in the Dark', requirements Nitty Gritty/Under that pale moon"

"Our World," through Smithfield

Lyrics that Love: "Those to be the nights that had no tomorrow/They went on and on and also on as with tires top top a '95 Bronco/Nobody to slow-moving us down/Baby we were falling also fast"

"God offered Me come You," by Blake Shelton

Lyrics of Love: "'Cause God provided me you for the ups and downs/God offered me you for the days of doubt/For once I think I've lost my way/There are no words right here left to say, it's true/God offered me you"

"Bless the damaged Road," by Rascal Flatts

Lyrics that Love: "Others who damaged my heart, they were like north stars/Pointing me ~ above my method into your loving arms/This much I recognize is true/That God blessed the broken road/That led me directly to you"

"Making memories of Us," by Keith metropolitan

Lyrics that Love: "I'm gonna be below for friend baby/I'll be a man of my word/Speak the language in a voice the you have never heard/I wanna sleep with you forever"

"This Kiss," by belief Hill

Lyrics of Love: "It's the way you love me/It's a feeling choose this/It's centrifugal motion/It's perpetual bliss/It's the pivotal moment/It's impossible/This kiss, this kiss"

"I want Crazy," by Hunter Hayes

Lyrics that Love: "I've searched the world and also I know now/It ain't ideal if girlfriend ain't shed your mind/Yeah, i don't desire easy, I desire crazy/Are you v me baby? Let's it is in crazy"

"To make You feeling My Love," by Garth Brooks

Lyrics that Love: "When the night shadows and also the stars appear/And over there is nobody to dry her tears/I could hold you for a million years/To make you feel my love"

"Deeper than the Holler," by Randy Travis

Lyrics of Love: "My love is deeper 보다 the holler, stronger than the rivers/Higher than the pine tree growin' tall upon the hill/My love is purer 보다 the snowflakes that autumn in so late December"

"Amazed," through Lonestar

Lyrics the Love: "I don't know just how you do what you do/I'm therefore in love through you/It just keeps gaining better/I want to spend the remainder of mine life with you by mine side/Forever and ever"

"It's her Love," by Tim McGraw featuring confidence Hill

Lyrics the Love: "Better than I was/More than I am/And all of this happened/By taking your hand/And that I am now/Is who I want to be/And currently that we're together/I'm more powerful than ever, I'm happy and also free"

"From This minute On," by Shania twain

Lyrics of Love: "From this moment, life has begun/From this moment, you are the one/Right beside you is wherein I belong/From this minute on/From this moment, I have actually been blessed"

"Me and You," by Kenny Chesney

Lyrics that Love: "Ordinary no, yes, really don't think so/Not a love this true/Common destiny/We were meant to be/Me and also you"

"Like Jesus Does," by Eric Church

Lyrics of Love: "I always thought she'd provide up ~ above me one day/Wash her hands the me, leaving me staring down some runway/But I give thanks to God each night, and twice top top Sunday/That she loves me favor Jesus does"

"Cowboys and Angels," by Dustin Lynch

Lyrics that Love: "We ride side by side/A cloud that dust, a ray of light/My touch is her temptation/Her kiss is my salvation/She's sweet, I'm wild, we're dangerous"

"I Swear," by man Michael Montgomery

Lyrics of Love: "I swear/By the moon and also stars in the sky/I'll be there/I swear/Like the zero that's by her side/I'll be there/For better or worse/Till fatality do united state part"

"Hey nice Girl," through Kip Moore

Lyrics the Love: "Hey quite girl, won't girlfriend look my way?/Love's in the wait tonight/You can bet you do this old guys day/Hey quite girl, won't you look mine way?"

"Whisper my Name," through Randy Travis

Lyrics of Love: "I heard music lug a heart of rock to tears/I heard tranquility ring like an anthem with the years/And ns heard hatred loss from grace/When i heard you whisper my name"

"Cowboy take Me Away," by the Dixie chicks

Lyrics that Love: "I said, cowboy take me away/Fly this girl as high together you have the right to into the wild blue/Set me free, oh, i pray/Closer come heaven over and closer to you/Closer come you"

"Only You deserve to Love Me This Way," through Keith urban

Lyrics that Love: "I recognize there's a reason/And I understand there's a rhyme/We were supposed to be together/And that's why/We have the right to roll v the punches/We can stroll hand in hand"

"Somebody like You," by Keith urban

Lyrics of Love: "Sometimes it's tough for me come understand/But you're to teach me to be a better man/I don't want to take it this life because that granted like I provided to do, no"

"Must it is in Doin' Somethin' Right," by Billy Currington

Lyrics the Love: "I simply heard girlfriend sigh/You leaned right into my kiss and closed those deep blue require you eyes/Don't know what i did to knife a love favor this, however baby I/Must it is in doin' other right"

"Wanted," through Hunter Hayes

Lyrics that Love: "You understand I'd fall apart there is no you/I don't know exactly how you do what girlfriend do/'Cause everything that don't do sense around me/Makes sense once I'm v you"

"Ain't naught 'Bout You," by Brooks & Dunn

Lyrics that Love: "Once I thought that love was something I could never do/Never knew the I can feel this much/But this yearning in the deep component of my heart because that you/Is much more than a reaction to your touch"

"Lost in This Moment," by large & wealthy

Lyrics that Love: "I am completely consumed/My feeling's so absolute/There's no doubt/Sealing ours love v a kiss/Waited my totality life for this/Watching every my desires come true"

"Smile," by Uncle Kracker

Lyrics of Love: "You make me smile choose the sun/Fall out of bed, sing choose a bird/Dizzy in mine head, spin like a record/Crazy ~ above a Sunday night/You make me dance favor a fool"

"Sunday sort of Love," by Reba McEntire

Lyrics of Love: "I desire a Sunday kind of love/A love to last, past Saturday night/And I'd like to understand it's much more than love at first sight/I desire a Sunday kind of love"

"I need You," by LeAnn Rimes

Lyrics of Love: "I require you choose water/Like breath, favor rain/I need you prefer mercy/From heaven's gate/There's a flexibility in her arms/That dead me through/I require you"

"I overcome My Heart," by George Strait

Lyrics the Love: "I overcome my heart/And promise to/Give all I've got to give/To make all your dreams come true/In every the world/You'll never ever find/A love together true as mine"

"Forever and Ever, Amen," through Randy Travis

Lyrics that Love: "If you wonder just how long I'll be faithful/I'll be happy come tell friend again/I'm gonna love you forever and also ever/Forever and ever, amen"

"Love your Love the Most," by Eric Church

Lyrics of Love: "Yes ns love great cold beer/And mustard on mine fries/I love a great loud honky-tonk/That rocks top top Friday nights/And hell yes i love mine truck/But I desire you come know/Honey i love your love the most"

"When I stated I Do," by Clint black featuring Lisa Hartman black

Lyrics that Love: "When I stated I do, I meant that ns will/Till the finish of every time/Be faithful and true, dedicated to you/That's what I had actually in mind, when I stated I do"

"You're tho the One," by Shania two

Lyrics the Love: "You're tho the one I operation to/The one that i belong to/You're quiet the one I desire for life/You're tho the one that ns love/The only one i dream of/You're quiet the one i kiss good night"

"Stuck prefer Glue," through Sugarland

Lyrics that Love: "You provide me that look/I'm sorry baby let's make up/You carry out that thing that makes me laugh/And just like that/There you go making my heart beat again"

"Suds in the Bucket," through Sara Evans

Lyrics that Love: "Say it to be a small past nine/When her prince pulled up/A white pick-up truck/Her people shoulda watched it comin'/It was only just a issue of time/Plenty old enough/And you can't stop love"

"You Won't ever before Be Lonely," by Andy Griggs

Lyrics the Love: "For as lengthy as ns live/There will always be a place you belong/Here next to me/Heart and soul baby, you only/And i promise you now you won't ever be lonely"

"My ideal Friend," by Tim McGraw

Lyrics the Love: "Oh us just get closer/I fall in love every over/Every time ns look at you/I don't know where I'd be/Without you below with me/Life with you makes perfect sense/You're my best friend"

"I cross My Heart," by George Strait

Lyrics that Love: "I overcome my heart/And promise to/Give all I've got to give/To make all your desires come true/In every the world/You'll never ever find/A love as true together mine"

"Love Can develop a Bridge," through The Judds

Lyrics of Love: "Love can develop a bridge/Between her heart and also mine/Love can build a bridge/Don't you think it's time?"

"If ns Didn't have You," by Randy Travis

Lyrics of Love: "Well it adjusted my thinking/And it adjusted your name/And neither among us will ever be the same/And i swear I'm never ever gonna it is in untrue/'Cause ns wouldn't have actually nothing/If ns didn't have actually you"

"I Do," by Jessie James Decker

Lyrics that Love: "I can't think we're standin' here/What's mine is yours, and also yours is mine/I'll love friend till the end of time/I wanna invest forever v you/I do, I could see us growin' old and gray"

"Young Love (Strong Love)," through The Judds

Lyrics that Love: "Young love, solid love, true love/It's a brand-new love/They're gonna survive the tough times/Walk those lines/yeah this ties will bind/Young love"

"You had Me indigenous Hello," by Kenny Chesney

Lyrics that Love: "Well, you had actually me indigenous 'Hello'/I feeling love start to flourish the minute I looked right into your eyes/You winner me, it to be over from the start/You completely stole mine heart, and now you won't let go"

"Valentine," by Martina McBride special Jim Brickman

Lyrics of Love: "I've dreamed of this a thousand time before/but in mine dreams, i couldn't love you more/I will give you my heart/until the end of time/you're all i need, my love, mine valentine"

"I operation to You," by Lady Antebellum

Lyrics the Love: "We run on fumes/Your life and mine/Like the sands that time/Slippin' right on through/And our love's the only truth/That's why I run to you"

"Breathe," by faith Hill

Lyrics the Love: "I deserve to feel the magic floating in the air/Being through you gets me the way/I watch the sunlight dance throughout your face/And I've never ever been this brushed up away"

"My Wish," by Rascal Flatts

Lyrics the Love: "My wish, because that you, is the this life becomes all that you want it to/Your desires stay big, your concerns stay small/You never need to carry more than you have the right to hold"

"All-American Girl," by Carrie Underwood

Lyrics that Love: "Now he's wrapped around her finger/She's the facility of his totality world/And his love belongs to that sweet little beautiful, wonderful, perfect all-American girl"

"When You say Nothing in ~ All," through Alison Krauss

Lyrics that Love: "The smile on your challenge lets me understand that you require me/There's a reality in her eyes saying you'll never ever leave me/A touch of her hand claims you'll capture me if ever I fall"

"She's in Love through the Boy," through Trisha Yearwood

Lyrics the Love: "Her daddy states he ain't precious a lick/When it pertains to brains/He got the brief end that the stick/But Katie's young and man she simply don't care/She'd follow Tommy anywhere/She's in love through the boy"

"The method You Love Me," by belief Hill

Lyrics the Love: "You're the million factors why/There's love showing in my eyes/I love the means you/Love the method you love me/There's i do not have anything else I'd quite be/to feel the method I feel with your arms roughly me"

"Shameless," through Garth Brooks

Lyrics that Love: "It's the end of my hands/I'm shameless, shameless together a man deserve to be/You have the right to make a full fool the me/I simply wanted you to know/I to be shameless"

"I Loved she First," through Heartland

Lyrics the Love: "From the an initial breath she breathed/When she first smiled at me/I knew the love of a father runs deep/And ns prayed that she'd find you someday/But it's still difficult to offer her away"

"Stealing Cinderella," by lining Wicks

Lyrics the Love: "Running with the sprinkler through a big popsicle grin/Dancing with her dad, looking up in ~ him/If he gives me a tough time/I can't blame the fella/I'm the one who's thefts Cinderella"

"My tiny Girl," through Tim McGraw

Lyrics of Love: "You're beautiful baby, indigenous the outside in/Chase your dreams but constantly know/The road that will lead you residence again/Take ~ above this old world yet to me/You understand you'll constantly be my little girl"

"Ready, Set, Don't Go," through Billy beam Cyrus

Lyrics of Love: "She's in ~ the beginning line that the rest of she life/As all set as she's ever been/Got the hunger and the stars in she eyes/The compensation is hair to win"

"Dance v My Daughter," through Jason Blaine

Lyrics the Love: "Stubborn heart, gypsy soul/Tell me wherein does the moment go/Gonna dance with my daughter/Spin her approximately under the lights/'Cause I'm just a father/Making the most of this moment in time"

"Butterfly Kisses," by Bob Carlisle

Lyrics that Love: "All the precious time/Like the wind, once the years go by/Precious butterfly/Spread her wings and fly/She'll adjust her surname today/She'll do a promise/And I'll provide her away"

"Daddy," by Abby Anderson

Lyrics that Love: "Cause dad he loves me just like you do/He treats me like a queen as with you, similar to you do/He's my shoulder to cry on, he's my ideal friend/Oh and also daddy, he loves me just like you"

"Daddy Dance with Me," by Krystal Keith

Lyrics that Love: "Daddy dance v me/I desire you to see the woman I've become/Daddy don't let go/I desire you to recognize I'll always need your love/Today I came to be his wife/But I'll be her baby girl for life"

"Daddy's Angel," by Tony Carter

Lyrics the Love: "You're my small angel/So infant don't friend cry/It's time to spread out your wings and also fly/If there's one point this dad knows/The hardest part is letting go/But you will certainly still constantly be/Daddy's little angel"

"Handprints top top the Wall," by Kenny Rogers

Lyrics the Love: "Seems like just yesterday/That you started to crawl/So don't be afraid to take the step/I'll record you once you fall/I don't mental if you leaving behind/A couple of handprints ~ above the wall"

"Prayed for You," by Matt Stell

Lyrics of Love: "'Cause every solitary day, prior to I knew her name/I couldn't see your face, but I prayed because that you/Every heart pain trail once all hope failed/On the highway to hell, ns prayed for you"

"Makin' Plans," by Miranda Lambert

Lyrics of Love: "'Cause I recognize you prefer the earlier of mine hand/Got a heart of gold and a item of land/I'm her girl and you're mine man/And we're making plans"