The chemistry in between Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood is undeniable. And the power couple further confirmed that every time they execute together.

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Take because that instance, the 2016 CMA Awards, whereby we obtained treated to an extra distinct performance of the husband-wife duo. Together, castle joined pressures to bring Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena top top a journey past some of nation music’s greatest classics.

They started the performance through Johnny Cash and also June Carter’s 1967 fight “Jackson” – which speak the tale of a married pair who discover that their connection no longer has actually the fire that it has before. The track then narrates the couple’s desire to take trip to “Jackson,” whereby they each await to be greeted as someone far far better fitted to the city’s lively nightlife.

Brooks and also Yearwood then proceeded right into the memorable moment of several various other classics: “I Beg her Pardon, I never ever Promised girlfriend a climbed Garden” by Lynn Anderson, “Don’t Close her Eyes” through Keith Whitley, and “Golden Ring” by George Jones. The two ended the remarkable performance through a sweet kiss.

“I’ve want to execute that because that a hundreds years,” Brooks claimed to PEOPLE around how he couldn’t withstand kissing his wife. “Usually, when we song together, we stand earlier and bow, however I simply want come eat she alive! I thought she did so well, and also she was so gorgeous, and I actually believed the cameras were off united state — that’s why ns did it. And also that was more than likely one the the ideal kisses I ever before got from her!”

The group can’t assist but go wild. Indeed, that’s a horrific bunch of history taken in simply a few minutes, but Brooks and Yearwood made the look easy. 

From The Power pair Themselves

Before the event, Brooks promised the the 2016 CMA Awards wouldn’t it is in like any kind of other yearly rate of the biggest awards display in country music.

“Hats turn off to all the artists,” Brooks said. “I don’t know if you guys know this, but all of the artists space pretty much saying the same thing. ‘Hey, screw my current stuff, anyone we must pay homage to, anyone we need to — count united state in!"”

“You know, every the guys — Jason , Alan , Keith — all the guys, every the girls are all doing past music from other artists,” he added. You deserve to say Brooks stuck to his promise. 

But the an excellent night go not end there. It just got better when Brooks was called CMA entertainer of the Year — twenty-five year after win his first one.

“There girlfriend are, a crazy kid like everybody else, and also you get lucky, and also you have actually your run. Then you leave, you raise her babies, fifteen, 16 years, and also then say, I’d prefer to come back. And also people show up,” Brooks said of winning again ~ so numerous years. “And so the gratitude this time – ns don’t think i took points for granted then, but there is a level of gratitude the is unbelievable just because you’re may be to execute this tho this so late in your career.”

With much more than ten CMA Awards together, Brooks and Yearwood are absolutely country music royalty. Yearwood made background when she ended up being the first woman to be named CMA female Vocalist the the Year double – in 1997 and 1998 – due to the fact that Mary Chapin Carpenter 5 years earlier. Top top the various other hand, Brooks was named Entertainer that the Year 4 times and also had eleven CMA Awards under his belt.

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You deserve to watch Garth Brooks and also Trisha Yearwood relive standard country tunes throughout the 2016 CMA Awards in the video below. It’s a performance you won’t quickly forget.