For an ext than a year, Garth Brooks has actually been promise a new album, Fun. Fans didn’t gain the album yet, yet late last night he dropped two more tracks from the job via Amazon…

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Garth Brooks performs at The Library of conference Gershwin prize tribute concert in ~ DAR Constitution room on march 04, 2020 in Washington, DC. Shannon Finney/Getty Images

For much more than a year, Garth Brooks has been promise a brand-new album, Fun. Fans didn’t get the album yet, however late critical night the dropped two an ext tracks from the project via Amazon Music.

Like the location implies, “Party Gras”is a good-timing zydeco stomp the instantly take away the listener to the Mardi Gras. “That’s What Cowboys Do”is a classic country monitor that would sound right at home on a document by Brooks’ hero, George Strait.


They sign up with previously available songs indigenous Fun, “All day Long,” “Stronger 보다 Me,” “Courage the Love,” “The road I’m On,” and “Dive Bar,” a duet through Blake Shelton,

On Monday night’s (May 11) illustration of his weekly on facebook show, inside Studio G, Brooks claimed he didn’t feel appropriate releasing the album in the center of the pandemic. “I don’t want to it is in the male that do the efforts to carry out something in the midst where anyone is hurting,” Brooks said. “The album’s all set to go. It’s just exactly how do you obtain out and also promote and be happy and also jolly while everybody’s out there fighting because that their resides not just physically, but fighting for their lives financially.”


Fans might pre-order Funalmost 2 years back via Amazon, Brooks’ to exclude, digital home. After ~ a brief delay during i m sorry the new songs to be only obtainable to payment subscribers in ~ Amazon Music, the songs have actually been invited onto the Fun album package.


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