Trisha Yearwood wipes away tears after Garth Brooks stunned her, and also 7,000 onlookers, through an on-stage marriage proposal. Buck Owens moves in to offer congratulations.

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Garth Brooks and his Trisha Yearwood leaving the stage at the Crystal palace in 2005 ~ Brooks stunned Yearwood by suggest in front of an approximated 7,000 deliriously cheering fans.


Country music icon Garth Brooks proposed marriage to longtime girlfriend and also music star Trisha Yearwood on phase Wednesday night.

The proposal was made in former of more than 7,000 screaming fans at the Legends In bronze concert and dedication in ~ Buck Owens" crystal Palace.

Brooks gained on one knee and asked a teary-eyed Yearwood to it is in his wife. She smiled and nodded in acceptance, climate they kissed in front of a sold-out audience, which walk wild.

Brooks to be on hand to watch a bronze statue built in his likeness unveiled in addition to nine other statues of country music greats at Owens" popular steakhouse. Honorees had Brooks, Owens, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, George Strait, George Jones, Elvis Presley, Hank Williams Sr., Bob Wills and Johnny Cash.

The statues were made by sculptor bill Rains, who had made the statues the Owens and also Cash already on display at the decision Palace. The project took him two years.

The proposal come as a surprised at the occasion where Owens, Brooks, Jones and Haggard were to it is in honored for their substantial contributions to nation music.

Brooks and also Yearwood have been romantically connected for an ext than 15 years, but only started dating "officially" after ~ the break-ups that their corresponding marriages.

People come from almost everywhere to check out the show. Owens, Dierks Bentley, beam Benson of asleep at the Wheel, Joe Nichols and Brad Paisley were booked to perform.

Before the concert, Owens, Jones and Haggard handle the press together, arm-in-arm, joking about their year in the country music business.

The former rivals, now contemporaries and also friends, laugh it increase on a day celebrating the note they"ve left top top the arts form.

"For 48 hours, Merle and also I," Owens claimed of just how long he and Haggard might go on trading stories. "We know that plenty of stories and we don"t understand how numerous of them are true. And also we don"t want to discover out."

It was Owens" idea to put together the statue collection after that was initially proposed in Nashville, Tenn.

The project was relocating too slow for Owens" taste so he determined to rally his very own tribute to country"s greats in

"I"ve known around it for fairly some time and also I"m excited come be component of the gifted, the selected few," Haggard said.

"Nobody contributed an ext to country music that these two," Owens said with his arms about Haggard and Jones. "Merle is in the bronze due to the fact that he deserves come be."

Brooks talked about how in the industry world are supplied up and "thrown away." He to be glad to see the greats would be remembered.

The night started with local band Steve Davis and also Stampede, performing on stage with the bronze statues, all covered up, behind them.

Aside from part bleachers collection up on the sides, the backlot was "standing room only" as thousands of world watched on as Owens gone into to begin the unveiling, an initial by acquiring the group riled up by shouting repeatedly, " California!" climate later, "Nashville, who?"

Gail MacDonald, 41, that Los Osos involved the present after a series of misfortunes, consisting of her residence being burnt down.

A longtime nation fan, MacDonald to be at the decision Palace previously that day as soon as a woman with an extra ticket invited her to the show.

"I think it"s great," said MacDonald the the concert and the copper statues being in "Perfect ar for it come be and also the Crystal palace is such a unique place."

Longtime resides Lana Churchwell, 60, agreed. When the concert to be announced previously this month, she immediately told her kid to display up in ~ the palace at 6 a.m. To stand in line because that tickets.

"They stood in line every morning," she said, adding, "I was very, very proud of the Crystal palace (for the statues). I"m very, an extremely proud come be part of"

Owens unveiled the statues in the order each country good made their note in music, beginning with Wills climate Williams.

With Brooks together the most contemporary artist honored, his statue was unfurled last. After ~ a video tribute to Brooks, the nation hit-maker come out with Yearwood to take a closer look in ~ the statue. Yearwood showed up to be straying off through Brooks to look in ~ a statue of Bob Wills when suddenly Brooks got down top top one knee, bring about the audible gasps of Yearwood and the thousands in attendance.

Brooks" announcement practically stole the show, i m sorry was already in high equipment before any kind of band set up on the stage.

After all the statues were unveiled and the stage was ready for the opened act, external the concert, to be abuzz through the engagement news.

"I assumed they were already engaged," said Chris Finberg in ~ the well-known downtown sporting activities bar and also grill Tailgaters.

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Bobbitt, a Garth and Trisha fan, heard the wedding plans an initial when Yearwood was interviewed backstage in ~ the nation Music Awards.

"I great them luck," stated a doubtful Amy Hanson. "For the most part star marriages don"t last. One of them is walk to have to provide up something in their career."

Garth Brooks will certainly play in ~ Buck Owens" Crystal royal residence on the second stop that his upcoming Dive Bar Tour, the country singer announced Monday nig…


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